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  1. Was there any mention about lore? How is it gonna be delivered to the players? Introduction videos? Tutorial campaigns? Because it would be a real shame if the only source of lore was in a browser since the universe seems really interesting so far. (even ingame lore books would be enough, I guess)
  2. Hi, I was wondering how are you going to handle guild membership visibility. I'm not sure if you didn't talk about this in one of the Q&A videos since I didn't see them all, but I presume you are going to make player's guild visible like in any other MMO. What I want to suggest is to make things a little bit more interesting and immersive. Make the game show nothing else than the name of the player (player's name stays as a compensation for non-unique looks). Now small groups and guilds would remain intact since they can remember each other but large guilds could be infiltrated by an outsider for various goals they might have. Hopefully it would force larger guilds to wear cosmetic uniforms or use verbal passwords (and then again some new infiltration strategies would emerge). Now I don't know how your final product will look like and if this suggestion has any value for it. Just wanted to know if you considered some inovation in this area.
  3. Who's hating? I really doubt anyone will have the slightest problem with that. It's not like you can fight with 2 characters at once. And even if.. so what? How is it different from 2 people grouping? You can train all your characters though with 1 char per acc. Which is.. still kinda whatever in my eyes xD So basically you just have pack animals that can defend themselves better than the npc ones. I think that's more than fair enough advantage for supporting the game this much.
  4. Will I be able to add the pledge from Kickstarter to this account? Or will I have to create a new account when the time comes?
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