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  1. <QUESTION> When will the passive training come back ? <QUESTION> When will we see objectives point outside the siege windows ? <QUESTION> When french translation will be fixed or removed ? Currently it will be better to have no trad than this trad.
  2. Sorry bro, you join my guilds on the wrong time 😕 as a fact we have played hundreds of hours since the beginning of the beta, welcomming new players, and now that the game is such in a broken state we are playing on others game ...
  3. The soul of the game. So what for people without runes ( or any active training ) ? What about fealing the word dying ? Sure 4 over 5 is a lot, but i see a lot of tweek here, like 2 point for skinning in spring, mining whith 2 in winter ... It would also move more player in the same area for each saison so make more PvP. It's like you are paniking so much that you are not thinking anymore. But you know what : it's too late to have the game the only new MMO in the area. Now you will have to fight on the market against other MMO's and instead of making the game really diff
  4. what does this means ? Is that we dont have more resources at the beginning and more thrall at the end now ?
  5. RNG is why Corean game are not that popular in EU /US so why an american game would add something that player dont like ? 😂😂😂 the same stuff are gated by the new runes loot and the passive training, the main difference is the shovel.
  6. Within a discussion with my mate we got to a suggestions : replace passive training by an active training ( all sacrifices by example ) with a limitation, the more xp you get in one of the 3 trees the more it costs. Allowing someone to get one full craft or a full exploration in matters of days or weeks. This will : - allow to reuse the hard work on the passives trees - remove RNG of looting runes - allow to PL a new player without pain : just give sacrifice item to level up a fort or a keep - allow an easy balance if anyone get one branch very fast.
  7. people wont grind more on campaign unless it's 0 import. Why ? Because we will loot 144 green on infected switching to the most populated faction before going to campaign, where we will farm exactly the same amount of resources as now. it doent fix the cards / reward system nor the prime time only system.
  8. so we will have 1 character for none-VIP and 2 for VIP ?
  9. I tested the loot of the "miner" rune, it's really teadious and far from PvP : with a basic tools, a mate have harvest 30 minutes before asking in audio and learn that it needed a intermediary tools. with an intermediary tools and a white rune equiped : 1 hour, 5 tools, i got 5 runes. with an intermediary tools and a blue rune equiped :1 hour, 5 tools, i got 2 runes ... ( edit on both try i was on the same nodes ) three options here : - or i get lucky then unlucky - or the more we got rune the less we will get - or the more the runes is better, the less we can get runes
  10. i am able to buy and equipe the quarryman speciality tools, but i only got a white quarryman and a blue Miner
  11. you need to equip the exploration rune for example "miner" to craft the intermedate, i searched too
  12. well they already spoke about how the catchup mechanic will work for passives, so i hope they have more idea for the new mechanic ...
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