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    i've played many online games including some classic mud such as
    eve,wow,rubies of eventide,dungeons and dragons online , lineage 1 & 2 , redmoon online, RIFT(currently on this game) , the fourth coming , tera , dota , gw1+2, i used to play many games over the course of a week now just stick to one mmorpg at a time since i don't have 16+ hours a day to put into online gaming anymore lol
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    Calgary Alberta Canada

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  1. If it's playable make it available ASAP for a soft launch. With the obvious clarity that it's a soft launch and obviously nothing set in stone
  2. thanx much appreciated lots of stuff completed by ACE putting to shame some much larger companies with way way way more people working on a project just saying
  3. good read swarthy . some good and well intentioned humour along the way i understand what you're getting at here. ( like mr arawulf and many others) i've played a ton of alpha games/beta and they spent literally 10x if not more as much on costs yadda yadda yadda getting their games together and still didn't look anything like crow fall. (sadly since i won't have funds for long time I've only spent 5$ on crow fall .... but i think they will do well so yea ...
  4. razer orbweaver + ouroboros for this type of game would be perfect combination to tackle all needed commands and well regular keyboard for chat.... until some point when voip or some other form of voice chat is added in (which would be a plus in the future but not entirely needed during any alpha testing.)
  5. option for it would be nice since not everyone prefers using a keyboard and mouse . and there are some programmable controllers out there which allow you to tie in whichever keys normally used for a keyboard onto your controller. more options is always nice if it's within budget and time allows it.
  6. im all for building up a characters attributes versus the gear being the win all of every situation. im 100% for having a ton of costume/wardrobe ideas in the shop for sale. hoping they do more like rifts current idea for the wardrobe system which boosted the hell out of rifts popularity. anything you pick up that can be equipped gets saved to all your characters' wardrobe. that way you can make your characters look however you like and never lose your favourite look. this skins over any current gear without the need for special items anymore. so if my toon has two one handers i can change their looks anytime but if he swaps to a two hander i have a specified look already set !. if time and money allow it please go nuts on an epic wardrobe system
  7. lol kell love the pic of conan XD
  8. wondering if there will be an option to "pay it forward" so say my buddy can't afford a simple pledge but i want to pledge for him... ? yay or nay?
  9. could always drastically increase the risks and reward for teaming up with your alts. which is basically my idea of increasing the challenge enough so that it feels more challenging as it should be with this type of set up versus "hey ill get my pimped out alts to help me out and make things easier".... at the cost of a much higher risk/reward of some sort. all scaling to the overall skill/level etc of the combination of toons at hand . could make for a decent increase in challenge who knows?
  10. i know people will somehow attempt multi boxing despite a lot of ways already built in game to prevent it. and by multi boxing i mean: requiring multiple instances of the game open together across either a single large screen and on multiple hard drives/computers etc. using special programs that allow you to control all characters with /follow /stack /attack together type macros so hitting say 1 would make all your toons do the same thing. ( lots of people get bored with the aspect of controlling only one character and prefer the much greater challenge of working on multiple toons together as the same time versus separately) this idea however is not like that there is no /follow , /stack , /attackalltogether , /macro or /ohpoorly made sockshealme type stuff. basically designed for someone who wants to challenge themselves a lot more (alone but with their alts) in a dregs type environment designed for more of a k keyboard smashing rage quitting challenge. cool idea yes. i know it won't make it into the game for obvious reasons right now. but would be nice if considered much further in the games progress (as part of an expansion of sorts)
  11. campaign status , character status , realm online/offline status. tons they could do. but the J man said it best. "core module first".
  12. XENA! where is your horse .... horse .... horse !!!??
  13. prob not gunna happen but i will mention it anyways. would be neat to have the option to "hire" your alt characters as party members instead of inviting "strangers" to help you out. why? some people get bored with controlling a single character. and having "partial control over your own alts as party members (think of DDO gold seal hirelings , they're smart , they use abilities your toon has. and you have some control telling them where to go etc... with formations and all that jazz also being an option. adding the aspect of different combinations of groups having "unique" advantage/disadvantage as others ( and well making the massive a bit more massive down the road.) no they won't cast same time as you(like multi boxing does) no they won't get stuck in walls ( but they could be hilarious and joke around with you if you decide to get them to do something stupid..) might not make it. people might not like it. but as a future option i am hoping one day a game will do this . for this type of MMO. and critics fire away!
  14. yay i got a badge tho it's not much i still contributed i really want to play when this game comes out regardless of how much $$$$ i get in beforehand though
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