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  1. Which I will agree with wholeheartedly. Even if the Minotaur is a very good archetype it still isn't p2w because anyone that wants to play this game will have to buy it and with the same monetary investment that would have gotten them the archetype. That is why the entire Minotaur issue comes down to lucking out and seeing that there is a kickstarter for this game and backing it now rather than later.
  2. So the argument at this juncture seems to come down to 2 points: the Minotaur archetype will be released 30 days earlier for backers and that Relics will have effects inside campaigns. To the first point I admit that I was a little disappointed about this, if I had just seen that the archetype would have been made if we reached the goal that would have been sufficient. Instead, they added an additional facet onto stretch goal and twisted it a little bit. Still, this isn't anywhere near game breaking and you may still be able to unlock this with the ingame store which is where the p2w argument of this feature seems to really take hold. If they don't allow you to buy this archetype then using it ingame isn't p2w but Luck2Win. Starting a Minotaur from day 1 and maining it throughout the entire lifetime of the game without dropping the 1 month head start you had over anyone else that eventually plays this archetype and making sure that you are always the best, would just in the end come down to whether or not you lucked out and were able to back the game in time. If you weren't and playing a Minotaur is all you want to do then sorry dude sucks to be you. No it isn't p2w because everyone has to buy the game anyways For the other point, Relics being involved in the campaigns, that is something that you will just have to get over. I have seen no telling that you will be able to buy relics, in fact all indications at this point seem to point to the fact that they will have to be earned. Yes, guilds will have an advantage in this because they have more people to collect the relics, but that doesn't mean a solo player can't also collect them, and they aren't super incredible buff anyways. Also, with all of the rule sets that are going to be implemented I find it crazy that there wouldn't be one that disallows Relic effect, especially with how much people seem to be complaining about them. On another note there will probably also be campaigns that don't allow Minotaur until after the 1 month point. Either way, the argument doesn't seem to truly about wanting to negate p2w with the Relics, it is mostly about people whining that guilds will have advantages over single players. In conclusion I haven't seen anything at this point that points towards p2w, but people still somehow see the shadows of it all over the place. If you have any counter points please leave them below.
  3. I think backwards white angel person makes a good point kinda... Names aren't probably going to be a big concern unless everyone is rotating out their avatars a lot. Just recognizing a picture is fine enough for me.
  4. Navi! To help everyone out during the tutorial. You will also be able to use it as a long term DOT on enemies to annoy them into logging off.
  5. Ice and Fire eh? Man, if only there was some kind of iconic book series that this game was loosely using for a lore base that had anything to do with this. Oh well, I guess we will just have to wait and see.
  6. Yeah, after we hit this next stretch goal and everyone gets multiple parcels....my god. It. Will. Be Huge.
  7. If you were worried about a crafter having to deal with full pvp players. Imagine a gatherer that has to leave their home bases in order to go do their job. They would get ganked so hard and all of their things taken.
  8. I feel like the best way to do this would actually be quite simple. All EKs will be personal and private at the beginning and players will be able to set them as open and probably be able to set them into categories like, guild, trade, arena, etc. Once set as a public EK it will be placed on a list which can be browsed by all players and traveled to. There will probably be more information on this list like the size of the EK, rules it has in place, population, etc. At least this is just how I see this happening.
  9. Jeez, just barely made it in under the deadline
  10. I don't know, maybe I am the one having difficulty with the concept. In most games I have played being able to carry over your items makes sense, even if they are able to break and you will need to get new ones. Isn't that something that would actually set good PVP players apart since your awesome armor would be falling to pieces if you died a lot, so the ones that are able to keep theirs would necessarily be better at the killing people and making it out alive thing.
  11. Personally I am all in for the confessor. Something just appeals to me about burning down the entire world to the sound of the wails and moans of the undead returning to their natural state. I don't know, maybe that's just me.
  12. I have a feeling that this thread will get very very long. Glad I got in at #9
  13. Don't know, somehow I just assumed the Templar and Druid would be the forerunners. I should reevaluate my life.
  14. Maybe I am just reading too much into this but.... you do know that for the vast majority of campaigns you will probably be able to bring in armor and weapons and other items that will be useful for the campaign right? In fact I think they only said as an unconfirmed theoretical concept that there MAY be some naked start campaigns.
  15. I am so shocked by this poll. I would never have imagined Ranger being out in front.
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