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  1. Man if they opened up stuff like that for crafting then maybe, just maybe, I'd finally get that Gerbil lined underwear I always wanted.
  2. Np bud, it was in the comment section of the Kickstarter, can find some other good info in there if you haven't looked it over yet.
  3. It's all make believe anyway in the end. Like think lore wise, how would you get an army of just male myrmidon minotaurs? Would they all just be genetically manufactured by the gods? Oh wait, that'd work. lol
  4. Pretty sure they said in about 2 weeks you'll get info to add your kickstarter stuff to your current account. Creator ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. about 10 hours agoKickstarter won't deliver us the pledges for two weeks. Within a week of that, we'll send an email to every backer which will let them merge their pledge with a crowfall.com account. You should all have one of those, just register on Crowfall.com. That account will have your game and other entitlements on it, and you'll be able to confirm them when logged into the website. Thanks again everyone!
  5. Hahah I feel like someone is a little jaded, I understand that you're super vet and have been around the block for these genderlock topics but it honestly does no harm in the end. I take it all back and submit to your wise ways headlight. lol
  6. Rofl Bandersaur that Gif is brilliant. We don't know for sure if Minotaurs are genderlocked, like hell, they didn't even know they would get enough money to get them until what, 3-4 days ago? I wouldn't worry about it until they put it on their website and give us some lore and such. Female minotaurs could be done really well, I think the DnD universe shows them much cooler than that weird udder thing you've got going on here hahah
  7. Lol super corny, but I read the entire thing and was like "hell yeah magic glowey arrows would be sweet" Thanks for invoking my imagination bud! If I can customise my Murdeer to look like a moose there is no other class in the world I would rather be hahah
  8. Pfffft man up mode13h, you live in Canada should be used to it, lol. Just gotta bust out the warm weather moose wear. And yeah Ozz it's nice to see the sun again after a long winter for sure, hahah.
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