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  1. I like what Tully Ackland. Maybe we will all have a end game toon to raid and have wars with. This game is becoming more intriging the more I read.
  2. Well being a Wiz101 palyer, I personally am looking forward to meeting a few Shadowbane players. I'm hoping that we can learn from each other and fun. That is what playing any online game is about for me. I just may have to look up Shadowbane and see what its all about. Looking to add SB players as friends so that we can learn this new game together.
  3. I see a lot of us are here from Wiz, LOL. My main in Wiz is Alura Hawkhunter.
  4. I don't like point and click, would ralther have arrow keys or WASD
  5. Adults only and we could have several diffent groups in the guild to do different things. We can have a raiding group, dungeons group, ganking group, pvpers and so on. But in truth I have been ganked before in WOW and it bites. But then you get your higher level friend to come and gank back. So I think this game should be interesting. We need to be a strong guild. And do as much as possible.
  6. Is there a way to add us to the guild?
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