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  1. Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    You don't optimize a pre-alpha for a release quality gaming experience. They won't even do that in Alpha either. The only amount of optimization they do is to make sure things are running on the live server well enough that they don't have to constantly check to see if the server imploded on itself (crashes). If they did optimization throughout the development process (like what it seems you're suggesting here) of actually making the product into a full product then the release time frame we'd be looking at would be 2-4 years from now instead of a potential soft launch late this year. It's already been 3 years of development. Making a video game isn't anything as simple as those clap lights. Can't just clap your hands a couple times and code, art assets, sound files, and perfect optimization just weaves together effortlessly. No product of any kind is ever made like that. You're assuming they aren't collecting data on various things, like server stability, already. In some cases the live servers have had 60-80 people on them at once and that's high numbers compared to during other test versions.
  2. I just noticed in the Welcome to Crowfall forum that there's a lot of bot posts from a small handful of bot accounts. I'd just thought it would be a great idea to make a public thread about that to bring it to everyone's attention so we can get Pann or someone else from ACE to clean that forum up. Thanks!
  3. Best Solo Class

    In terms of not being seen from a long distance away, yes. However there are still risks and threats even to stealth classes.
  4. State of Crafting

    What I gather from this post of yours is that you're complaining about being ganked while out solo gathering/exploring. Guess what man, it's going to be like that at launch. It's expected by a lot of the regular testers that small groups or bands of players will roam around for resources, small pvp fights, and ganking any enemy player that's out on their own. If that isn't something you like then don't play test and don't play the game at launch. Stage left exit is to your left. Crowfall isn't a hand holding game. Full stop. Trying to turn it into anything else is a waste of time and energy.
  5. Gain skill xp

    No. Just absolutely no. If this is a way to say people who play 20 hours more a week or even 5 hours a more a week than me or you or someone else should be rewarded with Time Banked skill training then no. This isn't a game where you kill 5000 boars and get 1 pip level in a skill training node or 2 hours of Time Banked training. If I am misunderstanding what you're suggesting, then please clarify.
  6. Assassin Worst Solo Class?

    This is pretty much what I gathered from the OP. >played it a little bit of Assassin >died in my first pvp fight >can't find obvious OP solution >conclude class is underpowered and one of the worst in game >warn people on the forums of something that is completely untrue because of "reasons" Having class abilities that are positional isn't new in MMOs. A lot of stealth classes in MMOs have specific positional requirements for abilities to even go off in the first place. Having Backstab work on the sides and front of a target just adds another layer of skill to using it. Same for any other ability that's like it. You basically need to be working on getting into position of your target 100% of the time while playing as an Assassin. Anyone can figure that out quickly just by reading the Assassin abilities in their spell book. This goes for any class. Either learn to play it or move on. If you can't learn any of the classes, then move onto a different game. It isn't like any of them are difficult to figure out how to play.
  7. Mother Node for skinning

    Very true. Now that I really think about it I don't think it will matter whether or not, from a gameplay perceptive, if we have wood and hide mother nodes. Perhaps we will if ACE rethinks it.
  8. Mother Node for skinning

    Not disagreeing with you on the rest of what you said. Just want to point something out with this part. Getting something, regardless if it's less effective than grouping up, is always better than nothing. If you actively make the choice to not go out and solo mine stone or ore because grouping up is more effective, then that's less stone and ore for you and your guild. That translates into your guild being weaker overall even in faction campaigns, although probably on a very minor impact. That's why it wouldn't stop me from solo mining. I rather get something instead of nothing.
  9. Mother Node for skinning

    I don't know exactly how likely it would kill solo harvesting. As a harvester myself having mother nodes for wood and hide wouldn't stop me from solo harvesting. Maybe more so on hides since it involves killing something first. I just would focus my efforts on the smaller nodes. Break those fast and move on, stealth, move onto another node, break it, stealth, etc. But then again, not all harvesting specializations and paths need to be treated the same. But yeah, I do agree with you on how the trees are split nicely. Even if I was going to go into stone or ore, I'd still go out and solo mine since there are nodes other than mother nodes to smash.
  10. Toggling from combat tray to stealth tray

    One of the first things I noticed when playing Assassin was when I go into the combat tray and then try and stealth, it wouldn't let me. Cause if you're in the combat tray the game considers you in combat. While in stealth tray, you're not considered in combat. Probably is why you have to stealth from the survival tray in the first place. This. I like. Stealth is a pretty powerful ability to have and even at launch there might not be enough people in campaign worlds who are going to have enough +perception or even anti-stealth mechanics to catch a stealther. So the necessary step of the game registering you as out of combat in order to enter stealth under normal circumstances is on par with balance that other MMOs with stealthers take. Rift does it. WoW does it. Archeage does it. If it is something you don't like, then don't play a stealth class. How it currently works is "working as intended" and doesn't need changed. Complaining that a second button to press is a negative is silly at least and ridiculous at best.
  11. Add Elemental system which each class can use.

    This kind of stuff can simply be achieved through adding more classes; which they plan to do. It would be pretty cool to have some sort of summoner class.
  12. Looking for guild (craft/gather)

    If you're looking for a guild to join that's NA based, then check out Oathsworn. Pretty laid back group of players and are of an older variety of gamers if I am not mistaken (like late 20s and mid 30s and up). Pretty casual guild that works well for someone who has a busy work life but also have that competitiveness. Here's the guild thread in case you're interested.
  13. imagine this failing...

    I think that would cause me to throw something at the wall and smash my keyboard. Probably wouldn't log in for a few days too. lol
  14. PvE Campaign?

    There's already PvE in the game and there will be more implemented in the future. Working on PvE campaigns adds a whole new set of design questions and issues that need to be addressed that they haven't even bothered to work on or put in the production pipeline. Then there's the question of whether or not it empties out PvP campaigns cause everyone wants to go to PvE Campaigns to get easy exports at the end of it so they can turn and use it in PvP campaigns. If the PvP campaigns are empty cause of PvE campaigns, then it effectively is a negative to the game. What I, and probably a lot of other people play testing, would like to see is more PvE elements in the current test campaigns that allow us to have additional points of contention that sparks PvP. If it isn't leading to PvP, then it isn't going to be good for the game. PvE only campaigns is just as horrible as a PvP campaign with no PvE elements. It's just a horrible way to design the game plus it sounds really boring.
  15. Let the games begin!

    Yeah and when it comes to GvG campaigns it will start wars between guilds. I see nothing wrong with this sort of social political type of stuff between guilds. It's going to be very much of "you keep taking our stuff and we don't like that so we're going to stab you in the face until you drop our stuff and then we'll stab your face whenever we see you in the future, but have a great day" while stabbing them in the face anyways cause they're hostile players. Even in Faction campaigns it will just spark tension between guilds. Very easily could see one guild running up on an ally guild that's in the middle of a fight and just run by not helping them cause the guild that's fighting grieved yours. You just never know when another player or guild is going to be your ally or enemy. It's going to be a great change of pace from the rest of the MMOs I've played.