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  1. It is worth noting though that the greater the degree of character archetype differentiation the harder the game becomes to balance across all of its mechanics, specifically in this context game design decisions you are currently making in the combat experience have ramifications elsewhere. F.ex an Assassin with winged flight and stealth abilities would appear to have a distinct advantage making opposed embargo delivery runs in the campaign worlds. If you don't balance stealth by more than just a reduction in DPS a lot of players could end up running alt assassin embargo mules on their secondary accounts.
  2. And a consequence of the successful Kickstarter campaign is that it gives you a certain amount of leverage regarding increased pricing of additional equity investment finance and a reduced risk assessment / interest cost regarding any (bridging) debt finance. It is going to be important to fund launch marketing as much as possible though - the multiple campaign world structure will fragment the player base and the success of the game is dependent upon a player experience generated from a critical mass of player numbers within every campaign world especially since you won't have all that "traditional" PvE content to keep us engaged.
  3. Just don't see that working - it's perfectly legitimate to have multiple accounts per household etc so it just becomes one character per campaign per account
  4. Player skill maybe, character skill no ... Yes there's something to be had from bouncing round new characters at the start to help them along the first 20% skill proficiency but from then on it's all passive training whether you are logged in or not. Easy enough then to keep a Frostweaver on ice till winter and then unleash a potent character provisioned with gear supplied by your spring / summer / fall character.
  5. I don't think such a restriction would work beyond the account the characters belong to and you have more than one account don't you? I am expecting the "hunger" damage inflicted by mobs to increase as we progress to winter so a higher hunger resistance becomes more beneficial with time. Conversely the amount of warmth gained would decrease so a higher warmth conversion also becomes more beneficial with time. Yes it is going to be interesting to see what the devs do in differentiating the archetypes - Frostweaver has the most appeal to me atm.
  6. The pre-alpha character creation screenshots that have been released suggest so in terms of the Frostweaver having a higher hunger and ice resistance than the Knight albeit a lower warmth conversion. It's a questionable game mechanic though because players will respond by doing things like take multiple characters to a campaign and play, say, a Confessor early on then switch to a Frostweaver late game ...
  7. You need to correct the info on http://crowfall.com/#/payment for that to hold true - currently you have Silver and Gold Patron referring to additional years of VIP not months (looks to be copy and paste from a higher tier)
  8. Personally I like the idea of environmental damage affecting all players caught by it because that's realistic but from a game play design perspective I would not have friendly fire skill damage affect guild mates in The Shadow guild vs guild campaign worlds whereas I would allow it in The Dregs player vs player campaign worlds. If that were the case then if I want to play with Guild mates (who may follow different gods and therefore not be on the same side in The Gods' Reach or in The Infection) then the campaign worlds we would go to would be in The Shadow. A big part of the Eternal Kingdoms is the shared / co-op / guild kingdom and guilds are fundamental social MMO constructs so they need to be supported by game play elements. The Eternal Kingdoms do not have GvG sieges so IMHO it would be a mistake to launch Crowfall without The Shadow worlds which is the position we are in now because there's no funding to get them in game by launch. Agree wrt the minotaurs - one of my characters will be one for sure when they make it in game
  9. Nice, but I am surprised that The Infected Campaign Ruleset was prioritized over The Shadow Campaign Ruleset since I would have thought a lot of players would be into Guild v Guild ...
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