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  1. Not really a combination but I would kill for a Hunter/Huntress 1h Spear/Shield class. Or even just a 1H Spear/Shield Weapon choice.
  2. I used to be part of this guild in PS2. Great bunch of guys and gals. They always strive to have fun while crushing...
  3. My List: 1. Pre-Release Name reservations 2. Appearance Change 3. Guild Banner customization 4. Maybe some interesting character guild display.
  4. Welcome to Crowfall!
  5. Dear Skarthy, I apologize for my previous post calling you a troll. I have read through this thread again and it is quite hilarious. I commend you on your creativity.
  6. @Ace No, Thank you! The vision, development process, and lack of NDA is not only a breath of fresh air, but somewhat ground breaking and I wish you nothing but the best. For once I agree with you...
  7. Nah, my character was caught in some sort of bug and couldn't advance past VR10 and support told me the fix was at least a couple months out so I bailed. I am mostly just playing GW2 right now and very little of that. I may pick that back up some as filler. The new WvW map looks interesting. I am also taking a serious look at "The Repopulation" Pretty amazing what they have done with the limited funding.
  8. Lets see... UO EQ Zek Server AC Darktide server Planetside Planetside 2 Anarchy Online DAOC Shadowbane WH Online GW GW2 Darkfall​ Arch Age ESO
  9. Swiftly

    I'm Rese~

    Welcome to Crowfall!
  10. Welcome Cyn. And Welcome Wayward Sons
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