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    'Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet." General James Mattis
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    Orbiting Crazytown
  1. Sorry to hear that. But you are in good company. I hear they have lost quite a few good people as of late. Welcome to the group
  2. You've had some great material to work with
  3. It was brought to my attention, that this might be a thread to become a part of. The momentous accusations flying around, the hilarious antics of the old timers on the forum are just truly making this worth reading. Pat on the back to you CYT for making me have a good chuckle today. Some forget to have their morning coffee or that jolt of Red Bull, and just simply go bat crap crazy with their post. But it really does start my morning off with a good laugh. So a big thanks to the one that has lost touch with reality. *Disclaimer attached to my profile pic*
  4. Maybe to get this back on track a bit.... Straight from the mouth of our departed Doc: Some early insight into how the game is played. He will be missed. doc gonzo, on 10 Jan 2015 - 8:53 PM, said: ummm...this is not "being attacked" this is the foreplay of getting to know someone new to us... unless you smell brimstone and require clerical attention, there has been no attack glad ta help.... Excelsior!
  5. You just need a good strategy; Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.
  6. Enjoy the Marshmallow Peeps everyone Happy Easter
  7. 'Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet." General James Mattis

  8. To bring the Topic back on track. let's see, it has been months now. Months. Can we say for argument sake that no one really cares, and no one really needs to keep this argument going. Grow a pair, and let's move on....oh wait that was stated waaaaaay back when, Todd himself told some people to Get Thicker Skin. So if that has not been obtained by now, I think you need to move along! I was sick of hearing about Carebears, then, and I'm am sick of hearing about it now!
  9. At this point I really don't care what what the KI gamers were or will be called. I can say I do hope they keep their damn noses out of the structure building of Crowfall. So many came to this game for the promise of something new and exciting, tired of the same ol' thing. I keep reading tweets and post that have so many similarities of the KI games. I do not want another KI game, I do not want more of the same Fluffy Bunnies, everyday is rainbows and puppies. The thought truly sickens me. Anyone who has been on these forums from day one, can for sure for smell something brewing a
  10. We do have Team Speak set up currently. Please look for the information on the Lantern Watch Guild Site.
  11. Since we don't have a Like Button around, I will just add I think my husband must run around saying those same words : It'll be fine, she love me"
  12. Well said Peloquin. Glad to see you have made yourself at home.
  13. This is a fair statement. When Crowfall Forum launched it was a chest pounding free for all. Many were turned off and did not come back. It has calmed down now, and many have found their place within the forum. Yes there will always be those outrageous post and people that need attention, but I think in some regards these forums gave people insight and backbone. Many came from forums, that you could not openly and freely express your thoughts, others came from places that were a full on battlefield. I think we have a good handle on things and have given some of the more timid people a vo
  14. I love this wording. "Killable, Stealable and Tameable" Everyone hold onto your horses, we are in for a bumpy ride
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