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    Mer1in reacted to Adall in Server Location....   
    I hope they only have servers in Antarctica, really helps save on cooling costs.
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    Mer1in reacted to srathor in The Singapore server is acting up this morning   
    Just woke up and logged on. Loading Terrain locked on corruption Singapore.

    I logged off at around 1:30ish am edt last night and things were fine.
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    Mer1in reacted to Lastgirl in More movement options   
    I was considering movement the other day. A game came to mind was Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid series and I started to think about why it was enjoyable. A number of things really, but I think the biggest sway of that game is the way movement is handled with intuitive approaches.
    So I'm not actually asking that Crowfall should mimic its movement style. I was just thinking about the crouch and prone that Solid Snake does so often with tactical stealth play and I started to realize that MMOs don't really offer this kind of choice for movement.
    Recently the only thing that does come to mind is TESO has a crouch mechanic, but that correlates to the sneak and backstab method and I'm not suggesting for that either. I would like to see an action figure vibe brought to MMOs and it can give more sense of controlling your character rather than just sprinting breakneck everywhere in a rigid upright pose all the time. If they can toggle walk functions for RP(well not just RP but for pacing and soaking in the atmosphere as well), I don't see why not with crouching.
    I feel like MMOs have this barbie doll syndrome where player characters do not bend, crouch or go prone. They tend to sprint everywhere rigidly. Even with newer animation rigs to offer the illusion of sway and movement, it's still pretty stiff.
    I think it would be viable to introduce crouching at the very least. It would allow players to hunker down around a hill, or behind a castle wall, barricade, or sneak around at the base of a tree in the thick of a forest. Reduced visibility is a good way to approach targets without having to constantly rely on stealth as if it's a magic toggle button and it could lend to smarter choices to employing stealth rather than artificially. Maybe crouching can also lend to more accuracy with projectile based weaponry as well?
    I know prone would be another story altogether.
    Thoughts? Mostly just throwing it on the wall to see if it sticks.
    tl;dr version: Crouching can add to player movement choices and make stalking/using defense fortifications easier
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    Mer1in reacted to Lastgirl in Eternal Kingdoms - They Are Important!   
    A metaverse? One can dream that cyberspace becomes a hub as such.
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    Mer1in got a reaction from Lastgirl in Eternal Kingdoms - They Are Important!   
    I have high hopes for the Eternal Kingdoms playing a major role in the socio-political-economic hierarchy of Crowfall's universe... Along the lines of the Black Sun in SnowCrash...
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    Mer1in reacted to headlight in I Quit Crowfall   
    what did you ditch to save the 15 lbs?
    Crowfall buttons? lol
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    Mer1in reacted to BraveSirRobin in I Quit Crowfall   
    Really, you are getting a shuttle to start a walk?  

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    Mer1in reacted to headlight in I Quit Crowfall   
    If only he had a crowfall flag to keep him warm.
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    Mer1in reacted to IdeaMatrix in I Quit Crowfall   
    Man dies in a dehydrated-lasagna masturbation accident on the Appellation Trail. Family refused to comment but, trolls from Crowfall forums said he was an a**hole. This and more at 11.
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    Mer1in reacted to headlight in I Quit Crowfall   
    not even a crowfall wet wipe?

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    Mer1in reacted to headlight in I Quit Crowfall   
    Maybe you could "hire" a thrall to carry that flag for you.
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    Mer1in reacted to headlight in I Quit Crowfall   
    I'll have to work overtime to fulfill his shoes.
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    Mer1in reacted to headlight in I Quit Crowfall   
    Ah, small world. Also from the Piedmont area (Winston-Salem).
    You should definitely contact Tully or someone about the Crowfall flag. Idk how much they'd get involved with it since if you die or something using a Crowfall flag as a blanket, people might think the game was too hardcore and the Hunger got ya.
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    Mer1in reacted to checkyotrack in I Quit Crowfall   
    If the Crowfall devs mail me a Crowfall flag I will cary it all 2180 miles. It could be a free marketing gimmick.
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    Mer1in reacted to headlight in I Quit Crowfall   
    CYT quote in my signature as a farewell and GL to you sir.
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    Mer1in reacted to fuggeroffuggington in I Quit Crowfall   
    Get almond butter or peanut butter, EmergenC and Coconut oil. Take out 1/3 of the almond butter and replace with equal weight coconut oil. Mix in emergenC. Put these in small zip-lock bags. When hungry but mobile, pull out bag, cut the corner, and squeeze into your mouth. At about 100 calories a table spoon, it provides protein, fatty acids, and carbs with vitamins and minerals at maximum caloric density. Good for lean to normal guys on the AT to prevent you from coming back as skeletor
    Coconut oil only because the taste is decent and it's more solid, so it helps maintain the paste.
    Other popular inclusions are honey, nutella, and protein powder. We also made a good one with cookie-n-cream muscle milk powder in peanut butter with a little coconut oil. Main key is that any time you sub out oil content, you lose caloric density.
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    Mer1in reacted to checkyotrack in I Quit Crowfall   
    Headlight was mean to me. Mal was mean to me. Mandalore said something about my mom in vent. Every green name persecuted me. I quit.
    Actually I'm hiking the Appalachian Trail in two weeks so get on my level city slickers.

    (The cats not going)
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    Mer1in reacted to toxophile in 03/20/15 - Eternal Kingdoms!   
    Can we have a Guild-Specific EK?! One where players can 'donate' materials to expand it and build on it together? One that is not "owned" by a single player? Maybe even one where players can donate their own personal EK 9-cell allotment to it (permanently probably, since how would you tak it back after stuff is built on those cells....).
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    Mer1in reacted to teekey in 03/20/15 - Eternal Kingdoms!   
    I'm still hung up on the idea that the EK Fealty system is completely separate from the Guild system. The fact that you can swear fealty to multiple Monarchs just takes the Game of Thrones-aspect of the game and takes a huge sh!t on it. At this point, I'd much rather hear about social organization within a campaign. Is organization going to be through Guilds only? Is there going to be a Campaign Fealty system? To me, that seems infinitely more important to the game than 'optional social hubs' (their words). But they've not talked about that aspect AT ALL. 
    The Eternal Kingdom for me will likely always be a huge missed opportunity, because I think they've insisted on making it their Cash Cow (selling castles and other stuff). But to do that, they're also making them devoid of risk or meaningful choice.

    If they made the EK apart of the guild structure, and allowed you to attack other Kingdoms to destroy or steal their relics (using Bane-style rules, defenders select attack time)...then the EK could actually be a compelling aspect of the game.
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    Mer1in reacted to Jihan in 03/20/15 - Eternal Kingdoms!   
    Half a mile square is the same things as a quarter of a square mile. .25 mi2 is 160 acres. According to this line, each cell is about 18 acres.
    "Square acre" is not a unit of measurement. Acres already measure area; a "square acre" is simply an acre of area which happens to be shaped like a square.
    A square shaped region with an area of a quarter acre is about 104 feet on a side. 312 feet is definitely not a half mile.
    A square shaped region with an area of two acres is 295 feet on a side. 885 feet stil isn't anything like a half mile.
    Someone is doing math very badly and I have no idea if a single cell is supposed to be 200ish feet across  or 900ish feet across.
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    Mer1in reacted to Sloppy in 03/20/15 - Eternal Kingdoms!   
    It looks ok I guess.
    I'm disappointed that the only risk/reward involved in an EK is the relic system.
    1.  No sieges?
    2.  No incentive to make your kingdom full-loot pvp.
    You missed an opportunity here IMO.
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    Mer1in reacted to karnos in Allowing People To Pick Campaigns Vs. Not Handing The Game To Zergs On A Silver Platter   
    Only one guild can win. Sure, you can make an alliance of 25 small guilds, but it means 24 of your guilds are full of losers who get nothing for their time.
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    Mer1in reacted to oridi in Allowing People To Pick Campaigns Vs. Not Handing The Game To Zergs On A Silver Platter   
    OK- so here's my POV from a very distant land called Squishyworld.
    I think the OP has a valid point. The fact that they're announcing concern does not mean they're trying to ruin the dev's vision or wreck the game. 
    IMO the community itself is a valid part of the checks and balances system here. The scorn that will accumulate for the zerg guild will be massive.  I also think that the assumption that folks will sheeple themselves into joining the winning side automatically may not be as black and white as presented in various posts in the thread. 
    Here are the counterbalances that I see in place right now to zerginess.
    1. CF has mentioned that the winning sides will face handicaps that will make their position harder to maintain. There is the possible idea then that if one group is dashing from domination campaign to domination campaign that CF will step in when it gets damaging to the game itself and make the handicaps more and more difficult until balance of some kind is achieved.
    2.  Vietnam.  Small groups of players can harass, pester, sabotage, betray, infiltrate, and generally make life hell for the larger group.  I know that's where my focus will be if I find myself on a zerged planet.  I won't win the campaign but I'll find enough like minded people so that their supply lines will be cut, their scouts will disappear, their leaders will get ganked, their crafters will find themselves endlessly poked with long range damage and a tunnel will open up under their dining room table.   If I die I'm respawned. Just because I'm not a hardcore PvP'er doesn't mean I can't be an endless source of annoyance.  That's as much fun as winning sometimes.
    3.  The more rulesets are in place the better chance the game has of avoiding zergs.  These monster guilds may travel from planet to planet but eventually folks just won't play on those planets.  Perhaps there can be a 24 hour grace period at the start of each campaign where you can't add a new character but you can drop one out.  Once people see that a zergy guild is in the mix on their planet they can drop and let the kids play with themselves.
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    Mer1in reacted to FenrisDDevil in Allowing People To Pick Campaigns Vs. Not Handing The Game To Zergs On A Silver Platter   
    No problem, we have the Dregs.
    You should try DayZ, Rust, or H1Z1. The only change Crowfall needs to introduce is the decaying over time for food, once it has been taken.
    Zergs can't do nothing about it.
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    Mer1in reacted to tinkoh in Allowing People To Pick Campaigns Vs. Not Handing The Game To Zergs On A Silver Platter   
    Why not base rewards on conquests?
    If a guild controls 90% of the players in a campaign, conquering 10% will offer little in the way of incentives.
    If that guild controls 10% and conquers the remaining 90% of players who fought against them in one way or another, their rewards will be much larger.
    That way this boring one-month-long-snooze-a-thon (heh, that rhymes) would actually not give the nerds perpetrating it any reason to keep doing so (other than intentionally ruining the game for others?)
    Rather, a PvE system could be implemented that would get grind-obsessed Korean zerg guilds off PvP campaigns solely there for digital currency.
    And if, for whatever reason, your campaign is still doomed, maybe a brief battleground or arena type scenario could be put into the game to be accessed from the EK.
    It's also been mentioned before that team-damage and lack of AoE-consistent healing supports makes massive groups not the best idea.
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