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  1. Ohh man, I cant wait to see some more crowcaine until I finally get in myself! Environment looks great, new music sounds epic, only thing missing is my invite Hopefully the streamers are ready for tonight!
  2. haha, just hilarious but also kinda creepy... *looks over his shoulder*
  3. For me the Dev tracker is stuck somehow. I can see the newest posts from today on the forum homepage, but when i click 'view all' the newest post is from 3 days ago.
  4. You guys are awesome! Getting more excited with every update. PS Have you become BFF?
  5. I was wondering how the kickstarter demo was made How long did it take to make it? Did they use Unity5 too? I guess they scrapped the whole thing and started from scratch for what we have now, but yeah.. just curious
  6. As a future tester, the animation speed looks fine to me for now. What bothers me is that the combat looks very static and the control scheme doesn't seem right. The animation locks should be loosened for some attacks, and there should be slow strafing instead of 360° insta-run. That way the knight could slowly retreat backwards while blocking and the confessor could position herself while charging an attack. This would make the combat more fluid while emphasizing clever positioning.
  7. "It's like EVE, Game of Thrones and Walking Dead meet to go see a rugby season, but they cant take the custards from one game to the next one."
  8. looks awesome, but where do i put i my saddle whit all those spikes
  9. I don't think you're supposed to get a code, when you've pledged on crowfall.com You dont have to merge your purchase on crowfall.com with your account on crowfall.com, its one and the same.. Or did I miss something?
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