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  1. No, I read it. I've never experienced it first hand so my first reaction is it sounds sort of a waste of time. Well since I've not ever experienced this to my knowledge, I would definitely like to! Particularly if it isn't screwing up those moments where I am stabbing another player in the face with a dagger or sword.
  2. Honestly that doesn't sound very fun to have to experience either being on the side of a FC, against it, or just neutral. It just sounds like a headache nobody should have to deal with and takes development time away from more important things. I would rather see the dev work on something more important than control some over powered mob to crush one faction or group of players over everyone else. Thanks for explaining it to me. Was far above what I was expecting for an explanation.
  3. I don't like the idea of even Discipline runes dropping from mobs, at least not after the first couple campaigns. Grinding mobs for stuff (other than crafting materials) is just boring and idiotic game design. Boars dropping gold is stupid IMO, less dumb coming from an undead, perfectly fine from some bandit or living humanoid mob. I think drops should make sense for what it would be dropping. But whatever, if we're going to have to grind mobs for stuff we should be able to get in a way that makes way more sense, then so be it. Mob spawn camping it is. zzz I know I haven't be
  4. I haven't been on the forums in a long time but I read this entire thread. Good to see you make excellent points as always sir. I've been doing exactly what you've been describing simply cause the game isn't worth my time until there's more in it. I've got other games to keep my attention while I am waiting. I suggest others do the same if they're in a similar situation of finding Crowfall boring or there isn't the things you want to do in the game in it yet. After all, your source of entertainment is your own personal responsibility.
  5. Spirit Bank at launch is going to be a little more valuable than causally putting in items that can be looted off your body. It will have limitations placed on the import and export. So Spirit Banking stuff is going to not be viable. There will be storage chests in forts, castles, etc. that you'll be able to put items in but the risk it that location gets captured by another guild or faction and you lose all those items.
  6. Killing people with the guild Oathsworn. I just want to stab people in the face, gather resources, stab some more, gather some more, maybe help the faction we'll be a part of win a campaign, and hopefully stab some more people in the face. So yeah.. lots of stabbing.
  7. Using information as a weapon against your enemies is a pretty common strategy and tactic. Stream snipers is not a valid reason to not stream Crowfall if you're prepared.
  8. I like how things are going. I can wait for whatever deadlines people think are officially made even if things get pushed back (there are no deadlines anyways). I am also not blindly following along. If there's something I actually don't like, which I've voiced concerns about stuff plenty of times, then I speak up. For the most part I think this game is on a really good path in implementing content and getting new stuff in the pipeline pushed out to test servers and then on live after a first pass on optimization. Nobody is trying to sweep any of the legitimate concerns people have
  9. It's always an amusing thing to see people criticize others that are doing something they themselves aren't capable of doing at the present time. But I do love me a grilled cheese Jesus sandwich.
  10. Such is the art of war. Sun Tzu would be proud of you.
  11. If you're worried about stream snipers after launch when things are going to matter a lot more, then you and the rest of your guild should actually get good. No amount of covering up details on a streamer's screen is going to prevent someone from being able to pin point your location on a map in a game that's going to demand scouting from every guild. Every guild is going to deploy the best measures they can to gain information on what's going on in the map to gain some sort of advantage. Whether that be in game or out of game, it won't matter. Get good, have a solid tactical and str
  12. I'll give you a 10 second lead on killing me.. just identify yourself ahead of time and with proof.. then I'll proceed to stabbing your face like a dart board. Don't worry about whatever you're carrying, I'll put it to good use. I promise. Btw, what do you work on for Crowfall?
  13. ACE already got their money from the new account purchase and months of VIP spent on the account. It isn't like the money magically leaves their bank account because someone else is now using the account that money was generated from. If a person has and is willing to drop $350 on a trained up account that has what they want to play and they're a prospective new player, they might do that. That's +1 more players in the game now. That's a positive thing. That's another person that could buy more accounts, more VIP for those accounts, etc. and do the same thing. Could even lead to that pers
  14. Whether you give someone a method that is supported through the game or not, people are going to find a way to do it that bypasses whatever punishments that are put in place. It wouldn't really be much different than me buying a new account after I've crafted a ton of skill tomes and then put a full year of VIP on the new account plus gave it all the skill tomes to ultimately just give my friend the login information for whatever he is going to give me in return that is outside of any system ACE has that they could record this activity from other than different IP Addresses accessing the
  15. Screeps is a game that allows you to basically program the game to automate your stuff in a very script and macro heavy style of botting. The game is built to allow it. That's the only way botting would actually be a thing in a MMO and is the reason why nearly every single MMO out before and probably after Screeps will always openly be against botting, hacks, etc. because it clearly gives a huge advantage to the person doing the deed. I honestly think the concept behind Screeps is brilliant for just that reason. The game has to be built around a particular activity or have the room to hav
  16. The devs are fellow Crows. And if we all see them in game we will murder them repeatedly too.
  17. @jtoddcoleman What is your favorite place in Texas to get BBQ. Had to ask, cause I just made some really delicious BBQ beef and love BBQ food. Plus I want to move to Texas later in life cause I have a friend that lives down there. Thanks.
  18. This sounds pretty self entitled and self proclaiming. You're assuming gatherers like myself aren't actual pvpers. I picked the role as a gatherer for my guild specifically to help out in getting better gear, trade equity for the EK, and to do two things I like doing in MMOs: pvp and gather resources. I might not be top damage in the group, but I made that decision so I can help bolster the guild's strength in the long run. At some point I won't need gathering disciplines or I'll be able to swap between different vessels when needed for different situations. Whether it's animation lock, r
  19. Thought they just turned it into a Battle Royale game and got rid of that game mode. I don't play the game either but I do remember that game mode. Still a very different game to Crowfall. Still not even the same type of game. Players in Crowfall shouldn't be showered with thousands of resource mats anyways. That's a bit dumb for a MMO.
  20. Doesn't matter which game had what first before the other. They are two very different games. Very different game loops. How you gather in Fortnite is a reflection on how everything gets wiped when you die or match ends. You don't take any of it home with you. You can't bank anything. A lot of the fun of Crowfall will get solved with better server stability and larger player base. These things will get solved in the future as the game is developed. For someone like me who's been a gatherer in the majority of MMOs that I've played, the gathering in this game at its current state isn't
  21. Fortnite isn't a MMO. Different design philosophy and approaches go into a MMO than a Battle Royale game.
  22. Guinne Duelists I think have better mobility while stealthed. Tunnel is pretty nice. Let's you move past walls and objects that would give you even more time to escape. Assassins don't have that. They feel a lot more offensive in their class kit. Try both out and see which one you like the most. If you're looking for mobility I'd go for Duelist.
  23. That isn't a bad thing. It requires people to actually play the game. lol
  24. How you destroy a Knotwood Tree in the beginning of a campaign, regardless of animation used, isn't going to really matter. If punching a tree is enough to turn you off from the game, then I guess cya in another game. It's not that big of a deal. It sure is a heck of a lot more enjoyable to watch than spawning some terrible glowing blue axe that would do around the same amount of damage but since the animation time was longer it actually takes cumulatively more time to collect whatever necessary resources to craft your first couple axes to continue moving onto better stuff. I am more conc
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