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  1. Pretty much basically what these guys said. Fielding more than 50 and cohesion and ability to move quickly diminished. Dunno if these guys have said anything about this or not, but these banes could last for hours upon hours. I remember on Vengeance server, some of those banes went 12+ hours. I'll post my link to the channel where I've made Shadowbane Videos, some are mine fights and some are banes (sieges) on cities. Hopefully they will help some of the guys that haven't played Shadowbane understand what we love about the game. If i got to Cash's Tree of Life and camp his city for awhile, well that may just result in him dropping a bane on our city. Also another thing that was usually sure to get yourself baned was crashing someone else banes. Basically an unaffiliated guild would come in and kill both sides as they are fighting each other. Which would usually result in /tells coming from both sides asking why you're helping the other nation out. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf4CuPXyBnS-lsC8RiFPhXQ
  2. No doubt that playing a priest in Shadowbane was one of the most stressful / fun jobs. Usually reserved for some of the best players in the guild because of the multitude of tasks the priest had to do, while also keeping himself alive. Stunning / rooting / keeping your self stun immune / healing / stamina % heals / removing debuffs / kitting / oh yeah, and healing yourself It could definitely be an overload of things to do for a new player, but thats what made it fun.
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    Ehhh he's C&L or something. Sorry Methis, playing the sub to win numbers game because you have no skill isn't fun for us.
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    We'll be here... Drunk pvp'ing in some form or fashion
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