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  1. I guess I'll try this thing.
  2. I was thinking something closer to Blackadder.
  3. On one hand 99%+ of mmo players' decisions are pretty terrible, on the other, I'd campaign like hell to add an archetype that is an old british aristocrat or southern dandy or something similar.
  4. Even bad games are fun if you're in good company. I played and enjoyed both games, but have no interest in playing either since my friends/guildmates don't play.
  5. Why did you put Eonwe's real name on the poll instead of his crowfall one?
  6. The IOC is as bad if not worse.
  7. I have not read the summary, and yet, also do not have to watch it.
  8. Awful company wasn't the guild darkfall deserved, it was the one it needed.
  9. my name is blazinzero and I WILL not PRESS LIKE. stand firm, brothers and sisters.
  10. A huge guild run library building would be pretty neat.
  11. At least they're not like plantations.
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