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  1. A lot of MMOs have come out over the years and a lot of devs have said their game doesn't have a lot of bots in it. Crowfall is the only one where I feel like there are multiple layers of game design that make it difficult for RMT companies to burn the in-game economy. I just hope ACE doesn't put in some kind of refining mechanic for materials. Like taking 3 Tier 1 to make 1 Tier 2 and 3 Tier 2 to make 1 Tier 3 and so on. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad considering everything else is very anti-bot. I guess we'll have to wait and see after launch.
  2. Looking forward to 5.3 even more!
  3. Leader Boards

    I will say this though. No one piece of data or numerical information is valuable by itself. The more pieces of information you put with it makes it more valuable. Any kind of context is better constructed when taking different parts to a whole story (like how Scree put it) and seeing how it all plays out. I absolutely love it when companies report a 10% more profit from last fiscal year. Like that should really make anyone excited. What were the circumstances for that increase in profits? Did cost of goods go down? Customer acquisition go down? Was a pricing strategy different in one year compared to the other? Did labor costs go down? Did corporate taxes go down? This was just an example to help try and illustrate my point. Having a leader board with limited stats on it is dumb. Definitely in strong agreement with Scree on this. Need all information. I want it all as well. Never know when a piece of information is going to provide you insight on some aspect of the game.
  4. Leader Boards

    The thing with Joe the Paladin Officer focusing on getting Killing Blows and not focusing on positioning isn't useful to a guild or faction. That kind of player I can see being guildless quick. Sort of like in Albion guilds hate it when people combat loot other players while the fight keeps going on. It's that much less damage or healing going out and weakens the group overall. People have been guild kicked in that game for combat looting. People that want to stat pad a leaderboard (which doesn't happen in Albion with its leaderboards) is they are easily spotted and dealt with. Even players in WoW battlegrounds who have stat padded their battleground leaderboard aren't actually helping when faster games means more pvp currency to spend per hour. There should be some kind of recognition for players to reflect on. Just knowing your guild or faction won isn't enough in a strategic throne war MMO. Knowing where you fell short in and where you had crushing success are important pieces of information. Having a feeling of where to improve is a terrible setup for any kind of improvement for a guild to implement. I guess it's the analytical side of me that wants to see meaningful stat results after a campaign ends. I like to know how I did versus other people and a leaderboard helps me with that. How the heck is any faction, guild, or individual player suppose to improve if they have no raw data to look at that tells them how they're doing? This is how sports teams improve their strategies each season. It's how you learn in school as well with tests, quizzes, and assignments being graded. I would feel really lost during my Accounting classes at college if I didn't know I was scoring B's or A's on quizzes and exams. I would probably be pretty angry not knowing how good or bad I was doing or where to improve. Great point to make. I stopped playing MOBAs specifically for the reason that people wouldn't actually take responsibility for their terrible plays that contributed to the game as well as everyone else's, including mine, that merited a game loss. You win together and you lose together.
  5. Leader Boards

    I don't know or ever heard of FOTM gameplay. Could you explain to me what that is? Min-maxing will happen no matter what. This is a competitive game. It will happen regardless of leaderboards or not. A lot of these other things are individuals just trying to make themselves look good rather than helping their guild or faction win. The only way to do that is actually risk their gear and items in pvp and gain the experience to make themselves not actually be mediocre and worthless. So yeah I can see some of those points being valid. The majority of it not so much. This I just don't even understand how a leaderboard does this. Convenience in what actual way? Some of these points against leaderboards just look really confusing to me. EDIT: Nevermind, it just hit me what FOTM is. This is also a normal thing in any online game, particularly in MMOs. It's unavoidable as things get rebalanced, tweaked, new content added, stuff patched, etc.
  6. Leader Boards

    Care to share some? All I've heard is it will promote toxicity. Also, what negatives? There are individual leaderboards in Albion and it isn't a focal point for people when it comes to conquering territory or winning pvp fights in open world. It doesn't help with 5v5s or Hellgate skirmishes either. In fact a lot of the toxicity and trash talking in Albion didn't even result at all from the leaderboards but rather the experiences people have with others in the game and the nonsense they read on the forums. Same for World of Warcraft. Only hardcore Arena players care about rating and leaderboard scores and that's a minority of the player base. MOBAs and FPS games like CSGO are different than something like Crowfall. Getting top on leaderboards in those games is everything to the majority of players. They want to brag. They want to feel better than someone else because the game doesn't offer any other form of competition than who can get into what grouping or ranking of players (silver, gold, diamond, etc.). I've never seen once in any MMO that a leaderboard has resulted in toxicity. If anything it's helped cut out the BS claims people make. I want to know how many people I killed in a campaign. I want to know how many times I died too. I want guild kill and death statistics as well as faction. If all someone cares about is how they do on the leaderboard, then they aren't really all that useful to a guild or faction. They aren't playing to actually contribute to the guild or faction winning a campaign. This is a game where securing wins is done through team performance. Not individual. It would still be nice to see individual results from a campaign. That way I know how terrible I personally am doing and compare it to other campaign results I've been in. Perhaps different leaderboards need to be done to fit the different campaign bands that will be in Crowfall. If it's a faction war campaign band, then perhaps guild and faction only leaderboards. If it's guilds fighting each other type of campaign band, then just guild and maybe individual leaderboards. In the Dregs, well individual leaderboards then. If that's a possible direction that ACE takes I can't really see anyone whining about it. Not every guild will be in a certain campaign band or in the same campaign within the same campaign band (what a tongue twister that is to read!!). Same for the Dregs. Not everyone will be in the same Dreg campaign if there are multiple ones running.
  7. Leader Boards

    KDR isn't going to mean anything on an individual player level if that player's faction lost. Everyone is going to understand that point that it takes more than a few amazing killing machines in pvp to secure wins. There might be campaigns where hardly any good guilds are in it or for a faction. Saying that KDR is going to promote toxicity in the game's community is a little silly. This isn't a MOBA or FPS game where those stats are more heavily weighed. This also isn't League where you can look players up and see if they're Bronze, Gold, Silver, Diamond, etc. and determine whether or not you'll win based off who's in your group. World of Warcraft has leaderboards during their battlegrounds and during my WoW days in the early 2000's I never experienced any KDR toxicity. So if a minority of the player base want to trash talk about their KDRs then I don't see a big deal out of it. They aren't carrying any campaign wins if that's all they care about. Leaderboard stat padders are some of the most useless people in video games to have on your team. If a guild wants to win a campaign or a faction wants to win a campaign. Their stats on the leaderboard should be the least of their concerns. How often they're taking Forts, securing POIs, draining resources from enemy players, and defending their captured locations are the things they will care about. Things that actually are going to matter. Not about how some Ranger did in some guild that's part of some faction who got a KDR of 5.0. None of that matters. I really don't see the big deal of having certain things on a leaderboard. If you have guild and faction, people are going to ask for individual. If you have just individual, people are going to ask even more for guild and faction. I just don't want to see a leaderboard until after a campaign is over with. Completely cuts out how it influences people's actions. After all, who is on top of a leaderboard doesn't mean who wins. Here's something to think about. Does the presence of a leaderboard make you want to win more than if there wasn't one?
  8. You sure seem to like my posts.. lol

    What a mysterious goblin you are. :P

  9. Hunger in Crowfall

    I understand how you feel about it. I have the same feelings towards how much advantage someone has for attacking someone that's in the survival tray and then setting up during Dizzy Down to spread out stuns, more knockdowns, and other forms of CC. But I don't think it will be an issue either as someone who runs around in survival tray should be aware of that risk associated with it. I just hope that food is generated in different ways. Farm plots at a Fort, Town, Village, etc. that yields crops or farm animals spawn in those same locations (if it makes sense) that can be killed, skinned, and looted for food and very low end hides. The thing I don't want is the hunger mechanic placed on a guild or faction level. Cause on a faction level it just means certain guilds won't do anything to increase it. They will just be a burden to the rest of the faction. Nobody wants to deal with deadbeats. On a guild level it just seems the same as an individual level. Plus either way you go with it (guild or faction) there is the issue with how that bar is depleted. Faction activity? Guild member activity? Sounds like one heck of a balancing issue compared to keeping it on an individual level. At least on the individual level if you get someone in your guild a stack of 20 apples and they use 3 of them in the 5 hours of play that day, they are good for a few more days of consistent play time. Also from a balance perspective on the back end, I can imagine that the scaling system they use to dial up and down things would be easier on an individual level. Regardless of where the hunger mechanic is placed at (individual, guild or faction level), people are going to have to go out and get food. Maybe we just lack the necessary available information to really know for sure how any of this is really going to be. Lastly we aren't even looking at any campaign rule sets yet and that could be the deciding factor at the end of the day. /shrugs
  10. Hunger in Crowfall

    So you want to feed your guild army but not individual players? How else would you feed a guild army if not on an individual player level? What you said doesn't make much sense to me. Care to clarify?
  11. Stealth

    Currently Duelist guinea have a Burrow stealth mechanic. I am also guessing Duelists in general will have a stealth mechanic of some kind. I can't remember if ACE said anything about that but I remember either hearing about it in a video or reading it on these forums. Assassin will probably have its own class based stealth mechanic just like Duelists will. There's a lot of room for development on the class major disciplines and skill trees for this sort of stuff. Probably would see it on a discipline. If you were attacked and it didn't look like someone was around, it could be server lag, a bug of some kind, client lag, or something else I can't think of that could cause it. There are over 7000 bugs in their bug log for them to fix. I do know that whenever I've attacked from stealth on my Duelist it has broken me out of stealth. There's probably some kind of visual bug display that you're experiencing. I've experienced it too when I've been ganked even by non-stealth classes. Pretty confident that they'll take care of hackers. Exploiters IMO shouldn't be punished for working within the boundaries of what is programmed within the game. Even if those people don't report the bugs or exploits, a punishment delivered to them is pretty BS, like banning people for being able to loot a chest that respawns stuff every 60 seconds compared to the other 99% of chests that respawn stuff every 5 minutes. Trion Worlds did that in Rift with a vendor. Banned a bunch of people who used the exploit on purpose. Trion Worlds and XLGames did it to Archeage as well. The people behind the MMO Neverwinter banned people as well for exploiting a vendor. NCSoft did the same to people in Guild Wars 2. Blizzard punished people in Diablo 3's auction house system when it was in the game with a computer date and time exploit. A developer should never make the mistake of punishing the player base for playing the game in the boundaries that the developer has programmed the game. It's a great way of killing off the customers of a product. Developers should instead thank their player base of their product for finding and reporting the exploit.
  12. Training

    That's one of the interesting dynamics of warfare. Who wins doesn't always need to siege a Fort or Castle but merely inflict enough damage to cause the enemy force to be unable to react. Even the idea of a threat large enough to inflict significant damage can be enough to deter an entire group of people from not engaging. Not every town, village, or city in human history has been taken by force. Only an idiot would have their 10 men defend a town that's going to be sieged by a battalion of soldiers. If Food becomes a strategical asset in Crowfall, I could very well see guilds making the call of whether or not to fight to take a Fort or contest over a resource outpost. You don't need to necessarily take territory in order to win a war. Sieging a location is going to cost guilds resources and if the cost exceeds or equals the benefit gained out of it over whatever period of time it would take for the location to be attacked again, then it probably wouldn't be in that guild's best interest to siege that location but rather skirmish on the outskirts of it and drain resources from the faction that controls it. I can't imagine any guild blindly attacking a Fort or captureable location without first running a risk assessment on what is lost in order to capture it and whether or not defending it is even possible. An idiot would capture something they can't even defend. Currently though you have to capture Forts in order to win a campaign. I hope there are other win conditions that are taken into account. An overall damage inflicted on a faction should matter IMO. That way small guilds at least have some chance of contributing instead of being out numbered 100% of the time.
  13. Even as someone with over a year of VIP, I will still get an alt account that does training in Crafting so I don't have to spend that training time on my VIP account doing that. I could do Gathering or double Combat or something else that gives me value in PvP. The argument of multiple Alt accounts gives a better deal than VIP is a little silly. A VIP player can still get non-VIP accounts. So the non-VIP advantage is kind of negated, right? I am okay with 2/2/2 for VIP and 1/1/1 for non-VIP. Plus if I wanted to get a bunch of stuff trained up on either account I can make those Tomes after saving up some training time in a particular skill tree (when they get patched into the game after launch). So if my non-VIP account completes the basic Crafting tree, I could at any point start storing that training time for Tomes for my VIP account. Same goes for my VIP account for non-VIP. On another point of this, not everyone is going to run multiple accounts. 2 would be my max and one of them I'd only log into a couple times a day at the very most. The argument of power creep at this point where the majority of us probably are VIP is a little silly. A lot of this is speculation as to how all of this is going to play out. Also, double dipping into the same skill tree doesn't necessarily mean that the VIP player is going to beat a non-VIP player in PvP. There are too many variables to account for in a PvP skirmish and who reaches further into their wallet more than the other isn't going to be the deciding factor. Actual pvp skill does. So for people who want to run some absurd amount of accounts, go ahead. Doesn't mean you're more skilled at the game than another player. Doesn't mean the guild you're in will beat someone else's guild in a pvp skirmish. Doesn't mean your faction will win a campaign either because it has more "accounts" in it. The player's efforts in the campaign or pvp fight aren't even being considered. A guild's army being lead by someone that isn't a moron is going to have more impact on whether or not it secures victories in a campaign against enemy players and ultimately a faction win. Not how much money is being spent on the game. This isn't Archeage where people dropped hundreds on loot crates for Thunderstrucks which led to entire guilds jumping significantly in combat strength. Skill tree training isn't a defining feature of the game that will lead to a faction winning more than other factions in campaigns. Let's try to actually be realistic and practical about this. I believe Sandbox Interactive did this with their game Albion Online. They would constantly advise their players to not use VPNs or Proxies or they would get permabanned. Guess what happened? A bunch of people did and got permabanned. Probably is one of the reasons why the player population of the game is dying or it could have been the 3 years of terrible decisions made during their beta tests. Not a good idea for either the game's player population or company's financial future. If anything the entry price to get into the game for a non-VIP player should be smaller to incentivize interested people into buying into the game. A lower price point would help with that.
  14. In terms of terrain for me falls around the idea of how it affects guild army warfare stratagems. Currently in 5.2.10 it's more or less a visual obstruction to see over even a small hill, like the one near Mining Outpost. I've noticed this when I've used my Duelist Rat to Tunnel fly my way up onto the Mining Outpost building. A group at the base of the hill won't be able to ever see a group running up and over it. When they do they will be ran up on, possibly Dizzy Downed, stunned, and probably lose the fight. I am not sure if Blair and Halash have had conversations regarding ranged attacks getting any sort of range increase from attacking from an elevated position. That might be interesting way to make terrain positioning actually important for a guild army's engagement. I think Age of Conan had this sort of mechanic but I didn't play the game to know how the terrain played out in any kind of PvP experience. Perhaps in this game range advantage from elevation would be a terrible idea. It's a thought to think about though!
  15. Training

    I don't like the idea of voluntary leaderboards. You're either going to pay attention to it or you aren't. Guilds are either going to use it as a recruitment metric or they aren't. If someone opted out of being on a leaderboard but participates in a campaign and wants to join my guild, I probably won't recruit the person even with their screen shot over someone else who is on the leaderboard and sends screen shot. To me it's the same as a real life resume but in this case a Crowfall resume. Maybe it's just me, but I do want accountability of some kind on people's accomplishments and to make them as public as possible. If someone claims they're some master dragon slaying elite super commando knight with 40k hp, we should be able to not just call that person out on their bullcrap, but be able to provide evidence as well if needed. Too often us MMO regulars and lovers of the game genre have probably had to deal with a lot of bullcrap spewing players talking out of thin air. I don't expect a leaderboard of any kind to be there at launch but definitely something after launch if it was to be implemented. Perhaps something after a couple campaigns are done. If we're gonna trash talk in a video game, at least let us trash talk over factual results. It's just more entertaining and interesting. lolololol