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  1. Agreed. I can see this as a Game of Thrones type of game where the race doesn't really matter. You may have to go through a series of quests to choose an affiliation, rather than a faction, per se.
  2. Horses or wolves, plox?? lol And ravensinger--- I LOVE the steam-punk wing idea !!!
  3. I'm a WoW player and I love the battle pet system that they implemented a while ago. Gives you something to do with your friends.
  4. I would prefer multiple servers for every day use (leveling, questing, etc.)... but with 1 server put aside for, say, a world pvp area where everyone from all over the world could all play together.
  5. I've played almost all the major MMO-RPG's out there with the exception of the 2 you mentioned...lol !!
  6. I don't mind the idea of classless, but as a beta player in several other MMO's, I got to like the idea of becoming the class associated with whatever weapon you happened to be carrying , as in ESO.
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