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  1. Well tera has xbox controller support and i played with that with no problem... So it could go to console as well
  2. But this is action based, no targets right? So you just need to be in range...
  3. thiink about diablo 3, many people thought it couldnt be good on console and it acualy is better on consoles then pc. Its all about pratice a guy on controller can be good as well as a player in the mouse i dont think its unfair mismatch.. give me a example of cross plataform mmorpg that it happened (ust get blown out of the water water..)
  4. I mean cross plataform Its a nice idea there is no mmorpg cross plataform on the market crowfall is innovating with alot of things, it should innovate even more doing this. What u guys think about this
  5. No telegraphs. Lol has it for skills do u accualy ser the range but pros doesnt News them its irrelevante. Once You know the range You dont need it. And You dont need this too know the range you usualy will get it. You can avoid attacks without. Jeez imagene tons os people using skils and that thing on the floor jeez.i vote no for telegrah
  6. Hi everyone. They introduced some of the eternal kingdoms. But there is alot of questions about it realy works and if it works. So everyone start as small kingdom that goes bigger and bigger so. 1.When people start playing the game like 2 or more years there will be only monarchs on the game? So there will be no Noble no Vassal no Tenant just monarchs? If everyone has a chanse to be promoted so there will be a point there will be tons of monarchs? there will be a limit of monarch in the server? Once you achive that level you cannot go down on the hierachy? when u stop playing the game or you dont contribute to campaign like "carebears" you still recognized as noble , and monarchs? there is alot of question about this and if it will realy works.. iam realy not confident, they need to build and think deep about this system.
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