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  1. Scowling and squinting all at once must be taxing...
  2. It's great to see how huge Pax Maelstrom is getting already. I look forward to crushing our enemies by your sides!
  3. I know I'm going with Confessor for my first character. I just like the feel. Maybe I'll go crazy and use the hunger to my advantage? who knows? I just dig the fluff. Plus... I mean, explody fire mage of inquisitorial goodness. I think a minotaur or Half-Giant will round out my ranks. Maybe a druid?
  4. Just dropped my application. I'm super excited to play with you guys. Have you all thought about what Archetypes you want to play?
  5. I'm really expecting a huge rush during the last 48 hours. We just need to broadcast it for anyone who doesn't know the kickstarter is even a thing.
  6. I personally will take more pride in my campaign housing. It's bolder, it says "You can not tear down these walls!". In EK it may be permanent but where's the taunt, the pride? It's nice to have a safe home and storage but I'd rather put my accomplishments and lay my head in the field of battle.
  7. For awhile I was there (Maybe a year or two) before I switched to play with RL friends. Played a pilot/ Bounty hunter. Damn, damn good times. I'm thinking confessor or frostweaver given those are the caster classes here. Maybe Druid. Something I can blow a ton of stuff up with but not so outrageous I can't be subtle.
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