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  1. seems I had a link to an unofficial in the past but i have it no more
  2. I just read his obituary and amazingly enough, we graduated the same year and I literally lived and grew up in an adjacent county in Tennessee to where Wes lived. Small small world we live in and yet big enough to where we never met. I wish we had. RIP coolwaters
  3. Does the druid pull the scimitar out and point it at peeps and it shoots magic at them? not trying to be a smartbutt, i honestly don't know because the game crashes for me and can't play it or is the scimitar just a prop piece that isn't used (yet)?
  4. yeah i was wanting to get into the game this weekend to test the new race/class stuff and skill-building to see what had changed but the crash error, black screened me everytime i tried to log on the old way of archetype, my proposal meant some crafting skills down in the archetype skill trees i have no idea what the new system will be or is so i guess that is why i made a confusing post
  5. seems during the stream I noticed the quarterstaff line marked through saying discontinued due to loss of Stalker archetype? could/would no other class make sense using a quarterstaff? sure wanted to get my Darth Maul on in Crowfall (and fail miserably) trying to whack people on the head, so hopefully it is just sidelined for a little while and not completely removed or at least maybe let the Druid staff use some similar physical attacks P.S. loved the move to MMO away from MOBA though with the Arch to Race/Class changes, kudos for the change!
  6. I applaud ACE for moving more to an MMO with the addition of the Race/Class system in lieu of the MOBA-like restrictive Archetype system I am now WAY more interested in the game (and this coming from a Ruby backer) that said, since we now have classes and since ACE has some former SWG devs as you can tell from the crafting system, would there be a chance to have an Artisan class for Crowfall? I understand that you would not want to make it P2W so any VIP using this artisan class should not be able to train in more Crafting skills than a non-VIP (i.e. you should not have to spend more than box-price to be a top-tier specialized crafter/gatherer)
  7. Translation: can you set up a place to where i can wait on crafters to come to so i can kill them and take their stuff because i hate gathering Cmon man Why can us PvPers just fight each other? And when the rare resource server is online PvP will increase no doubt
  8. "I serve with James Goblin. I know James Goblin. James Goblin is a friend of mine. Pappy, James Goblin is no bot."
  9. yeah i'm not arguing for the people who need an incentive to play, it's why i snipped out the part of the OP quote that I thought had merit i was simply speaking of a way to allow the one account owners to not feel that the multi-guys like me are P2Winning (even if their feelings are wrong) if they are getting just a smidge ahead by the dust subtracting some time from their training i actually love the passive training 100% because i can play other games too (Star Citizen, CoElyria, etc) if my guild is in between campaigns and not feel like I am losing anything here
  10. i REALLY like this, don't change the ingame benefits of dust keep them the same but just have each dust orb subtract 10 seconds from the amount left to train on each skill training bar you are working on at the time (or 5 seconds, or 30 seconds, etc, doesn't matter - was just thinking of the concept not necessarily the exact amount of time off training that would be optimal) If you are training a tier 8 skill and need hours and hours for one point, grabbing ten dust orbs on your next 5 trees harvested is going to just knock off a couple minutes. This isn't enough extra active training to make a large dent in the passive training time, but just enough to encourage actually playing just one main - after a few months he will be slightly ahead (in that one area of specialization) of the fella/gal with 4 accounts i'm sure the multi-account peeps may not like this idea (and I am a multi account user) but would seem a decent trade off edit: spellcheck
  11. I agree. That is why I have proposed a new archetype: Race: Human Class: Artisan You can choose in the new archetype to improve gathering/crafting assembly/crafting experimentation/etc
  12. The logic is flawless A combat character can take 4 combat skills Three of which can be for ANY arch For example right now i am training in a general combat skill to ranged, a ranger parent arch combat skill, and a ranger child combat skill (in addition to a druid combat skill) So THREE skills are improving my combat on my ranger But crafters are onky allowed to take ONE skill to improve crafting on their crafter If you can't understand that i dunno how much more i can explain it And hyperbole post is hyperbole (whoever mentioned that anyone is "rioting")
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