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  1. So I want to start a club or cafe in every campaign so we need maid outfits for elves to wear right before they kill us or bring us food
  2. Flying centaurs let's be honest it would be stupid not to have it I mean everyone knows centaurs fly like birdies
  3. Spears should be a quickly created and replaceable weapon
  4. snakeslash


    I'm a bit far from 21 tho just five years
  5. snakeslash


    Given how in nature fire helps new growth can the Druid get a fire attack
  6. I want to on a horse riding down my enemies with my dirt cheap lance that after killing my enemy shatters and does a little aoe damage
  7. What exactly happens if you fail the moral test you don't explain
  8. Are you implying some sort of rust machanic were if your blade is left outside the scabbard it rust ( degrades quicker, loses sharpness, less damage, and a cosmetic change)
  9. Survive till the end of the captain, or kill all the things to win
  10. Elephant people sentent creatures so they use trees with slabs of iron attached to it as a battle ax
  11. If we have bards then the bards should be able to import songs or able to write there own how the debs will do it I don't know but do it
  12. But because of the specialization aspects of the game a Zerg could have full time blacksmiths working on the rearming of the army while they continue their march also there is this magic thing assault pillage and plunder or as I like to call it self selfcificancy and guild farmers could just run food up to the army
  13. The gerbil folk will ride on their armored cast
  14. snakeslash


    Bull men riding bull elephants
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