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  1. I get that the devs were going for the whole "Throne War simulator" vibe, but that's part of why most people are fed up with PvP. If you can switch mid fight that may be "realistic" but it's complete poorly made dergs from a game play perspective. This is why one faction absolutely dominates Shadow campaigns, because why wouldn't you hop over to the winning team if there's no drawback? I like the idea of switching allowed to the losing team, or no switching at all. Maybe balance factions out regardless of Guild god allegiance?
  2. Live Server Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). I like harvesting and crafting. The way you can learn and improve rather than just "unlock a new recipe" is great! Small scale PvP combat is really fun! It's great to have a 5v5 to 15v15, it's snappy, you can tell what's happening, and it's hella fun. The atmosphere/lore: despite how limited it is, the lore is really interesting. I love how when you arrive in a new world in Spring, all of the like citizens are gone, warbands have taken over towns, and the only people left are soldiers. The lonely atmosphere of the world is just achingly gorgeous already. More lore please!! I like the characters, the species and classes you can play are really neat and have an original spin. The art style lends to this uniqueness and I encourage you all to continue creating in this unique way. It would be nice to be able to customize these characters just a little bit more appearance-wise even. How willing you guys are to shift gears to make the game better. I was floored and delighted when you got rid of the passive skill system, it was what the game needed. It was against your original vision but you realized it was important. Nice work. Live Server - Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? large guilds are ruining the game for most other people. I'm pretty sure that human brain can only remember about 125 people without real serious prompting, so why are guilds at 500? You'll never know everybody in your guild, and that hardly strikes me as a tight-knit community. I know you guys are going for the throne war simulator, but this game does not seem to be designed for 500 v 500.. so why does it encourage that? I'm going to keep suggesting that you cap the size of guilds to 50 or 100, until I or the game dies! Smaller groups mean you'll know everybody, which means a better community inside the guild, it means alliances are meaningful for smaller guilds, and it means your servers can actually handle large scale conflict (as large scale would mean at most 150 or so vs 150 or so. The lack of meaningful things to do. You're only options for activity in the game right now are siege something, grind a gold, grind mats, or grind for discs.. it's a little underwhelming. I think hot zones are a great idea to encourage real interaction but even that's tied to just grinding. Maybe more dynamic zone events? Like a moving raid boss that drops good stuff? Something to encourage people to get out in the field and actually interact outside of siege windows? The grind, especially to get from basic stuff to Green. It's agonizingly boring in those first 20 hours or so before you start getting anything. It takes too long to get your green exploration discs. It feels like you're not progressing or doing anything meaningful, and I understand that some people have left because of that. I'd suggest giving new players one or two free green exploration discs to get them started. This is improving already, but the performance isn't great in the game. I know unity can be inefficient, but one of my friends who used to play in the beta is unable to play now due to performance. That's one customer and player we've lost. It is mission critical that crowfall be able to run on all sorts of PCs to capture a larger customer base. Last but not least, the near pointlessness of EKs. Apart from setting up a market, there's no reason to build up or use EKs. It takes too long to get to an EK (logout timers, loading times), there's nothing to do in an EK, and there's barely anything to build in an EK. You can build a few houses, a castle, and the same Hall with different skins.. no furniture. Barely any customization, all the EKs I've been to look basically the same. Make it worth our while, it's supposed to be the end game. Give us fancy cool shiny stuff for our eks. Like battle arenas or colosseums.
  3. This is more related to the new player experience than anything, but a friend and I were talking about getting your first green exploration discs. It's such a slog, I feel like it turns a lot of people off of the game having to work so hard to get one green exploration disc. You got to go through the approximately 7 hour new player experience before you even have the chance to get a green disc.. and that's not even counting the time grinding to actually get it. We ended up coming up with the idea to provide players one green harvest and one green crafting disc from the NPE, just so they feel like they can actually progress and contribute. Could be that you only get this once, no matter how many times you do in NPE?
  4. Once they fix the whole 500 person guilds crush all opposition in the Shadow/Dregs I promise I'll start farming there.
  5. West servers seem down to me as well. Loading spins on "Initializing UI" then I get this bad boy: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ee0ph1n8p_9GOXeTljNieGqlfRHXa58U/view?usp=sharing
  6. US West is in a bad place because of faction swapping. Everyone's bandwaggoned to Moon, no other faction can really do much about it other than farm. It's sad, I was really excited for slightly lower stake FvF to warm me up for Dregs.
  7. US West is kind of out of control. Day 1 was amazing, the factions battling it out for outposts and camps. Lots of good pvp. After that Moon started winning hard, then everyone switched to Moon. Moon had about 5X the score of Earth, and Earth had about 2X the score of Sun when I stopped checking. The vibe in Sun now is to ignore the campaign objectives and farm as much as we can. Faction change is kind of disappointing actually.
  8. The game needs reasons for PvP to actually happen. Being able to deposit valuable loot instantly with no risk doesn't contribute to that. I say remove it.
  9. I agree with OP, there should be party only looting for the PvE content specifically. EDIT - I appreciate that the game appeals to hardcore players who love DOMINATING everything, but having that hardcore aspect EVERYWHERE in the game won't retain any new players. Something the game desperately needs.
  10. Again, the RNG discs fall-out-of-nodes system is temporary. Hopefully ACE gets the new system up and running sooner rather than later.
  11. I don't have a ton of time to play every day, and the thought of joining a larger (and more intense) guild is a little scary to me. Intimidating I guess? Again, I don't know much, but if these temporary large guilds allowed for more casual players I bet more newbies would join.
  12. I hope we hear about it soon too! I don't mind a grind, but I'd rather not spend ALL my time doing it.
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