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  1. I agree that the notion of teleportation would ruin the risk factor in trade, but there should be a way to, after a channel, to teleport to your EK if you are not under attack. There should be a way to return home that doesn't ruin the risk factor to the game. However, A feature that limits the way to return to your EK could more likely be considered a feature as it would create a need to have more people cooperating or different tactics in order to bring resources to your own EK. And having a loading time between the campaigns and your Home EK just makes sense as you are loading between worlds as Jihan said.
  2. It would be wonderful if this were the case, however, this would greatly increase the amount of objects the world needs to load. The reason for instances is to reduce the amount of loading as well as reduce the stress on your computer and the server. In general, instances were beneficial and allowed for larger worlds in games. We may be at the point where it would be possible to have fully loaded worlds without instances but I wouldn't be surprised if there were some sort of instances in EK as that would allow for larger, more detailed environments. It may be one, open world in campaigns as the terrain is destructible and that would really conflict with the permanence of instanced environments. At the end of the day we will just have to see when servers open up Cheers, Prokofiev
  3. I've read on the FAQ and recent videos that everyone gets there own land. I've also seen that you can get different crafting areas and other features for your own EK. However, what is the appeal in being a vassal in another EK? Being a vassal, you are going to pay taxes and you can have your land taken away. Can't you just get any feature another EK has without being under another EK? What are the incentives for being under someone else?
  4. I'm not sure if this has already been answered, but I was wondering how recruitment is going to work. Is there going to be some sort of form to fill out?
  5. Thank you! I have played Bards before. I enjoyed the Songcraft tree in Archeage. I'm looking forward to the prospect of there being some sort of bard in Crowfall as well as what the music ingame will be.
  6. Hello Crowfall Community! My name is Lucas (Prokofiev) and I am excited about this game. I have been an avid fan of MMORPGs for many years. I am also a fan of shows such as Game of Thrones. Furthermore, I am a cellist and love music by composers such as Sergei Prokofiev(ex. my name), Shostakovich, Ravel and Glass. I am very excited about joining this community and I hope to see you all ingame one day! Best regards, Lucas(Prokofiev)
  7. Will the land only be available to subscribers or will everyone be able to own some land? I'm new to this forum and I am really catching on to the hype train.
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