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  1. For the description, it's already a work in progress. For the stats, i dont plan to have any registration of any build. If you like a build and want to share it, just keep the url somewhere.
  2. The "Communauté de l'Arbre Clair" is proud to give you a new tool : A talent builder ! it's a first release, but already helpfull, so i give it to you : https://arbre-clair.fr/pages/talents.html you can also share your own build, for example https://arbre-clair.fr/pages/talents.html#1.0_druid_st-a2-b3-d3-e3-f2-md-g3-h5-h6-i3-j7-c3-b2-c2 or https://arbre-clair.fr/pages/talents.html#1.0_duelist_st-a1-b1-d1-e1-md-f1-g1-h2-a2-b2-c2-d2-b3-d3 Please make a good use of the system and report me all bugs Thanks! PS : @TiggsWe find the middle minor rune access ver
  3. Necromancy is one of best crafting and optimisation system currently in the game. Please, find a guild.
  4. i'm ok but runes must be change accordingly, because some of your example are most powerfull than the others
  5. lack of versatility ? Let's do some quick maths : we have ~40 combination between races and classes ( a round it to make calculation easier ) for each we have 3 promotions, and for each 3 domain, so we have 360 options. Assuming each path have 10 mandatory point and we have only 5 to make our build over 10 viable node, it's 252 path. With only the half best : 180 * 126 : 22 680 not so bad build and i doesn't count the runes ( most certainly 10 major and 10 minors for each of those combinations )
  6. Welcome on the forum @Stalkun Dont be mean with new player ! Crowfall really need them to make more population and more fun in PvP
  7. Bonjour ! Bienvenue sur le forum Pour les perfs, tu peux suivre le guide ici : https://community.crowfall.com/topic/27842-improve-your-crowfall-performance-today/?tab=comments#comment-464264 Après, oublie l'assassin avant la 6.2, il a été cassé il y a plusieurs mois. Pour le reste, c'est pas WoW ici, le stuff ne fait vraiment pas autant de différence que tu peux le croire. Par ailleurs c'est pas un jeu solo donc hésites pas à chercher une guilde, il y en a plusieurs d'actives qui recrutent.
  8. I died almost full life. It append often and it's very frustating
  9. Currently imho when you are in an even fight, you cant focus on your skill, because you are always looking on your lead, many times you cant make the right move because you dont turn your camera to see around. Even if it's make the game easier ( i dont think so though ) it will be very good for new player retention. I have many new recrut in my community guild and in fight, plenty are lost, so i loose many player and so do the game. When we will have some way of following the calls of a lead, when we will have more aoe to bomb a position, we will be able to have a greater skill
  10. Please, we really need a leader tag ! When the raid leader make a call like "heal bomb on me" it take ages to find him... It could be a crafted ( and expansive ) big hat visible only by allies. And it would be awesome if it added an effect to the camera allowing him to zoom back.
  11. https://arbre-clair.fr/pages/metiers.html#Cooking/BonTippers did they change the Yeast ?
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