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  1. So the minotaur is our second "Tank" class, but I would think since it is a Mymordion it would be DPS (Fire Emblem reference). I look forward to playing it regardless!
  2. I personally went $34-$100 myself. I almost did gold, but I did not see any EB Gold's pop up, and I had a hard time convincing myself to do it otherwise. I am looking forward to getting the Physical collector edition, however! I hope to see you all in game.
  3. Just a comment about the 16,000 backer goal, it says $100 (SILVER) backer level. I just want to know if this has changed since the Bronze level, or was this a typo that someone made while updating the page. Just to clear up any confusion, or if you need to be a silver backer to receive the reward. Thanks again!
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