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  1. Not really a combination but I would kill for a Hunter/Huntress 1h Spear/Shield class. Or even just a 1H Spear/Shield Weapon choice.
  2. I used to be part of this guild in PS2. Great bunch of guys and gals. They always strive to have fun while crushing...
  3. My List: 1. Pre-Release Name reservations 2. Appearance Change 3. Guild Banner customization 4. Maybe some interesting character guild display.
  4. I couldn't agree more. Regarding the survey, I thought some of the questions were a little strange but now that it has been revealed the who and how it was put together I am not to up in arms about it. Facebook - Not on Facebook because I want to keep my identity mine.
  5. I think this is a different thinking outside of the box cool concept. http://www.fastcodesign.com/3052374/how-to-design-a-video-game-with-no-graphics
  6. Dear Skarthy, I apologize for my previous post calling you a troll. I have read through this thread again and it is quite hilarious. I commend you on your creativity.
  7. @Ace No, Thank you! The vision, development process, and lack of NDA is not only a breath of fresh air, but somewhat ground breaking and I wish you nothing but the best. For once I agree with you...
  8. Nah, my character was caught in some sort of bug and couldn't advance past VR10 and support told me the fix was at least a couple months out so I bailed. I am mostly just playing GW2 right now and very little of that. I may pick that back up some as filler. The new WvW map looks interesting. I am also taking a serious look at "The Repopulation" Pretty amazing what they have done with the limited funding.
  9. Lets see... UO EQ Zek Server AC Darktide server Planetside Planetside 2 Anarchy Online DAOC Shadowbane WH Online GW GW2 Darkfall​ Arch Age ESO
  10. Welcome Cyn. And Welcome Wayward Sons
  11. Way to early in development to even think about a guild. Unless a guild has been established and already has a core group from multiple past games it most likely won't make it to release.
  12. I am with you Zy. Now if it was truly immersive and worked perfectly then I could see giving it a shot, but right now the tech just isn't there.
  13. Stop responding to this troll...seriously
  14. I had almost the same experience. I was an early beta tester for Wildstar and it really came down to my chat with their then PVP lead, I have no idea if she is still there or not but I spoke my mind with clear examples about tthe state of pvp and how it would not work upon release. It was evident that the feedback was not going to even be taken into consideration. So I never bought the game either. I have heard that pvp is just awful there though...
  15. Hey Kunai, I would not be discouraged from posting your thoughts. And honestly the hostility from some of the posters is actually just their fear coming out. A lot of us have been waiting a long time for a game that is centered on PVP and has mechanics that involve "skill" so anytime someone suggests a mechanic that is deemed unskilled then you will get the type of feedback in this post. Just continue to post and give honest feedback, some of it might be taken into consideration and some will not. Welcome to Crowfall.
  16. And I have seen the exact opposite. It's the younger console crowd that want game pad type controllers.
  17. Well, that went up rather fast. I could swear it was at 81% less than 2 days ago.
  18. I just want character name reservation dammit
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