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  1. This is great news to me. Please take your time and do it right. So many games are rushed only to fall on their face after launch. I appreciate yalls openness.
  2. It would be interesting to see the results from the survey? Have I missed this somewhere?
  3. This sounds like some really fun game and crowd control mechanics! I am looking forward to seeing it in action with the different archetypes.
  4. Good information about the strongholds. Thanks. I was on the fence but did get the keep yesterday, hoping if a better one was rolled out I could upgrade it.
  5. I am not sure I would be so absolute about it. Do you really think a 1% item is going to have that much of an impact? That is the kind of modifier items I have seen so far. They could even come up with something cosmetic. Chopin of the hands of marketing is not a smart decision in my opinion. You quote something from almost half a month ago but not something from yesterday in this thread. Interesting.
  6. Did I miss any information on this goal we are working on now? It seems strange to set a goal but not talk about any features of it. I just upgraded to large keep. Last day everyone.
  7. I appreciate the valiant effort but I have of feeling there is more information coming. We were told after the last goal was reached we would be told about the shadow rule set. Here we are days later and 20% into reaching that set goal and.
  8. Thanks for letting us know the direction and reminding us about some of it. Looks good.
  9. It might be nice to get more information on the rule set now that this goal has been started. Did I miss it? I also think something added to store to be used in this rule set could help the drive. I am really glad to see the progress thus far. Keep up the good work!
  10. It seems like it would have synergy with a dodge type melee archetype. Breaking combos would be kinda cool IMO. They could even make a combo for breaking a combo combo. What are your thoughts?
  11. The coins must flow! So will I be able to craft coins that look like me is the question?
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