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  1. I agree I don't like the passive system I rather Gain XP in passive system by mining or digging or whatever
  2. So your wanting to never play the game and have the same advantage as someone who no lifes it?
  3. I personally feel as thought the track should have bonuses for example the person who is online playing gets standard points gained the person who is online Playing gets an Increased bonus and the person who is online playing with VIP gets a little boost Bonus over the standard online play like an XP Buff in order to make more people want to be online and play the game. Instead of one person buying 20 Accounts and letting the points add up this gives them an incentive to play.
  4. Nevermind, feel free to delete the thread as it has been answered
  5. Glad to hear about the progress. A week ago i logged in to test after ~half a year, and Significant update to player movement and responsivenessis still the most desired and important improvement for my taste (including skills and combat). I have faith you'll get it fluid eventually.
  6. What happened a lot in this test is that neither of the answers were worth clicking. That feel when you don't even know why do you enjoy playing
  7. We already knew this long ago. Just make the combat top socks and release when it's done. The only way to go and to actually keep players at all.
  8. Mfw watching the 'trailer' I died a bit inside.
  9. Well.. This added barely anything to what we already know, and you still try so hard to make her look dead Todd. You simply can't kill a god, no matter how many times you cosplay as an emossassin.
  10. Guys! Guys! I think you can use this hack in real life as well! If there's a giant boulder falling on your buddy, don't hesitate to run towards him and split the damage! It might just save his life. On a serious note, Scree covered it all. Just.. don't do this.
  11. AOE damage splitting is imo one of the worst ideas you can come up with. After spending time thinking about it and to actually decide to implement it.. is kinda insulting. It looks to me like you're already falling behind with the release date, this is just wasting more time. Just saying.
  12. I sincerely hope it won't to be this, judging by where things are going.
  13. Seems like sanetalk to me. Besides, what's the point of being super duper ultra supportive early testers they value so much, if you get to play a steam early access game instead of actually testing different possibilities out. What good is having no curtains on development of things like projectiles if you can't influence or make a change about it anyway? Not to mention it would make testing actually more desired since you get to help make the game as it was said in the beginning, rather then run around in early access to satisfy your boredom.
  14. How it looks to me so far: When i'll be able to put her face on sonic instead is the time you'll get me into testing.
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