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  1. back in the day when they announced the change on the vessel, they said in the Q&A that changing the vessel will allow a free respect. Would be a good solution, if you have an epic vessel, it would cost more to buy a new one and will increase the economy for necromancy on the long term. i dont know if it's just delayed or canceled
  2. Can we apply even if we are not eligible to get the reward ? it's like little pokemon, i want them all !
  3. thats basicaly free, because when you farm a little on dregs, you will quickly get one or more gold stack ...
  4. because you can have up to 3 tray and circling on the 3 with one button is difficult, so instead of having 2 tech ( for 2 and 3 tray ), they just build one.
  5. seems like an issue in all BR ... Because camping is heavily rewarded.
  6. Passive training have been removed, comabt stats have been moved on stuff, for crafting and harvesting it's on runes that you get by crafting or harvesting. You dont even have scratch the surface of the game with a character lv 21 😕, like level 3 in a moba or 20 on a classic mmo. Some of you request like kipping the inventory open is available on the UI settings, you should have a look on all the possibility.
  7. yeah we used to train in infected with half the player switching betwen faction
  8. 1 : it give a progression purpose an advence harverster have no issue with stamina 1 : it give risk to harvest because you have less stamina to harvest : dont go harvest solo in Dregs. 2 : actually you can, open any windows, ( inventory whatever ) and you will be able to move your mouse, you can also with an option be able to run or harvest with your inventory open. 3 : they actually give different stats, and in plank, you can mixed them 4 : open the overlay, you are able to see them 6 : crafing work from top to bottom not from bottom to top, some component are used in
  9. a resource is frozn when it's in the snow near a shard ( or just near the snow ) you will need to destroy the shard with an hammer or a pick to destroy the shard
  10. Not always, you can go from electricity rays to electricity rays and you can also just look at your ult, they are very different
  11. we dont leave the group on disconnection, it's a pretty old bug that comme back today
  12. As ArtCraft is confused : If you got boulder / ingot from a fort and want to put it in your bank. You can wait to loose the fort and be TP or just unlock your char from the campaign, all your inventory will go to the bank no need to recall anymore ! It doesnt work if you want to recall to a keep but at least your stuff is protected
  13. if you have boulder / ingot ... You can bypass the "no recall" restriction by unlocking your character
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