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  1. Scowling and squinting all at once must be taxing...
  2. Hey man, everyone loves those WoW shirts. Toss a crow on anything and someone will buy it.
  3. He's Grand Chancellor Sir Guinea of Piggleton. Fearless leader and ladies man. I kind of felt that was the feeling the hunger brought. They're largely undead. Aka, bones blood and sinew.
  4. I believe Courant101 is correct. This window thing was pitched for bloodstone campaigns but I think they're still working out how they want to do sieges in other campaigns .
  5. It's great to see how huge Pax Maelstrom is getting already. I look forward to crushing our enemies by your sides!
  6. I'd say save one slot for a 'burn' character to theorycraft with.
  7. If anything maybe they'd spawn once every like 100 mobs. IF they're doing this.
  8. Toan21

    Combat Pets

    I had assumed pets would be Discipline based. We already know about Falconry.
  9. Honestly, different levels of wind and cloud cover day to day are all you need to inspire more immersion. Perspiration helps though.
  10. But what if I'm naked? Will I still have my pretty robes?
  11. I mean what would be the point? You'd constantly have bandits on the rail junctions. caravans would be useless.
  12. I'd love to see deadly snow storms in winter. even the environment can kill you!
  13. I'm under the assumption that better materials make better gear and that anyone who can wear plate mail can wear top level plate mail but if the noob has lvl100 plate mail and the Uber character with maxed heavy armor skill is wearing lvl20 armor, the uber character's armor will be more effective.
  14. I think it'd be an interesting idea. I think caravans have to be moved by a person though so anyone could move them however they like. I could be wrong though, I can't seem to find where I saw that.
  15. Probably yes, I have to imagine right now they're working with very limited sprites.
  16. Lets not talk about that. So many screechy naked men with rocks...
  17. I know I'm going with Confessor for my first character. I just like the feel. Maybe I'll go crazy and use the hunger to my advantage? who knows? I just dig the fluff. Plus... I mean, explody fire mage of inquisitorial goodness. I think a minotaur or Half-Giant will round out my ranks. Maybe a druid?
  18. Honestly I'd rather be on a private TS server talking to my guild. The random chatter would get annoying. Plus I don't need people screaming when they get into a fight.
  19. I'm curious what games one could consider to not look like a cartoon. I just replayed Heavy Rain. It totally looks animated and I don't know of any better graphics. Either way, the dark and gritty art style ACE went with is freaking awesome looking. I just hope there's a fair amount of gore without being ridiculous.
  20. Just dropped my application. I'm super excited to play with you guys. Have you all thought about what Archetypes you want to play?
  21. That's my vote. Give me free stuff! I'm just psyched I get my piggy. Imma name him Bacon!
  22. I think building blueprints for a new building would be awesome but I agree, building a castle brick by brick would suck eggs. That's why I don't play minecraft anymore.
  23. I was unaware we were speaking about EKs. given it's only 3x3 cells to start for a standard player I can't imagine anything but the end of you island world or natural boundaries. I still stick to my serpent/hunger idea for campaigns though. Right? Who doesn't want to see all of infinity around you? Besides, it's a more attractive end than mountains or an invisible wall. I believe that would be excessive... Maybe something for an expansion. Still, the factions according to the fluff can't unite. The gods are using us to collect resources for their war. They don't care extensively about anything but becoming the new All Father.
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