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  1. Non-Combat Class Fantasy.

    Then what you are suggesting is redundant to what is already in the game and planned to be in the game. It might work for long campaigns though but now I see even less merit in the idea since other topics similar to this have been brought up that are way more impactful on overall gameplay quality by giving players more to engage with.
  2. Non-Combat Class Fantasy.

    I get the idea of having people become animal hunters, fishermen, builders, alchemists, etc. I just don't see the point of having them be tied to a specific class though. I mean, we're going to have trackers in the game and that's a skill training type of thing. Everyone has the option of being a tracker. Gatherers might end up having to specialize in a specific resource node. Same for crafters. Everyone can choose to be a gather or crafter or neither one. Some people won't even pick up anything in tracking or necromancy, etc. These are all group roles people are going to take on and they are non-combat roles. Where you specialize further in those roles makes you an alchemist, leather worker, wood worker, weapon smith, armor smith, etc. If those are the kinds of jobs you're thinking of then they're already going to be in the game through the use of other systems already in place. I do think it needs to be a lot more diversity in choices and options.
  3. Non-Combat Class Fantasy.

    That's the thing though man. This entire idea can be shouldered very easily by the skill training and discipline rune systems. Perhaps it's an idea for a campaign world's rule set. Doesn't hurt to try out an idea and see how the majority of the game's population react to it. After all, a testing environment is merely meant to find out whether or not a mechanic or system works from a functional perceptive.
  4. Non-Combat Class Fantasy.

    I am not sure if the devs at all have mentioned anything about this kind of idea. But giving groups a boost because they have a druid in their gathering party is a little silly. Same goes for a Knight giving a buff to towns for defense. These things can provided by the skill tree training system and available for everyone to make the choice to "level up". It shouldn't be class specific. This is going to be a competitive MMO for pvpers regardless of how hardcore people consider the game to be. Competitive people are going to try and optimize whatever the results of what they're doing and what we shouldn't be encouraging is players excluding other players from an activity in their guild because they aren't the correct class. Like if you want to have a buff from having a druid in your party to gather wood or possibly some other class to gather hides or stone or ore. Whatever you're gathering you'd just end up stacking that passive buff. Even if the buff is capped at 2 people or 3 people of the same class in a group, it's going just incentivize people to exclude other classes from the party when they first want to maximize their reward from gathering wood, ore, hide, or stone. Also think about this as well, people aren't going to be sitting on a bunch of crafted and developed vessels that will allow them to switch classes and be flexible to the needs of a guild on a whim. They're probably going to have 1 vessel and perhaps a backup that's being worked on. I say this in the context of the first 12 months of campaign worlds and that not everyone's focus is going to be on having a multi-vessel diverse account. Just something to think about with this topic. I would hate to see people feel like they're being excluded by the guild they're in and have their fun limited.
  5. Concern over longevity issues

    This is a MMO. I would expect them to hotpatch things that need to be fixed balance wise. I already expect certain campaigns to favor certain classes, group roles, and approaches to passive skill training over others just with the changing rule sets, different maps, and different guilds and players will focus on different campaigns and campaign bands each world that dies. We'll have to see. Campaign rule sets probably are the best way to change up the meta without destroying class and group role balance.
  6. Concern over longevity issues

    I don't like the idea of micro patches to force meta changes. That's what all MOBAs do and we can look at any MOBA we've played for a decent length of time and think back at how dumb that way of change the meta and balancing the game is terrible. If we want to talk about meta changes, let's talk about adding actual new mechanics into the game that can be utilized in campaigns. Not patching little changes that make certain classes flavors of the month. There are going to be players who only focus on a single class or group role and if you buff or nerf that class or group role, it makes everyone else more valuable. I'd probably quit playing and be completely turned off for an unknown amount of time if the class or group role I focus my passive skill training on gets nerfed and stays like that but makes everything else stronger or more attractive to play just for the sole purpose of "changing up the meta". It's why I don't play MOBAs cause those companies that work on those games just call them "balance patches" which is a bunch of BS. I think the best way to look at how metas can be changed is how we can incorporate new mechanics that everyone has to utilize or even look at how new discipline runes could introduce those things. But hey, we might not even need micro patches that make meta changes. We might just need to think up new mechanics and tools we can play around with during campaigns. I think that might be more fun and creative solutions to changing up a meta and keeping things from being stale. I think the idea of campaigns being made up of battlefields sounds cool.
  7. Concern over longevity issues

    This topic is getting a little old to keep bringing up. We have a search function on these forums for a reason and I don't say that to discourage new threads of this topic (passive skill training) from being created, just from the same exact concern being brought up again and again. There are a lot of other games that don't even address this kind of thing and they're doing just fine and are popular. I keep trying to remind people of something about Crowfall: it's designed to have a lot of flexibility. Everything I've read and heard in videos and live streams even suggests this too. They've kind of eluded to this. If something is not fun for us to experience, they will change it so it is fun. Without us enjoying Crowfall, ACE goes up the creek without a paddle.
  8. Dizzy Down - Proposed fix

    Plus I think it would be pretty BS if someone gets Dizzy Downed while mounted too. Hard CC should be rare across the game in general and having a universal hard CC is pretty dumb. There's already going to be that "mount up before they get here" type of thing for gathering groups when we get to see mounts. Cause I am sure small gathering groups are going to run away before a fight can be engaged if they don't think they'll win. I get that ACE wants to have some sort of mechanic to pushy sloppy gatherers and gathering groups but basically making individual targets open to being glass cannoned is a little dumb. I do, however, would like to see how Dizzy Down functionally works in combination with caravan and mounts. Perhaps it's necessary to provide that Risk vs Reward gameplay element. If it was a slow, I don't think any of us would really be having this conversation. lol
  9. My suggestions as of November.

    If I am pvping in any MMO, I want relevant information showing up on my screen. If that's HP bars on everyone including myself, then so be it. If that's something telling me that an effect drops off an enemy target, so be it. If it's damage, healing, defensive procs (block, parry, etc), so be it. Friendly or enemy, I don't care. If I want to see it I should have the option of seeing it. This shouldn't be part of a ruleset. This should be part of UI graphical settings. People should have the option regardless of how "hardcore" of a campaign they want to play in to turn on and off whatever visuals they want and the degree of how severe those visuals will display. It shouldn't be forced on them if they play in Dregs anymore than God's Reach. It's straight up stupid to force it upon a player.
  10. I am not. Never played the game. Was before the majority of my online gaming days.
  11. I feel like my city is being invaded.. You can catch me at the gym on 108th and Maple. Actually heading there tonight. What a small world all of us Crows live in. haha Never rolled in a MMO with people who I can actually get a beer with. That would be a very interesting. War stories over a beer! haha
  12. That's the thing Tumnus, there are probably going to be a lot of 30+ aged players in the game. I am not tethered right now to any specific guild banner so I wouldn't count me in on anything. Too early for me to devote allegiance to a guild but I do have my eyes on one that I'll keep to myself. Just never know when something comes along that better suits what I am looking for. Even have thought of starting my own guild too but that's a time sink I might not be able to commit too.
  13. I am in my early 30's. Crowfall isn't a fast twitchy game. It isn't a MOBA or FPS either. So I haven't found myself unable to compete or player on a comparable level to people older or younger than me. The only thing that has made a difference is how much time someone spends playing the game. In a lot of ways, just playing a game a lot can make you better. Your accuracy of aiming improves, time to judge situations decreases which increases response times, and optimizing keybindings for easy muscle memory. The thing about being an older player (age wise) is that the collected pool of experience brings a lot to the table. A simple strategy might not be enough to compete. Since being an older player grants the ability to bring in a lot of different gaming experiences from potentially a larger array of games, that can be enough. Even the experiences from life can bring an edge in competitive gaming. I'll be honest with you, the guilds, factions, and players that win are probably going to be the people that play smart. Intelligent plays are derived from experiences gained from the decisions we make in a game. Card games are a great example of that. I really wouldn't be worried about whether or not some little kid or high schooler is going to out perform you in Crowfall. I think it's more important to find a group of people that are like-minded and have similar goals to yours.
  14. What We Want

    So you're admitting that you start threads on message boards and then don't bother to read replies from people who respond to the thread? Is it all to waste everyone's time? The issue people have with this thread of yours is how you ignore everyone and post overly wordy and strangely worded posts that aren't stemmed from no clear reference of experience in the things you're trying to bring up. If you gave examples from games you've played or even video links to support it, then we would have a meaningful discussion to engage in. You're also making claims about a lot of stuff as well, such as a mechanic being around for 15 years, but don't back it up with any evidence. I just don't get it and I don't see how you wouldn't get any similar response if this was done any on any other MMO's official forum. Maybe things are "swooshing right overhead" but that's also making an assumption that we don't understand any vague references you put in any of your posts. Part of the responsibility of everyone involved in a discussion is to try and make their points, thoughts, and opinions as clear to understand to everyone else involved. Failure to do that is just wasting time.
  15. I didn't play UO and I really wish I did. When I was that young my parents didn't want to "fund" my video gaming hobbies. Now that I am older, I can't exactly go back and play a game that's ancient (for industry standards). I can't recall how old I was when that was but I am in my early thirties now. So that probably gives you an idea. Honestly had no idea what the game was even about until I heard certain YouTubers I've followed talk about it over the last 3 or 4 years. I definitely would have loved the game. I do agree that if ACE fails to even try and put FF into the game at harder rule sets, the game will not appeal to the higher pain threshold players. Plus it goes back to something Todd said in a video: the game isn't balanced around the individual level. So get if you die, you suck, and you should get better. This applies to FF. If guilds complain they're murdering their own members, they should stfu and get better or play in an easier rule set. Zerg tactics and zerg guilds have just as much of a place in this game as FF. The flexibility that this game suggests that it can have still excites me. I didn't play Shadowbane either and I really wish I did. Didn't know it came out until well after it was already dead. Was too busy pvping in WoW at the time to pay attention to many other games. All we really can do is hope. It isn't like ACE doesn't know what we want.