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  1. I seriously hope that those 30% are designed to be powerfull enough in the long term, with purple stuff and many passives. All the cap allow this i think.
  2. well it's hard to compare a game in alpha and a game after launch on the performance side ... They just start optimizing in Crowfall
  3. We already have king and elder's ... Could you be more specific ?
  4. to get specific ressources sure, but to get dust, it's enough when you wait a mate
  5. So everyone can get those disciplines and help to gather between fight.
  6. they just say why in the Q&A and what is coming
  7. i agree to disagree. For me ( and to reduce the churn rate in the game ), a great guild need the better fighters, the better farmer, the better crafters together. Not only fighters. And it give more tension for the fighters when they have to play for others, for the defentless guy that craft some epic weapons.
  8. First, everyone will be interrupted with 2000 thousands people on the server. Second, clever people will be less interrupted ( more scout, more fighters defending farmers ) so it's a good thing, that the clever guild wins
  9. i'm afraid it could be already too late for the alpha ... some people already want to wait to the beta ...
  10. I never mentionned nor taget anyone. Ruleset have flaws, and the main one is people that dont want to play in a new way like you did. Well, it's exactly what we should test : - some guilds will try to get the point for themselves avoiding conflict - some guilds will try to gank them is it balanced ? Let's imagine a big with an impressive number of player ( 300 ) that only want to gank, minimizing the time to farm against guilds of 50 peoples : with 6 maps allowing pigs, at start, you have to spred 50 people on each map near the caravaserail. other guilds will saw it pretty fast and : - fight in 50 vs 50 combat - try to make another card or get ressources for craft then what ? the big guild will have to leave from some map and / or spread with other POI and remember that in most case, this guild will have to get 6 time the amount of thing that the others guilds. it's not risk free or cost free anymore you see, it's bad data, not game theory
  11. Could we have siege windows every 4 hours @jtoddcoleman ?
  12. Could we stop speaking about a game that didnt last more than 6 years ? They are building a game for decades. It's time to move on. J Todd learn a lot in shadobane and what is needed to be different in crowfall, and it will be different. And i hope this time it will work !
  13. Oncle bob is whinning because he cant kill the game anymore. It's a good thing and MUST stay that way. It's someone winning in a very long risk game and dont want to play warhammer because he did'nt have the number advantage. So it's perfect, constant PVP and some brain to find non obvious path. all objectives shoulndn't be open in the same time as it was in the campagne in the pre-alpha LIVE Good it's not for my guild as we scored many 5 points It just will be worst, because my guild with 3 activ player would have been third instead of fourth because we didnt made a single point in wealth ... Finally you say yourself that all your topic is pointless. You cant blame someone of not using a good set of data when your are based on the same. From the beggining of this you are just trying to change something that is not tested because player dont play it. We need some reward to see the reality emerged. Cards are a very good system for small guilds able to score some point, maybe 8 on a campaign, setting an objective of 10 for the next, or maybe being recruted in a biggest structure. Indirect PvP in cards doesnt work well because of the lack of population, and for a big structure it will be a perfectly viable strat to just attack the others when they are pinatta full of goods for the scoreboard. I dont see how it would be rewarding to not PVP when all PVE spot will be completly overcrowded with players, remember that we played as 100 on a map for 2000. It will be nearly impossible to go anywhere without a fight And now that we have system requiring more play time, they are gone. Finaly they dont want an mmorpg, they want a moba but 50 vs 50 and one castle each, i think another game coming soon will be better for that.
  14. i had to run as an administrator and run the "repare" to start the download, i hope it's help
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