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  1. I recently started to really dig back into Crowfall after a big break from it. I've been creating some characters to feel out the play styles, and am starting to look ahead. I see there's outposts/forts/keeps throughout The Infected and the 3 factions are supposed to be fighting over them. But I'm not sure what the point is to it? Am I missing something, or is there some kind of advantage or reward system?
  2. Wow, like I said, it's been a while. 😣 I meant to say Archer vs Warden.
  3. It's been a couple years since I've played. Are there any new updates that have made a difference for these? What are the current pros and cons to these two promotions?
  4. I remember fighting against him and LoD back in Shadowbane on the Death server. Hard to believe that was 15 years ago now. I respected his play and how he helped build such a strong guild. This comes as a surprise and I’m saddened to hear of this loss. He will most definitely be remembered.
  5. It's only a balance issue if it's designed that way. I actually hate the high progression games like that where someone can bootstomp you if they have a level or two on you. You can have newer players on par quickly with a player chosen stats distribution too. It can be a progression that has diminishing returns with effectively a soft cap. But this way the stats are player chosen and more persistent. I want player choice to really mean something where mistakes have consequences. It seems if you make a mistake, it's just as easy a change to the vessel. But good choices eventually break,
  6. Now I know that the recommended amount is 8 Gigs, but my current rig only has 4 (yes, like i said, I'm pretty sure this may be the reason). But I was able to log in and play for several weekends previous in a row without much issue. It's only after the last patch where I hit launch from the patcher, and it just goes to a black screen and hangs. I'm wondering if the newest patch just requires more memory, or if the leak is worse. I've checked task manager for my performance during the black screen, and it's showing available RAM at 0. Crowfall had about 1.5 of my 4 total. But again, I
  7. This is what I was thinking too. It appears the way that it's set up is the core of the the character (stats adjustments) is determined by the vessel (which wear, break, and are temporary), and the small tweaking is the skill tree and permanent. It seems that they have it backwards. Why would we want our characters to wear down, break, and have to get a new one? I can see how a player who is an alt-oholic may like something like that, but I think most tend to prefer more permanence to their character. I would much rather have the fully definable core of the character be set by me and be m
  8. Does anyone know how much RAM is needed to run the most recent patch? I have been able to log in and test in previous weeks, but I have a feeling my issues with the recent patch may be related to an increased need of RAM.
  9. Started on Death with The Aelfborn Nation. Lots of great memories of the guilds from this server.
  10. Our guild transferred to Mourning after Death closed. Though we changed the guild name a few times, we were: Guardians of Aerynth Verdant Liberation Knights of Brialla After Shadowbane, we decided to stick to a single guild name to take to all games and decided to pay homage to our first guild name on Mourning and are now the Eternal Guard.
  11. Started at Silver and then was hoping an EB Amber opened up. Once it did, but someone else beat me to it. Bit the bullet and went full Amber.
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