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  1. I like the camera position. Looks a lot more like an action game! +1000 xp 100% agreed combat mechanics. I only wish to play more scruffy characters too.
  2. No healing spells while in combat. Only a healing ritual to restablish fallen charractes, after combat.
  3. Devs pls at least consider releasing in the future DLC with more mature character models. If the game prove to be good, I wouldnt mind to pay for a character more hatred looking.. .. what could also become a market strategy.
  4. me too. but up to now all screens show the main focus are stats and skills, only.
  5. Let player do PvP as they wish. Many ways of PvP and experience the game within the game. Otherwise this will turn into a MMO Tower Defense.
  6. One thing is to state "we are going to get rid of holy trinity" by brinigng a new game experience. Other thing is to get rid of holy trinity and put players to train and customize pokemons.
  7. "Customize Hero" ............. What if I dont want to be a Hero?! What if I want to be an errant Knight, or a merciless barbarian that slays kids and eats them for dinner? A gang of mothercustarda' raiders slaying merchants and raining havoc all over the knigdom? CRAP
  8. Up to current date this looks like a MMO Tower Defense. Fixed but customizable pokemons with no roleplaying elements. Maybe there is a "Capture the Flag" mini-game included too
  9. i couldnt resiste to write more.. I recall reading some posts from people looking for gandalf-style (not gangnam style ) powerful wizards. For those, here are your pics but personally , i prefer this one
  10. Its not about how many games.. I could ask the same question to you, how many more WoW or Dota games there need to be? Its about a marketing point of view. Its about the audience. Different audiences want different things in a game or entertainment (say a book, a movie), say pulp action, hero fights, love, apocaliptyc decay, politics, power ascesion.. and many more. If you bring your audience that was used to something before for a certain mood and genre you can't tell them now they are going to play something totally diffent, And I dont mean different mechanics, its about the maturity in
  11. +1 Dark and gritty. I dislike current artstyle. Dark Souls, The Witcher, Diablo, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and many other games series prove this game mood can withstand in the market already. Even Assasins Creed being a historical game is darker, and with outstanding sales. There is enough gaming population for a darker game.
  12. ============================================ Hey folks .. ¡¡ WELCOME to the HUNGER GAMES!! I can see it.. groups of players looking for camps when traveling in order to avoid starvation. Gangs gathering around finshing ponds, farms or little towns.. motivating players to meet at certain locations and fight for food. "Welcome to the Games" I can see my self having handy a fork and a knive for that occasion when a juicy deer comes out of the woods. Hey guys.. wanna hang out tonight to that little town ? lets raid some sheeps.. eeeehaaaaa! Maybe some day you'll find my charact
  13. this is a more badass knight http://api.ning.com/files/CrfMSzuE5d5qKVeLhKJfvbmDuhA-pZ*r-49Q5vf5MG-t8w4azzJfERUFhq7ZNDjvPIjssEfMf1uf9CAGsyJgOpWZoFRj5T8Q/knight___cover_artwork__by_raymondminnaard66b64r.jpg
  14. Characters don't look enogh grim form me. They look pretty much like WoW. . The Knight aspect seems very "naive" to me. I now they probably try to bring in a bigger population into the game and atract teens, but dont make characters so naive please! Bring more texture resolution and polygons for character models! Sadly for me. I'm very afraid of the very straight forward statistics, specially "Health Regen". Bad omen.
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