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  1. Enjoy the Marshmallow Peeps everyone Happy Easter
  2. 'Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet." General James Mattis

  3. We do have Team Speak set up currently. Please look for the information on the Lantern Watch Guild Site.
  4. Since we don't have a Like Button around, I will just add I think my husband must run around saying those same words : It'll be fine, she love me"
  5. Well said Peloquin. Glad to see you have made yourself at home.
  6. NP, Rowannyx. I for one totally get having a hectic life :)Life does seem to throw us curveballs here and there. Stop by when you have some time. Welcome to The Watch all you new guildies! Jump in, stop by, give us a shout if you need anything.
  7. So many new members! Welcome to you all. Hope to be chatting with you soon
  8. So glad we are finally getting the info we have all been waiting for. These 2 months have been crazy! Tossed my money in the ring!
  9. I do have to say I am a bit intrigued by the Frostweaver as well. Beta will be fun, trying out a few different types just to see who has the right skin to fit my wicked needs.
  10. I think you need to step into my office kind sir I have an open apt at 6:00 pm EST
  11. Yes I personally would love to see the work in progress. Eric show us what you've got! What a glorious day in the Crowfall updates.
  12. SHHHHH, that is suppose to be a secret. There is a reason for the "Wicked" in my name. Red occupied, Green Open, Next in line please
  13. Today has been my favorite update, (well there have been many good updates) but with the Confessor and Pricing update I was like:
  14. Feel free to come into my office, door will always be open to those in need of umm, forgiving of their sins
  15. I have found my calling! This is the one I have been waiting for. I am truly excited about the game, all though I might dual box with a warrior I need not look any further! I will be throwing in my $$$ for sure. Woot! PRICING UPDATE 1. What is the pricing model for Crowfall? Crowfall is a “buy once, play forever” game. That means that you buy the game once (estimated retail price of USD $50.) and you can play for the life of the game, without ever paying us again! We also offer an optional VIP membership, details of which are provided below. 2. Can I spend real wo
  16. Good morning, Not sure this one will be my cup of tea, but I will give most of the them a whirl. Still waiting on a true match for my style of play.
  17. Thank you for taking time to tell us. Adversity was met with civility and respect for all of those involved. The Lantern will be lit if you ever need a place to hang your hat
  18. LOL yep. That was me last night. And no one sang Soft Kitty to me either.....
  19. You mean these here parts I saw a lot of that yesterday too. It is so funny when they are running, you see it all.
  20. Good morning all. How was the evening in Tera? Looks as though you all found a few gifs laying around to illustrate your evening with. This was my evening.....
  21. Just shout it out honey, I LIKE THESE POST. Sing it if you like.
  22. Well in the short time I had to play today, that was all I could pull off. Dylan and I sat and chatted most of the time He was telling me what a nice rear I had, since you could see it from the moon.
  23. I made it into Tera, and made it to level 2. LOL
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