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  1. Just going to join the chorus here on not liking the fact that hunger-infected zones are "fixed" by dawn, it twerks at my understanding of the lore. The Hunger is supposed to feel unstoppable - Crows should be the only ones who can delay it, and even then they can only slow it down. I like the Hunger Crystals approach in this regard, as it means players have the capability to slow down its advance by smashing the growths on nodes. But dawn just FWOOSH and all Hunger-infected creatures melt? It breaks that feeling of hopeless perseverance. My suggestion would be to tie in hunger spawns to the aforementioned crystals, or make it so players must wipe out all the local hunger creatures during the day to create a fresh respawn for their uncorrupted counterparts (the "Cleansing Wildfire" approach). This of course wouldn't work at night, as a wipe would just mean hunger-infected creatures would be the ones to respawn. This returns the agency to the players in stopping the Hunger enroaching on their lands, and gives incentives also to opposing players to attack anyone trying to clear out the Hunger in enemy lands to deny them resources and let the problem grow. The importance of Day and Night is also preserved.
  2. The lack of response from anyone at ACE to many of these design issues (even to disagree) is troubling, and doing little to assuage my fears that they aren't listening to our feedback outside of bugs and combat.
  3. Crowfall is darn pretty and we've seen some epic battles at times. Thought I'd make a thread to see what the community has captured in the screenshot department. I'll start:
  4. >Before Summer Highly Unlikely. I actually did a poll on this, consensus seems to be next year but my money is 2020 or later. Keep in mind people have been speculating that release was just around the corner since 2016. It wasn't any more likely then.
  5. If we use "repair kits", then most players won't buy new vessels after a certain point. This is the same problem that stifled Star Wars Galaxies back in the day. Necromancers should only ever craft replacement parts and bodies, and these should be what are used to keep existing vessels going. If we must have repair mechanics using other bodies, the repair value should be unlimited ONLY for base vessels (like the one you started with). Anything above basic quality should have diminishing returns when repaired, to the point it's either destroyed or reduced to the lowest tier of quality. As an alternative, you can absorb a cadaver's quality and features to replace an existing one, so that again, overwriting is the only option and market demand stays constant.
  6. Poll here. Since Crowfall has already undergone several delays (let's be honest, the 2 year development pitched in the Kickstarter was absurd), I'm curious to what the consensus is among players for how long we have to wait for the game to launch, or soft-launch as ACE keeps calling it. Feel free to explain your reasoning for your own vote as well. Personally, I'm betting 2021-2023. Ambitious MMO development just takes a while, regardless of Engine (I'm betting Unity shaved off a year, at best). There's just simply way too many bugs and too much polish left to go for even a "soft-launch", and doing so without ironing that out is going to cause the game to flop on delivery, which you only get one shot at. Not to mention the game is STILL in Pre-Alpha, with a lot more of that and both Alpha and Beta left to go. I want the game to be better than all the Early Access titles on Steam that fall flat due to the devs one day just pushing it out the door as "good enough" when they're still hopelessly buggy messes.
  7. So will Necromancers still have a positive feedback loop? For example, I remember back when it was discussed that we could train skills up to a cap to 200 in the old design chats (currently the ingame cap is 100, so not sure if this was changed without saying anything), but 101-200 was useless without a body that was swift or strong enough to match your skill. The idea appealed to me because a necromancer could craft better bodies for themselves to match their 100+ necromancy cap then craft better bodies using these improved bodies, creating a positive feedback. However, going by the vessel tree currently in place, it sounds like all vessels do is buff combat stats and nothing on the crafting side. Is this the plan going forward, or a temporary setback? Or am I wrong entirely and missing something?
  8. Disciplines Runestones and related Mechanics Character Creation / Vessel Crafting / Necromancy Crafting Tables, Blueprints, and Crafting Factories Caravans and Material Factories and Campaign Export points Thralls, Binding and usage as crafting components as well as vendors for a marketplace Trading? I think? Coins/Currency System EK's Feudal System and Taxes Trophy and Relic Boon System Just Implementing the Rulesets for Campaign Bands! Objectives and Scoring for Campaigns Skill Tomes/Books Also "Several" skill trees is severely understating things, less than a third of them are done and those that are only some of them actually do anything right now. There's not even any real permanency yet, as they've said multiple times they intend to reset the server in the future for updates being this is still "Pre-Alpha". People who are saying next year soft release might be partially correct, but I predict this game is going to look like Rust or other crafting-survival games for a long, long time even after they "launch" the game. We might see something resembling what ArtCraft promised in 2019-2020 at the earliest, given it's taken them A YEAR AND A HALF just to implement and obsessively polish combat in what is still just Pre-Alpha rather than trying to get all of the other neglected basic systems online and crawl into Alpha. Combat, I might add, which still feels clunky, unfun, and slow at times, not even getting into server latency issues... So yeah. Measurable progress, but saying the game would be in anything I'd call a feature-complete beta even late next year is unrealistic, and sooner is downright ludicrous.
  9. You zee, ze healing iz not az rewarding az ze hurting.
  10. Maybe for you. I for one love the idea, feels a natural extension for Necromancy and I'll definitely be playing an Necromancer/Undertaker who follows armies around just to pick the battlefield clean afterwards for choice vessel parts.
  11. So is anyone else a little worried by the passing comment about "six months" for the card, and that they said it should last to launch? After a year and a half of development, we're still testing combat and physics with only a few archetypes. There's a LOT of systems to cram in still to hit that mark, even for a soft launch. Crafting is a big one, so is player housing shops and vendors, EKs, trading support, caravans, campaign world generation, guild systems, so on. And most importantly, the skill trees have to be mostly complete so people can start gaining ranks in them. Now, I'm sure on the back end some of these systems have been started or may be even be close to ready status, but not enough that they can show working components (I'd be happy just to see some UI mock-ups). Now I have absolutely no problem waiting into 2017/2018 for a firm, quality launch date, but I'm a little unnerved that ACE thinks they can jam from Pre-Alpha to Beta in only a few scant months when it's taken so long just to get these preliminary systems online and tested. Interns should help, as should cutting back on polishing stuff to show backers, but there's an overwhelming amount of systems still to go. The soft launch date feels like it should be pushed back or acknowledged that it at least COULD be pushed back, because locking it in as a hard release line scares me that the game will be pushed out the door more akin to an arena game like TF2 with the promise it will eventually turn into the MMO vision (which, while cool, is still a completely different vision).
  12. Body Artist / Bodybuilder - Runemaking + Necromancy Throw on Armorsmithing/Weaponsmithing and you could call yourself Full Stack.
  13. Curious as a fellow unity developer what the choice was (or at least is for the moment). Unity's built-in library is... okay, I suppose. I've also tried out Photon Cloud as well, but neither of them really screamed "This is AMAZING!" to me. Anyway, my question is simple: did ACE go with one of these, one of the many other options out there, or build it in-house? Would love to know if they have a strong recommendation, as I'm looking for a better one to use in future projects.
  14. I would be fine with an extra slot for joining campaigns, or something as simple as 3 months of VIP. Just as long as the value feels genuinely good for a kickstarter reward, I'll be happy.
  15. I'd love it. In fact, I'd love to work on one, given the chance. However I doubt I'd be able to do much more than a skill planner without access to Crowfall's databases, servers, or accounts. Although that does sound like a fun Unity side project once we start getting access to the skill trees...
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