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  1. Look this update, but something both me and my brother would like to put out there is that we think the Guinecean should be allowed the Assassin class, theres already the precedent for them being a stealthy class with the duelists burrow but they never get the true stealth abilities of the assassin. P.S. plus so far the assassin is only for the tall big people humanoid races, if any another race should get it its the Guinecean cos they small and awesome
  2. Well.... Thats a Stalker in Plate, wielding a 2H sword (Templars by the look of it) My guess, something to do with disciplines, maybe release of them or even major overhaul that makes them even better.
  3. oooo, nice, I've been waiting for her, really liked the templar ever since I backed the kickstarter
  4. That's a good point I never thought about that, I've always thought about it as the damage absorption aspect, but you're right it makes sense if he is given alot of stunning and knockdown type abilities, you've just given me something to think about
  5. I was just doing my customary browsing of the archetypes page for any changes an I noticed this: Now this surprised me as I, aswell as many other thought he would be a dodge tank like the Templar is. when I reported the symbol discrepancy over on the Myrmidon release page here, I fully expected ACE to change the archetype page's symbol to a dodge tank, so this very much surprises me as myrmidon looks to be lightly armoured archetype not heavily armoured like the knight so I'm definatly looking forward to how they run him as a mitigation tank. Just thought I'd point it out
  6. Just wanted to let you ACE guys know that there's a mismatch on the role icons between the archetypes page and myrmidon's page (I've included screenshots above), I would assume like several of the people in this thread that the Shield/Boot one on myrmidons page is correct as hes more of a dodge tank than an armour tank like the archetype page says.
  7. Just wanted to let you guys know about a possible wording error on the pledge upgrades page, in the message on the emerald and diamond pledges it says to put bloodstone in the subject of the email but should this be emerald or diamond respectively as I would think putting bloodstone in the subject would mean you're talking about the bloodstone pledge not the other two. I've included a screenshot in the above spoiler where I have highlighted the part I am referring to.
  8. Just want to throw my opinion in here on this matter, I hope they add a gamepad support into crowfall as some games can be quite fun and relaxing when u dont have to use a mouse and keyboard, not to mention the times when there is just no space to have a full setup, for example for me when im travelling or sat in the living room with the family and using my laptop a gamepad is much more comfortable. And like another person said Final Fantasy XIV is one of the games that did it well (and I definatly agree with that, as thats how i play that game most of the time) so putting gamepad support
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