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  1. Hey all, Looking for a guild to bring my group into. I have 3-4 other people with me who would be joining as well. Many of us come from other MMOs and looking to take the next step. Most of us are just starting this game since launch, but we aren't new to the MMO scene and can pull our weight. All of us are late 20's early 30's, chill, and open to work in either a small or large guild capacity. We are well rounded, open to pvp and crafting in equal measure, some of us more bloodthirsty than others. Currently looking for a guild on NA East Servers who are going to be active in Dregs. Group currently consists of: Archdruid, Cleric Crusader, Champion, Frostweaver, and one other who still doesn't know he has the game waiting for him. Most of us are already lvl 30 with our characters, and we've spread out the Harvesting and Crafting chores between us.
  2. totally looks badass. For someone who hasn't yet committed to a specific archetype, this definitely puts weight down towards rolling out a druid type.
  3. A couple things to note that will help you out when first starting. Note, I prefer Ironman mode as it forces me to attempt to play better. I tend to be a reset fiend when things go south. -If you choose Ironman, like me, it can become unforgiving. Sometimes you'll be at point blank range and just totally miss, which gets frustrating. Also, unlike the first XCOM which is much more forgiving if you take your time, this one really presses the urgency of the mission. -if you like naming your soldiers, find multiple naming plans. I generally go with friends for some and borrow GI JOE names for the rest. -in the game you get multiple drops that will give you bonuses upon completion. I tend to favor Rookies as a few bad missions can wipe out your roster. Where X-Com made keeping soldiers easier, and research of equipment was quicker, this one seems to take longer to get good gear as you are often pressed to balance overall mission vs. survivability. Rotation of soldiers is key incase a mission goes south. -Finally, make your own door. Set up on a side of a wall and blow it in Rainbow 6 style. Better field of view for soldiers and better setup then door stacking. Hope that helps.
  4. Most people most about MMOs, but what about other games? Picked it up when it came out since I've been a fan when I played the original on the Playstation (should have kept it, it's a pretty rare game to find in Playstation format.) I generally play Ironman mode as I am a chronic resetter. Needless to say I have lost quite a few times, but I love the idea and setting. Quite refreshing compared to the reboot and the original. Anyone else playing?
  5. I would direct you to check out some of the posts in "News & Updates" to help get caught up to speed. There is also a pinned post in the "Community Questions and Answers" that links to all the FAQs. Those will help bring you up to speed.
  6. I do understand what you are suggesting, Candesious. However, I would direct you to THIS wikipedia page. Business theory and planned obsolescence is a key component to any sort of continuous capital. A 20-25% decay reduction also mean a 20-25% reduction in the amount of items needed to be made. Less items needed to be made means less overall crafters who play. It ends up not being a profitable business model as people with nothing to do/with no needed job don't play games. In the end we agree to disagree. This is the last I will post about item decay here.
  7. I think it's been stated as much that it WON'T happen. I would be actually disappointed if they did carry over.
  8. Because the whole idea of CF economy depends on item decay and having to replace broken equipment and weapons, this is actually a game breaking idea. If you look at MMO history, what broke crafting in Ultima Online was (it's been a while since I played) the Age of Shadow expansion. With the expansion came a little piece of paper in game, that when combined with a weapon or armor, more or less permanently bound it to your account. This in essence broke crafting as need for items became less and less. I honestly quit shortly after, so I don't know if it was ever addressed or fixed. Edit/addendum: I could be wrong Tyrant would know better. Time and age fuzz the memory. Moral of the story: Some game systems should not be mucked with.
  9. Didn't even real OPs full text, haha. Yes...handing out permits is a terrible idea. Rediculous actually. However, the belief that there won't be EKs that are massive trade hubs is hard to believe as well. Most that are even populated will be guild based, however, there will be quite a few that exist as markets. Unless I missed something that came out recently.
  10. If you pause the video and look at the archetype tree and count the abilities I am guesstimating about 20ish abilities can actually be used (including the proficiency builds). Some of the skill tree (especially the initial ability) seem that they will consist of attribute skills (health, attack speed, etc.). The general skills, hard to guess, but I'll take a swing and say they will consist of resistances and the like.
  11. I'm sure if gates and large doors work the same in CF as in Shadowbane where they are limited to who can open them, it won't be that hard to limit people to where they can roam.
  12. The Path of Exile and FFX in me is super pumped about the number of skills. Like most people mentioned though, the planner in me really makes me pause and worry. Hopefully all of the skill trees will be posted at some point to allow for some planning and processing what is important.
  13. If I remember correctly, late Shadowbane had resources nodes that were "gathered" by NPCS that would have to be defeated in order to claim the spot for your guild. The problem with having to gather every resource and do all the work is that you are developing a game more like RUST and ARK which are fun to play, however, the game forced you to focus more on resource gathering than anything else. I'm not opposed to doing some gathering, however, I don't think that it should be the majority of what every player does (unless they wish to). I am not opposed to a little bit of automagic.
  14. Honestly any guild worth their salt will have some sort of voice chat plan. Example: If I'm in a pinch in Shadowbane and need an evac/summon and I have to ask via guild chat, I've done it wrong.
  15. Forums I'm sure will play a big role in this. Already in guild recruitment there are a few guilds looking to create a market EK. Secondly, in God's Reach and Infected CWs word of mouth will spread as factions will be banding together. A guild that treats you right trading in a CW will definitely be one worth visiting in the EK.
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