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  1. The game needs reasons for PvP to actually happen. Being able to deposit valuable loot instantly with no risk doesn't contribute to that. I say remove it.
  2. I agree with OP, there should be party only looting for the PvE content specifically. EDIT - I appreciate that the game appeals to hardcore players who love DOMINATING everything, but having that hardcore aspect EVERYWHERE in the game won't retain any new players. Something the game desperately needs.
  3. Again, the RNG discs fall-out-of-nodes system is temporary. Hopefully ACE gets the new system up and running sooner rather than later.
  4. I don't have a ton of time to play every day, and the thought of joining a larger (and more intense) guild is a little scary to me. Intimidating I guess? Again, I don't know much, but if these temporary large guilds allowed for more casual players I bet more newbies would join.
  5. I hope we hear about it soon too! I don't mind a grind, but I'd rather not spend ALL my time doing it.
  6. It's hard to announce a system if they haven't designed it yet.
  7. I agree with this. The desire for enriching yourself/guild/group should drive all of us out into the world, which should force us all into conflict over the resources. However there's little to no incentive for most players to do so, certainly for new players. Newbies like me and my friends are so underperforming thanks to the passive skill tree, and the HUGE RISKS compared to the small potential rewards that we all agreed not to bother with campaigns until we've teched up. I imagine lots of new players come to a similar conclusion. This is a problem. If you can't make meaningful contribu
  8. Seems like lots of people have legitimate concerns about the new progression system's grind. These are totally fair concerns, but let's remember that the RNG Discs is a temporary "band-aid" fix. It's not going to be the final system, just a place holder until they can get a new (and hopefully better!) progression system in place. I for one welcome the change, and look forward to the new progression system.
  9. Castle looks awesome! Great job to everyone involved.
  10. I totally agree. The wide world is dead outside of siege hours. Literally like five people in infected on a Saturday night. I'm playing with my friends, there's three of us. We literally cannot participate in campaigns at all, we'll get crushed. More things for small groups to do all across the board please! I agree, there's no reason for players to actually use them when the temple has everything we need. Give us some reasons to actually use them. If they were more useful, then players might actually be out in the field more often. Another great point. I have de querva
  11. This is a neat idea, like raiding an enemy fort. Could lead to more interaction between players.
  12. Likes: Crafting is neat, the system has a lot of potential. I like the big boss mobs, had an interesting almost encounter with an enemy faction over one. I enjoy the classes and disciplines system. It allows for decent customization. There isn't a ton, but I love the lore so far. Passive skill tree is being removed. Dislikes: The passive skill tree, which you're getting rid of!!! I think Infected needs a bit of work! There's little incentive to actually fight in Infected. It was mentioned in the livestream that we don't want people playing t
  13. I'm so excited about moving away from the passive skill tree. My friends and I literally discussed yesterday how the passive skill tree prevents players from contributing meaningfully.
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