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  1. Yeah don't worry about the beta 6 thing, everyone who has a package has it.
  2. epee11c


    They likely won't let you swap between one handed and two handed because that drives costs through the roof and the idea of the archetypes is that you get access to a certain weapons group. That's not to say you couldn't get access to a one handed sword and shield via disciplines though.
  3. NOTE: Some of what I will say has been stated by other members of the forums however I don't believe your questions were fully cleared up... here goes... 1. In short, the answer is no that's not all that they are. Longer answer, the permanent worlds CAN be trophy shows, however, you can do much more with them. Things range from, set them up for full pvp with loot for the winners (that the losers would have to give), set them up for pvp allowed but no loot, set up a sales area (for those interested in crafting/vending or creating the world these people want to sell on (YAY taxes! )) and eve
  4. epee11c


    Pole-arms are for sure in (at least as for-sure as anything is at this stage) Fury promotion class is shown wielding a spear and although the end seems rather larger than your usual spear, it is a game... and we are playing as heroes ("I know, bloody heroes, right?"). I think they will appear more as oversized spearheads, winged spears or corseques simply because those look cooler than the original spear. As for the "ax" that looks so ridiculous I would like to point out that it is a weapon that exists although they enlarged the end for effect. The idea is that you gain reach an
  5. They aren't "in a way selling them." One month after release they will be available for all for free, even the new ones. On top of this, since everyone who backed gets a month of VIP only the people who both buy the game on release (or back from this point on) AND want to start with the Minotaur would have to purchase it. The "pack of seven Archetypes sold as an expansion" is not happening. As stated above by another member of the forums, the devs have said there will be no need to purchase archetypes. And finally, read here (#2 & 4) http://crowfall.com/#/faq/54dcbdb91f84dc694e40a581 he
  6. In addition there has to be ways to gather equipment while naked, otherwise you wouldn't be able to do anything other than fistfight on the no import campaigns so I wouldn't worry too much about it. The devs will put something punishing, but not game breaking in for losing equipment. It all breaks eventually anyway.
  7. Also this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcigy2eD9Jw start at 51:00 If you decide you don't like how a character is built or want to change Archetypes.
  8. Equipment, from the sound of it, will not be very important (besides having SOMETHING with relevant stats). Nor will it, hopefully be that hard to get ahold of with all the crafters running around in the forums. I could definitely see them allowing us to take our equipped items back (nothing in inventory however) but they have not confirmed that. honestly if they didn't allow it many people would put their equipment away and just run around near-naked for the last few days of the campaign, which would be really lame.
  9. Do keep in mind that you'll probably have to play the game A TON to get good with more than three characters. I don't see it as being easy to swap between them all. Like in league for example, jack of all trades has been proven worse than the (almost) one trick pony many many times. I see it beeing similar here. If you're a backer you should play around in beta and see what characters you like then level them up.
  10. I would assume you can't just kneel when it's obvious that you're losing. The kneeling mechanic is probably an outside of combat action that you can take during the spring/summer(/fall maybe?) that will allow players who know they would otherwise lose to choose a side after all the initial alliances are decided. This is only my idea of why people wouldn't kneel. I am interested as someone who only gets involved in small guilds, if any at all, how they will make alliances work so I don't automatically lose every campaign, which would make things restricting because I would only be able to play
  11. Sounds a lot like mostly pve... which they're trying to avoid. Yes there would be some pvp but the further you went into the campaign the more it would look like dayZ but 400 years earlier... It sounds like a cool idea. It's just not the game I kickstarted and I really don't see the devs doing this as this game is being sold as a PvP focused mmo/strategy hybrid. Don't get me wrong it sounds like a cool idea, I just don't see it happening in this game. Now watch a Dev come on and say "oh yeah we are planning to do something like this!"
  12. Even better, combine them. You have to sit down at the fire/heat spot to regen health and you have to sit to eat a meal. This would also be an easy way to keep people from ducking behind cover and eating their roasted pig in three seconds flat then rejoining the fight with an extra 10% hp or whatever. I'm not sure what rout they are planning to go for the food system but I really don't want to see pigchuggingbehidrocks.
  13. I have felt the same way in the past, however, the new (and old renewed) ideas that are planned for the crafting system do have me somewhat intrigued. AC has stated that there will be full time PVPers. It would likely be beneficial to be able to make some easy and quick-to-craft items just in case you are stranded and your equipment starts to fall apart, however it will not be necessary. There are definitely people who will be full time crafters, only making the occasional foray into combat when absolutely necessary. These are the people you will likely get many of your high tier gear from. Th
  14. Note that they are only the most popular by a few percent... there will be PLENTY of variety. Plus we don't even know the skills or equipment of each class yet, just very general stuff (knight is a tank, assassin is an assassin (who knew?), Templar is a somewhat less tanky tank, etc.)
  15. I would not be surprised if you can customize them. They have said that they will give guilds the tools to design whatever system they'd like. I can''t see them doing that without being able to go in and only check the boxes they want people to have access to.
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