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  1. Guenician stealth cancels when you gain trailblazer by entering a street.
  2. uuh teasing the frostweaver power bar are we?
  3. I kinda like the name Metalauriel... if I ever need an alt, I might name it like that in memory of Pann
  4. EKs crash regularly. Usually withing 20 minutes after starting it, and after restarting it somewhere after 30-90 minutes. From what my guildies say, all affected EKs seem to crash at the same time. When it happens, the game crashes for all players within, so they need to relaunch the game. The EK then visually appears to still be up for a minute or two, but dont allow anyone to join, before finally closing down so they can be restarted. THe EK is set to PvP, and hosted in Frankfurt.
  5. We very much are @Mushuke, but it seems like the links still point to the old website, even though they look to be updated... thanks for letting us know, we will fix it ASAP. In the meantime, try this one https://caldera-hq.eu/ edit: Links in the OP are fixed.
  6. I love those Suggestions! My favorite is number 7, having one node for each attribute in each area, enabling us to choose what to focus on, for how long... @Jubenei actives in the passive skilltraining is theoretically possible, but they conciously decided not to. Powers are obtained via other game systems, especially the disciplines.
  7. So, I feel so far the day and night cycle doesnt have that much of an impact. When I played 5.7 the first time, I barely noticed the night, since it was still pretty bright. Blair and Melissa have in the past talked about the difficulties of making the world dark. When players log in somewhere and see nothing, they are not only disoriented but also discouraged to do anything, and especially new players might just leave and never come back. Even for veteran players it would probably more a hinderance to fun than help, and most will just turn up the gamma to still see what they need to see, so the devs would have to disable rendering of characters in a certain distance (that is already the plan for fog and similar weather effects, and maybe darkness as well). So I was thinking how the old dream of „true“ darkness could come to light. Lets say, our character automatically illuminates a 30ft radius in an eery blue light only visible to the player himself. We are immortal crow spirits afterall. To make it more clear, there might even be a thin line on the ground how far that light reaches. Beyond, things are dark enough that we can clearly see the difference, but brobably lit enough that we can still somewhat see trees and terrain features and such… or at least their outlines. That illuminated area is our vision range, that might be increased by a darkvision stat, and only inside that range are characters drawn. Then of course it can be expanded. Torches might illuminate a 60ft radius for everyone that works just like the natural nightvision. Fireball might illuminate its impact point for a moment. A darkness spell could supress light even at day, making everyone in that area effectively invisible to everyone but those who are near enough to use their natural darkvision. Lighthouses and beacons could illuminate huge areas surrounding cities. Fog might decrease the range of all lightsources, rain might extinguish small fires. Caves might be dark even at day, fireflies, hungercrystals and other natural lightsources could make the landscape more interesting at night, and further soften the experience of logging into the wilderness at night. When we are able to show or hide characters on a per player basis to enable the darkvision, maybe we can create effects like smokescreens that hide everything behind them. Of course the tech could be used for other systems and hazards as well, for example cold and warmth. Fires spread warmth, but near hunger crystals and everywhere in winter cold might spread, degenerating first stamina and then health down to a certain level, similar to the effects of hunger… The advantage of this idea would be to give light and darkness a real impact to the tactical gameplay, without rendering anyone completely blind at night. To further help new players, we can have a dark area with torches in the beachhead, for example the boar area. The torches still make most of the boars always visible, but just by having new players move into the area and let them see the effects of light, darkness, and their own darkvision the system gets explained, and it serves as a warning: there might be more darkness in the real world.
  8. Im going to confess something: the Confessor is secretly awesome. Yeah it doesnt deal damage, but there are others to do that. It has low hp, but you can adjust your build and playstyle to fix that. What he can offer is control, and noone and nothing can come close to challenge what he has in that regard. Right now, the confessor is a specialist. There are builds for him that are awesome in teamfights (if you have a healer and at least 3-4 allies... but tbh smaller fights usually dont interest me anyway). And I have yet to see a good way of countering that... Fireshield? well I dont care for my damage, I want to set you up so my allies can kill you. Block? guess what, there are counters to that. Focus me down in melee? in ranged? There are good tools around to deal with both. Please dont buff the Confessor through the roof again. He doesnt need buffs, he needs creativity... and if there is a buff, I would prefer more damage over more range. If I want range im playing ranger.
  9. has Todd already decided the right names for the seasons? I would love for them to have ties to the gods... for example season of blossom/plenty/innocence/music (Cybele), Season of plenty/prosperity/life (Gaea), Season of reaping/fate/magic (Yaga), Season of Mourning (no gods here). The daycycle is interesting, cant wait to see the strategic implications to how vision, stealth, magic or siege rules might be affected... maybe you cant siege during night because the power of the banewood would simply go loose and spawn zombies all over the attackers? maybe causing an infection to the area that the defenders need to take care of the next day as someone proposed in one of the flies on the wall (instead of a siege). Also im interested to see how you will make the world actually dangerous at night... just stronger mobs of course helps but probably isnt enough. Maybe you could give monsters more creative behaviours that make them dangerous, like hellcats jumping from stealth at night (avoidable if you hear their sounds or have perception), zombies might be drawn towards caravans from a large distance (turning them into just one more annoyance to deal with), giant birds might make loud sounds to attract other players (who we all know are the real danger out there), spiders might build ambushsites that feature nets that have to be cut down before you can leave the area, so you not only have to fight the spider over just outrunning it, and you become an easy target if another player finds you in that position...
  10. yep, depends on the ruleset. In most rulesets it will get a durability hit, and you can go to the temple to return the vessel to you (or run back and loot the body). When the durability is depleted, you have to go to your trusted necromancer to get a new one (or get one of the basic vessels at a temple). When you choose not to summon your body back to the temple it may be looted by any player, and in some rulesets other players might be able to loot your vessel anyway (a proccess called "body looting")
  11. that pretty much nails it. Basic armor is fine, missing the factories advanced armor doesnt give much of an advantage apart from the optional passives via disciplines (that do not work with basic armor). With a basic weapon you will deal severly less damage than everyone else, but you can craft an advanced weapon out of slag and knotwood, that will deal about double the damage of a basic weapon and is enough. The shield is currently not as important. Look at the disciplines, for testing you can craft them all for one slag each. Look for a combination of disciplines, powers, and passives you like, and that helps your group. As a knight, you can deal decent damage in a groupfight, but to be honest your greatest strength is your CC, and your survivability. You can do well 1v1 as knight, as Nchdu as proven time and time again, but at the moment there is not that much of a point in playing solo. So in summery, to compete you need an advanced weapon but slag is fine, basic armor, basic shield, and disciplines. All of this can be crafted in the beachhead with slag, cobblestone and knotwood. But really you want a group.
  12. My condolences to everyone who knew him. We will remember him.
  13. Can you please link the source? How old is this chart? As far as I know different ores as tier system is long gone. Qualities are the tier system, and ore types are just different in what stats they give. Since EKs dont have named ressources, and Slag, Cobblestone and Knotwood dont have a quality, there are no ressources of higher quality obtainable in the EK, only "Tier 0".
  14. Honestly, everyone needs to decide for himself when the game is playable enough to enjoy it, I wont criticise anyone for waiting a bit longer. That being said, yes I wanted to know when you guys are ready to fight, and I am looking foreward to the 24/7 alpha!
  15. Welcome to europe! When are you planning to become active in the game?
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