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    i've played many online games including some classic mud such as
    eve,wow,rubies of eventide,dungeons and dragons online , lineage 1 & 2 , redmoon online, RIFT(currently on this game) , the fourth coming , tera , dota , gw1+2, i used to play many games over the course of a week now just stick to one mmorpg at a time since i don't have 16+ hours a day to put into online gaming anymore lol
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    Calgary Alberta Canada
  1. If it's playable make it available ASAP for a soft launch. With the obvious clarity that it's a soft launch and obviously nothing set in stone
  2. @GordonWalton you saw the issue and brought it up. but they didn't listen so it's their fault either way. "the greatest harm may result from the best intentions". with that aside i really hope this game makes it up there in the top 10 lists of greatest mmo games of all times. a lot of what happens to some good mmo's that "burn out and fade away" is the greed factor. *big boss see's potential to save money, fires a well skilled employee in favor of 2 or more cheaper less skilled workers. then attempts to do the same in every department in order to make ends meet, rather than re-evaluating wh
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