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  1. Hi everyone, I am Jasminefairybreath, SarahWindhand, JasminefairyCaller , Ninafairybreath! And More, just too many to name here....been playing Wiz101 and Pirate101 for many a year and still Love It, but am interested to see what we got here, Seems real interesting! Glad t see so many Friends Here!! <3
  2. I think everyone should have "To make choice's that will Make A Very Big Difference" in this game! Mystic Warrior?? Hidden in the shadows till I am needed..lol When You least expect me, I will be there! muwahahaha....
  3. How do we know what group we are in?? I asked this before, plz? Does anyone know?
  4. This is Great! I hope We get a large Group!! How do i tell what group i am in?
  5. I have played WoW, Rift, AA, ESO, ESO.V, BACK DRAFT, FIREFALL, just to name a few...Wizard101, Pirate101...and many many, more.

  6. I have played games since i was big enough to pick up a controller. I love all games and will play most.

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