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Everything posted by blazinzero

  1. simple, we are the real FoE. in light of the recent pay 2 own (P2O) game company model that artcraft has adopted, we here at team eagle are proud to introduce a similar model for our guild. simply pay 10 dollars to post on somethingawful.com and get a corporate share in the happening and professional esports team Flock of Eagles
  2. im a goon, and a lawyer. as your lawyer, i strongly advise against playing this game
  3. im the shirtless guy except i wear a double black belt instead of 1 white and 1 black
  4. i sent this one to my valentine to let them know that even though they will never see me, i watch them all the time. its not facebook stalking or creeping, its unrequited love and potential restraining orders
  5. there is a test, you might have access to it. have you tried emailing support? god bless
  6. i track my balls v carefully, op. always on the lookout for odd lumps or discoloration
  7. if you are a member of an imposter FoE guild, you are herewithin challenged to an honorurable duel. *drops a glove on the floor and stomps it*
  8. actually, seeing as im the op, i set the direction for the discussion. you posting this insinuation of spam is infact, spam. either pm a mod or get out of my thread
  9. this poorly made socks and that poorly made socks chris kirkpatrick you can get your ass kicked ok well its been a hoot hanging out, thank all
  10. idk what's going but there's definitely SOMETHING happening on the forums
  11. how can forums be a game, silly? they are a place to discuss business
  12. i dont appreciate trolling in my threads
  13. what the heck is pre-alpha? isn't that just a different name for alpha
  14. please direct all answers to my secretary, justin trudeau fake edit: or my chief of operations, ms. kizuna from hit manga prunus girl
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