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  1. A bard would be interesting. Can they allow us to create our own music to be played in game when casting spells? That would be awesome!
  2. I would rather they spend their time working on the game to get rid of bugs, so it doesn't die shortly after release like ESO.
  3. The better idea would be to sell T-shirts and other items to spread free advertising!
  4. Probably not the best use of time and resources at the beginning of a game, perhaps later.
  5. Your suggestions are old school, and the reason why most MMOs are in the dust bin today, no one wants to play them. Any game today needs new dimensions: 1. An economy where the top gear is only creatable, is expensive to create, and is not guaranteed with each attempt. 2. Character classes and or races should have rankings among them, the best Druid, etc. Any only they can be rewarded with special items no one else can get.
  6. Shall we assume that telelgraphs are the floating damage indicators above targets after they are hit? If that is the case, they should be a toggle option, so that people with lower end computers can turn it off and increase their frames per second.
  7. Every game needs a wow factor, something that is restricted to a certain class and build, and something that can only be gotten by accumulating some sort of rank. A unicorn could be the reward mount for a player is only of a particular class, and only after earning a particular rank, and then only if they are successful performing some class/racial specific spell weaving / ceremony etc., that is not always successful and very expensive to attempt. There should also be an opposite to it, if there is a nature aligned class that is the only one that can get the Unicorn, there should also be a corrupted nature character that could earn an undead Unicorn etc. The only classes that seem to be able to fit this would be the Druid and the Stalker.
  8. Only a few of the wrong mind would want any part of a game to focus on digging holes and hiding in them. It would be okay if devs created an underground lost city area, but it should be haunted or infested with underworld denizens that will eat your lunch, requiring major numbers to clear and keep clear.
  9. Passive leveling is not what the devs are looking for. They need data to analyze from people playing the game normally and leveling through the content, not from passively leveling up. During the Open Beta or Live, they could do like other games, and make you pay monthly to allow an additional character to level up passively.
  10. Greetings Eternal Rulers! I have been a member of CoTP for many years, they are an excellent group of gamers, with significant presence and contributions to many games, and continuous expansion into the latest worlds! CrowFall looks like the cure to the MMO blues, and has many excited, reaching over 1M USD$ in crowd funding. When you get into the game, join us at CoTP.info, get up to date status information the games chapter and get into the action! Warm Regards, Araevin
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