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  1. Information by GDC? Im starting to question the trust we can put on that source already.
  2. I'd like to think that OP was just asking if the Fae viewpoints matched the viewpoints of the dev team.
  3. The Assasin description is quite interesting. Is what she said just what she thinks, or are males on Crowfall a little on the aggresive side?
  4. Dislikes? Terrible idea. You need to explain why you want X and why you don't want Y(Also why i don't like the "Like This" button either). Not to mention the abuse that could come once the game launches. Someone points out that your strategy is overpowered or something you're abusing is unbalanced? Dislike abefore the devs see it. Remember:Discussion over Feelings.
  5. While Cash Shops for Cosmetics are usually fine, it also allows you to hide the armor you're using. "Is that person using crown gold" "No idea, he has cosmetics" They still should be careful about that.
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