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    entityofsin reacted to goose in End Game Raid Bosses PVE   
    It's an old holdover from things like MUDs, where dev intervention was a major form of storytelling. But one misconception I picked up from your reply is that it involves dev time. It really doesn't use any - it's literally just a developer sock-puppeting an NPC body with dev commands. All the dev work for those NPCs has been done already - they're just controlling it manually instead of running the AI, and giving it superpowers with a few typed lines in the dev console.
    So..think of it more as a roleplay experience, used to drive the plot, and not as a dev time sink or a way to influence the outcome of a battle. Though..I suppose it COULD be the latter. Usually isn't, though.
    Edit: and then I posted this and saw a second page where someone else addressed this like a week ago, so custard me, right?
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    entityofsin reacted to PopeUrban in End Game Raid Bosses PVE   
    In general, if there's PVP involved its either "both teams have an NPC that can't fight but yells a lot" or "all the players are on the same team against the NPCs but PvP is on so people can just be sociopaths"
    Sometimes the yelling NPCs are actually escort targets.
    Only shadowbane had the balls to make one of the NPCs a demon that could literally destroy castles, and players didn't like that very much so they stopped.
    The EVE model is especially good. IMPORTANT lore things happen with their events at a scheduled time, but those things are really only IMPORTANT to people that care about lore and are completely ignored by everyone else. And yet, there are still enough people who care about lore to go get ships blown up over the succession of the Amarr dynasty or the Gallente/Caldari hisec war or whatever. But, like, if you aren't following lore, you probably don't know any of that happenned, even if you're online when it happens lol.
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    entityofsin reacted to PopeUrban in End Game Raid Bosses PVE   
    I feel like you missed half of the post with this response. In general the practice is pretty well recieved by players as long as it doesn't actually interfere with player versus player competition, mostly because it takes virtually zero development time to do an event occasionally and those events tend to be memorable in a sort of "moses came down from the mountain" way.
    And also usually the developers driving them are community team or QA or volunteers working on their off time other such people who literally can't work on something else. Its as close to "playing crowfall on my time off" as it is "actually working on crowfall" just with a few dev hax usually.
    Basically its a good way to have "live lore" in your game without actually spending a bunch of time making scripted dungeons or balance testing AI or cutscenes or whatever. Very cost effective and unintrusive.
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    entityofsin reacted to PopeUrban in End Game Raid Bosses PVE   
    Basically imagine that the world has important NPCs that don't run on server scripts. In stead, whenever these NPCs are present, they are being driven and roleplayed by a developer. Shadowbane did this a little bit, as did SWG during certain events. Matrix Online used this approach heavily in its narrative structure as well. EVE also does this from time to time for its lore events.
    The basic pros/cons here:
    FC (or "Live actor") driven mobs don't need a bunch of complex scripting (pro) and can react naturally to the actions of players in their vicinity (pro) to help immersion and deliver immersion in gameplay in a very natural way. It also allows the developers inhabiting them to adjust on the fly, simply choosing to ease up on an encounter or react to particularly clever player manuevering to reward it.
    The con is that because players are aware this is a live human with potentially limitless godlike power due to having basically dev hacks that using this approach to influence competitions between players is frowned upon as humans are known to be sentimental and imperfect users of pure logic. Players don't like to feel like they lost a competition because the devs literally pulled a Deus Ex Machina that advantaged one team over the other. This makes them generally only acceptable to players in a purely antagonistic, narrative, or purely allied fashion, where players can't make the argument that favoritism played a role in the person outcome of rewards for one group of players compared to another.
    As cool as it might be for YOUR experience having an avatar of the gods manifest itself and smite your enemies, it becomes problematic when your enemies literally lose an encounter with you because a developer just decided ti should be so. This is why it works better when the developer is either on the side of all players, opposed to all players, or has no mechanical power and simply works as a mouthpiece for social interaction as an ingame persona.
    My thinking is that the meta-narrative of the gods against the hunger creates a good playground for this since the hunger is the enemy of every player, and the gods (at least some of them) are the allies of every player in degrees of severity. Even in a hard fought 12 faction campaign, for instance, the avatars of the gods would naturally set aside hostilities to deal with a particularly nasty element of the hunger, and encourage their factions to do the same. Provided that campaigns are finished and the only content left on the server is "end of the world event, players versus hunger" then there isn't a situation where this kinda stuff could disrupt the competitive nature of the game, presuming that there is no competitive element to whatever challenges exist for the lore event. Tacking it on to campaigns is also a good idea because it makes it optional, both for players to be able to ignore it, and developers to be able to skip it if they're too busy.
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    entityofsin reacted to Soulreaver in End Game Raid Bosses PVE   
    PvE mobs for loot is imo a horrible idea...

    Disciplines... ok.. but not gear/ressources what so ever unless the corpse becomes a harvestable node (skinning/stone/ore what ever depending on the type of mob)
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    entityofsin reacted to goose in game mechanics leans too far on gathering   
    A lot of the discussion in this thread is why I try to focus so heavily on explaining to people what pre-alpha means.
    A LOT of the issues people are talking about aren't issues with the game - they are issues with the existence of time.
    There is a reason why things like starter zones aren't in the game in pre-alpha test stages - they are useless in pre-alpha test stages.
    To be clear, pre-alpha is the period in game development where basic features of the game have not yet been built, let alone added to the game.
    If the developers wasted time making a new tutorial zone every time they added a new feature - and we're talking basic features, like "crafting tables" and "armor types," then they would spend 3x as much time building new tutorial sections for every new feature as they spend building new features. All that would do is slow down development.
    As I am constantly saying, the point isn't "if you aren't having fun, find another game." I have literally never said that about Crowfall.
    What I have said, and what I will continue to say, is the same as in my signature, which has not changed in over a year: We are in pre-alpha. If you don't like it,
    When we are no longer in pre-alpha. When the features you are upset by the lack of have been coded and added.
    When the bugs and stability issues you are lamenting have been identified and fixed.
    This poorly made socks all takes money and man-hours; it doesn't just happen magically, and pre-alpha isn't even the phase of game development where most of it happens in the first place.
    And for the love of all that is holy, if you're going to back a game that isn't out yet, do a little bit of research and save yourself some pain. Nobody - NOBODY - has bought this game yet. We backed it. We invested in its future. The game isn't out yet. It is not yet for sale. You cannot buy it, online or in stores.
    I cannot stress the difference enough. You have not purchased a product, nor was that what you agreed to when you handed over your money, and ACE has been absolutely crystal-clear about that, both legally and ethically.
    When I see complaints based on the idea that someone thought they had "purchased" a "game," it is all I can do not to reach through my monitor, grab them by the shoulders, and shake them until they understand the difference. If you clicked through all of the pages where ACE meticulously detailed what you were and were not paying for and when you would get it, but still came out the other end expecting a fully functional, finished product, downloadable as soon as your payment cleared, I don't know how to politely inform you of the reality, and there is a point at which I will cease to try.
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    entityofsin reacted to goose in game mechanics leans too far on gathering   
    I wasn't referring to myself when I pointed out your animosity toward vets. I came in here being a bit of a hooligan because of what I read from you earlier in the thread. Your disrespect and unwillingness to have reasonable discussions was the basis I started from, so I didn't expect any different.
    But...this also does sort of drive the point home, no?
    Edit: just to reiterate, I agree with some of what you've said and disagree with some of what you've said, but I disagree with how you've said all of it, and how blatantly unwilling you are to accept anyone who disagrees with any part of what you say might have a point.
    I've seen how you treat anyone who doesn't immediately agree with everything you say, and I'm not really interested in having a discussion if you continue to do so, as you have so far continued to do.
    Some of your complaints are valid complaints that have been addressed in other threads and by the developers. No need to rehash the same arguments over again. Instead, I've tried to provide with the tools to find the other discussions, those tools being A: the forums, and B: the link in my signature. And C: reading, I guess.
    Use them as you will.
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    entityofsin reacted to goose in game mechanics leans too far on gathering   
    Yes, and as other people have pointed out, the valid parts of your commentary have already got many many many many MANY active threads filled with productive discussion on how to further the game in the future. Why not go read some of those and educate yourself instead of arguing with someone you don't think is open to productive discussion?
    Edit: also, no, forums are not for bitching. The fact that people go to them to gripe notwithstanding.
    This isn't your dumpster when you're having a bad day, and if you try to treat it as such, expect some vitriol to come flying back out, because some of us recognize that the dev team works their ass off to make this game come to life, and would like to see them appreciated and successful when the game launches.
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    entityofsin reacted to goose in game mechanics leans too far on gathering   
    Not set on KEEPING it boring. Set on FINISHING THE BORING STUFF QUICKLY. Pre-alpha is ALWAYS BORING.
    Pre-alpha testing also does not resemble the finished game.
    What part of that is unclear?
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    entityofsin reacted to DocHollidaze in game mechanics leans too far on gathering   
    Making it easier for people to play Crowfall solo will not make it "better".
    Group-focused play is a core tenet of Crowfall's design. Another tenet is the strategy layer that centers around resource control and harvesting.
    Your post suggests removing both of those tenets in order to facilitate people to do more PvP, bit the reality is it will just make the game more like ESO where a bunch of people run around disorganized doing there own thing in a world where nothing matters and everything is pretty easy to get.
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    entityofsin reacted to mandalore in game mechanics leans too far on gathering   
    You kind of did though...
    Zatch has a guild of people to help him, hes trained to farm a specific thing, they have a division of labor to benefit off each others work and he knows what he is doing/where he is going.  You're doing this solo, which you cant really do and then complaining about it.  This game is about groups and communities, not this solo hogwash play and if you can't get past that then you wasted some money. 
    Harvesting is a huge part of this game and a lot of people think the focus on it is too high (I'm one of them) but also understand you're doing it the hardest way you can and then whingeing about it.
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    entityofsin reacted to Zatch in game mechanics leans too far on gathering   
    You aren't doing it right. What you are doing is the equivalent of playing basketball with a deflated ball.
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    entityofsin reacted to Tinnis in Crowfall Memes + MS Paint Rage Thread   
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    entityofsin reacted to Tinnis in Crowfall Memes + MS Paint Rage Thread   
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    entityofsin reacted to mandalore in Crowfall Memes + MS Paint Rage Thread   
    Just going to leave this here with no context...
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    entityofsin reacted to Yumx in Crowfall Memes + MS Paint Rage Thread   
    Thanks for the inspiration @Xarrayne

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    entityofsin reacted to Xarrayne in Crowfall Memes + MS Paint Rage Thread   
    Just like an iPhone  

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    entityofsin reacted to Tinnis in Crowfall Memes + MS Paint Rage Thread   
    gaea's wail:

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    entityofsin reacted to mandalore in Simple update to make forts more valuable to hold.   
    The original concept show dregs with no imports and bonus exports since there was more value in the resources there than other campaigns but that's all been scrapped so we don't know.  Eventually, they will tell us but I don't think that's coming in 5.7 but hey moongates, cosmetic night/day cycles, stoneborn master race and dynamic world generation should drive PvP for at least a day or two. 
    Actually this is the general subsection, you're looking for the suggestions part of the boards.  Also, don't be so rude.  I said your idea was crap, not you.  I'm very sensitive to personal attacks. 
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    entityofsin reacted to mandalore in Simple update to make forts more valuable to hold.   
    Eh, eventually testing gets boring but that's just the circle of testing while we wait for content.
    Whoa whoa whoa you are complaining bromego and I'm just trying to make suggestions you are probably aware of but for your benefit.  If you aren't happy with the testing schedule they have then maybe you should play other things in between the patches.  There are tons of things they need to work on, lets give them the time and support they need to finish the game and lets do it together brah. 
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    entityofsin reacted to mandalore in Simple update to make forts more valuable to hold.   
    So you're a prophet now?  You foresee problems in a mechanic that's obviously not finished nor has been outlined before us?  You're asking for content in testing, that's just weird.  I also appreciate your use of thesauruses.com for that dismissive and nuanced appreciation of my obliviousness.  You can still be my huckleberry though mate, I forgive you.  You should turn that insightful foresight towards bug reports.  Honestly, this has just devolved into custardery because you can't handle constructive criticism and that's fine, not everybody can.  People often mistake any criticism for trolling and become hostile, it's just who we are.  I stand by my statement that asking them to add content to test so you can play more is an absolute waste of time and resources. 
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    entityofsin got a reaction from FrOyxx in Assassin Worst Solo Class?   
    This is pretty much what I gathered from the OP.
    >played it a little bit of Assassin
    >died in my first pvp fight
    >can't find obvious OP solution
    >conclude class is underpowered and one of the worst in game
    >warn people on the forums of something that is completely untrue because of "reasons"
    Having class abilities that are positional isn't new in MMOs. A lot of stealth classes in MMOs have specific positional requirements for abilities to even go off in the first place. Having Backstab work on the sides and front of a target just adds another layer of skill to using it. Same for any other ability that's like it. You basically need to be working on getting into position of your target 100% of the time while playing as an Assassin. Anyone can figure that out quickly just by reading the Assassin abilities in their spell book.
    This goes for any class. Either learn to play it or move on. If you can't learn any of the classes, then move onto a different game. It isn't like any of them are difficult to figure out how to play.
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