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    For now, I find crafting and scouting intrigue me the most!
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  1. He crept into to forest and followed a game trail south of the road that left west out of town. He was unsure if his pub mates were following him anymore. He paused for thought consider whether or not he wanted to die tonight facing insurmountable odds... Ah, screw it with poorly made socks! Why not?! While he was lost in thought the sounds of wooden wheels and hooves hit his ears. His Elkins ears flicked in that direction. Is that a caravan heading out of town? This might be a bit easier than he thought. If memory served him correctly there was a glade a few miles up the road. He glared behind him, and shrugged. He knew he had to hurry. He wanted to get ahead of the caravan and see if he could spot the glade without the brigands catching him. A tall order on a narrow game trail even for a stalker.
  2. The stalker turned and peered at Flintspeck the drunken hamster and could barely hold back his snort. She mentioned something about healing so she could be useful, if she didn't let the alcohol get the best of her. He suspected west was the direction to head. He glanced over at Tayeko who appeared to be slowly finishing her drink. He looked back at Flintspeck and Lorelyn and adjusted his leather breastplate which hid the wood underneath the leather. "Hopefully we can track them and catch them by surprise. We might not have many other advantages. Perhaps they'll be busy rather than trying to rob travellers. Either way we best stay off the roads. Let's go!" He turned and left the bar and started heading southwest out of town.
  3. Oh! Mememememe! *jumps in stewpot*
  4. Alberta here. Also first kickstarter ever I backed.
  5. ((Sorry had a hectic couple days)) He looked over at Lorelyn and just looking at the other younger stalker made him feel old. Well perhaps he could pass on some knowledge he had thus far been denied passing onto his own kin. Politeness would beckon him to reveal his own name but this old stalker wasn't big on politeness and he wasn't sure if he even liked his old name. A quick glance around the pub and a shrug. "Nice to meet you, Lorelyn. This is Tayeko. I don't think anyone else seeks adventure here... So let's go." He grimly grins slightly in anticipation of the adventure that lies ahead. Some bands of brigands can be very large. He straightens his shortsword on his belt and the bow across his shoulder as he heads for the door.
  6. Oh the gall of this woman, reaching all the way across the table and taking his money! He looked around the pub for more alluring leads of information that would lead to his mate's killers. He wasn't that sad that his mate was gone, it just seemed like a good reason to hunt something down and kill it. But he would just rather be told where their hangout was so he could terrorize them himself. That and he didn't trust this woman as far as he could spit. He knew he had to keep his ears, eyes and nose sharp or he could end up roasting over a spit for dinner for Tayeko and possibly her band of brigands. It's all the value he could afford them aside from his bow after giving Tayeko all of his coins. "I am not sure if I can make that deal..." He murmurs... He stands and raises his voice enough to be heard all across the empty pub. "Is there anyone else who wants to go kill those filthy brigands?" If he was being led into a trap, he wanted some back up!
  7. Definitely gonna make a forgemaster right after I make my stalker!
  8. He sits there for a moment appraising Tayeko while he opens his mouth wide enough to pull whats left of the maple sprig in his mouth and he chews it violently for a moment before swallowing it. He chases it with a swig from a small canvas waterskin which hangs on a shoulder strap. What kind of harlot occupied the seat across the table from him? She smelled... odd, and he wondered what sort of venom those lips might contain. He pulls out a small purse of coins and empties it onto his side of the table. Six coppers and two silver hit the table. He looks at her and grins slightly. "Although my wealth must astound you, I think you misunderstood what I asked of you. I would much rather see these brigands in my own bow-sight rather than pay someone to kill them..." he turns to look at Tayeko more directly "or fruitlessly waste my coins for you to go share with the brigands."
  9. I spent about 3 hrs trying to get it done but I didn't make anything worth the time of day. I don't have any good software to get it done or a Firefox developer account to release it if I did make it. meh. /thread
  10. Maybe it should be a "Hide" skill check versus a "Search" skill check instead of you find me and kill me and you get a treasure map. If there is a treasure map there should be a mechanic where either the RNG decides if the map is lootable when the hider dies or an encryption mechanic. If someone hides something there should be a good chance that they can return to their loot.
  11. Thanks for the welcomes. Yes the stalker class intrigues me the most so far, scouting + ranged DPS, sounds awesome!
  12. Nautilus

    Afk, Brb...

    Another possibility is a "hot" logout, where if you logout you can have an abbreviated login if you come back in less than 5 minutes on the same computer. There could be a hot logout button and a normal logout button for security reasons.
  13. I am not a fan of this lootable map idea. Lets say I am a lone scout who managed to find something good and I know I have a group of 4 with a good tracker following me a fair distance back and I know their following me and I am very doubtful I can make it back to safety. What point would it serve me at all to take valuable time to hide my loot and cover my tracks to where I hide my loot if they are going to kill me and get the map anyway?
  14. there are 2 types of buffs that I can think of off the top of my head that can act as multipliers to ally HP. Shields and Heals. When these 2 buffs are combined together players can easily gain far more HP than they would without. I hope that ArtCraft does the math here so that we don't get some Tank running around nigh-invincible with a Cleric and a Shield-buffer backing him up.
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