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  1. how about like a runescape the dragon weapons have special abilities
  2. Wouldnt it be better to get your fortifications destoyed by a cute hamster I am rollong a hamster for this specific situation.
  3. As long as Ace sees how much we despise WoWs format of quest, we have done our job as future gamers of this game? Words r hard. Seriously, I posted this so we could get a consensus on daily quests. We have discovered that no one wants WoWs format of what a quest is. Using this knowledge Ace will definitely see how not make thier quests ,objectives , or whatever u want to call them. We should now discuss some great 《《《《《SUGGESTIONS》》》》》 (this is a suggestion thread) that could be implemented or at least thought of for testing and eventually release. For me one could be during a campaig
  4. For a company tight on money and time this cant be a priority of thiers. They need to focus on the basics b4 implementing "great", but not essential ideas tothe game.
  5. Comon out all you creature handlers. Tell me all the good times you had with your Bantha. Or if you were cool your plainstalker
  6. Me and my uncle were based in south cnet. Loved killing imps around our homes. I was so young i had the worst pvp template MCH MRifles and enough in smuggler to fien death. LOL my god good freakin times.
  7. Some 1 close this thread it had been confirmed that there is no quests in CF. If you happy be happy if your sad or mad go do it some where else. Goodnite sleep tight pickles.
  8. That looks like a good answer to me well done. I can rest in peace.
  9. I hope you are correct because the amount of games (even so called sanboxes) are implementing daily quest. They have bin called objectives, missions, some are not even named there just a reward given daily. These incentive to play are not what anyone wants. The drive to play daily should come from aspects of the game that are different everyday.
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