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  1. To create flame wars and trigger y'all.
  2. 1.5m is on the upper side of the projection and the trend on kicktraq
  3. I don't see the problem as long as minotaurs are balanced.
  4. It seems to me their appearances are subtly, but significantly different. The Templar's chestplate is small and form-fitting, while the Knight's is massive and nearly blots out torso shape even on the female character art. The Knight's cuisses (the skirt-like things) fall to his knees, while the templar's cuisses are much smaller and she appears to be wearing cloth pants dressed into her greaves. Also, check out the pauldrons and the gorgets. The templar's pauldrons are small and give way to reticulated brassarts. The templar's gorget is slight and might even be a jacket collar. The knights gorget is a piece of his torsoplate. She's subtly, significantly lighter and less armored than him. If I'm right and you had to make changes to get across that the templar is faster, I'd just make the art a little less armored. Presumably we're going to be choosing how armored we are in-game. Perhaps the templar is our human-norm 2-hand class and the knight is shield and utility. Of course, we don't know much more than some art and a name and extremely general stat bars for some(most?) of the archetypes. I'd love to know more about their skills and stuff, so talking about matching aesthetic to purpose had more merit.
  5. That's a surprisingly apt shop.
  6. It seems like they want to soak the hyped up hopes of people and not disenchant anyone by talking about their real plans.
  7. Everything has to be a snowflake, I guess.
  8. If they don't have some explanation of their thoughts on combat by the end of KS, my assumption is going to be that they haven't thought about it.
  9. I feel like there's the least information about PvE/PvP related stuff. Yes, fighting may be what changes the most about this game; that's why I want to know what they're thinking about it now. Surely they have thought about it and I am very interested in their vision, because that will inform the development process as the game moves through alpha and beta. The concepts they are talking about putting into PvP (physics and friendly fire) are more or less novel to MMO's and I want to know what they think those mechanics will change about game-play. They've talked about action oriented. Does that mean dodging and blocking will be critical or just afterthoughts compared to buffer tanking and DPS racing? Will there be stamina to consider? What of equipment? Will archetypes be locked to a weapon type? If so, will promotions give access to other weapons and skillsets for them? How much advantage are gear and promotions going to bestow relative to player skill? This is my biggest concern. At this point, there's been not much said on this subject and a lot of hyped up speculation.
  10. I hadn't thought of this. That's a good way to balance carrying another player. Maybe food consumption should be based in part on how much our characters are traveling and carrying relative to their maximum. That creates incentives to be lightly armored AND strong or to only wear your heaviest stuff when you know you won't be moving around much.
  11. Maybe they don't want humans grinding on their backs? I think there are tough balance issues here. If the female centaur art on the KS isn't hype, then you may have a horse archer with two bows. You could also have centaur lancers with melee-monsters riding them. I like the idea of giving centaurs that adaptability and unique capability, but we have to look at significant draw-backs to balance that.
  12. I want to kill/die a lot. I think resource pressure should generally be high enough that there will always be two people looking for the same resource deposit. ed: I think when our avatars die, we should FADE TO BLACK. Then, we're sent back to that campaign by our god, who's not happy we lost our gear. It just flicks us somewhere in that plane of existence, which just happens to be 5 or 10 minutes from our body. I hope corpse-looting is important enough that we actually engage in it during battle.
  13. If you must have them, you should put them into Leader promotions or Disciplines with other stuff like that. ED: Other stuff like that could be army boosting and IC communication and logistic skills. Hey, I have an idea. When someone takes the hypothetical Discipline, they become a banner carrier; literally, they now have a banner attached to their character that signifies their position. I think the best thing would be like a sashimono. It's a little banner that you wear on your back to signify to enemies and allies that you are command staff. That makes commanders visible in context and makes the character in the role important. That let's us attack the leadership of an army in some small way. Let's stay away from out-of-encounter "fleet boosting", too, if there do turn out to be leadership promotions/disciplines.
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