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  1. NA West coast player looking for a guild. I enjoy crafting and support roles in pvp. I also have a lot I can offer a guild's eternal kingdom. Looking for a pvp guild that knows it needs crafters and support classes. A friendly environment that helps each other out to succeed in campaigns. I can commit to week nights and week ends. I have a headset and mic. I have a lot of experience playing MMOs and pvp.
  2. Just my two cents, but there should be a harsh skill lock to prevent earning experience or new skills. Maybe a timer that only counts down when actively logged in, or an xp debt that has to be worked off. Games without a harsh penalty for dying do not reflect realiism in games. For example, in a real battle, nobody would just charge in. There would be tactics invovled and players would think through their actions. When games have no penalty you get players who attack without thinking, making it harder in the long run for players to take or keep positions because of the loss of numbers. Another penalty could be something as simple as longer and longer respawn times upon death, which reduces as you remain alive.
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