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  1. Was there any mention about lore? How is it gonna be delivered to the players? Introduction videos? Tutorial campaigns? Because it would be a real shame if the only source of lore was in a browser since the universe seems really interesting so far. (even ingame lore books would be enough, I guess)
  2. Hi, I was wondering how are you going to handle guild membership visibility. I'm not sure if you didn't talk about this in one of the Q&A videos since I didn't see them all, but I presume you are going to make player's guild visible like in any other MMO. What I want to suggest is to make things a little bit more interesting and immersive. Make the game show nothing else than the name of the player (player's name stays as a compensation for non-unique looks). Now small groups and guilds would remain intact since they can remember each other but large guilds could be infiltrated by an
  3. Who's hating? I really doubt anyone will have the slightest problem with that. It's not like you can fight with 2 characters at once. And even if.. so what? How is it different from 2 people grouping? You can train all your characters though with 1 char per acc. Which is.. still kinda whatever in my eyes xD So basically you just have pack animals that can defend themselves better than the npc ones. I think that's more than fair enough advantage for supporting the game this much.
  4. Will I be able to add the pledge from Kickstarter to this account? Or will I have to create a new account when the time comes?
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