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  1. Sorry if my posts slow down for a bit, my classes just dumped 3 group projects on me in addition to my weekly labs so I'm a bit swamped at the moment. I'll try and keep up though
  2. ============================================ Amaze yawns heavily, sitting in front of the door has made the Guinicean tired much quicker than he imagined it would. "Mmm... Yes... A table, that would be nice... Let me just work up the motivation to get off this chair." Amaze yawns again, obviously tired from the days work. "You know, I think the table might have to wait for now, unless someone wants to accompany me right this moment to retrieve it. I believe the food will be done before too long, and I wouldn't want to miss getting something to eat the very moment it's finished."
  3. Welcome to the forums, Never! Don't worry too much about your lack of MMO experience, it looks like you've hit the major ones that are recently relevant. It's nice to see someone thinking about what niche they can fill outside of "There is an enemy, I will use my various skills to destroy it." Have fun, and I look forward to seeing you around the forums! Cheers, Amaze.
  4. Or smelled the cellar attempting to eliminate the remaining life form the town.
  5. I'm thinking more along the lines of Haah-Li-Real
  6. Ooo, an Assassin. This ought to be interesting. Looking forward to seeing how you play the archetype!
  7. Welcome to the forums, Isaiah. I can honestly say I've never heard any of the people I know from Texas say howdy, but who knows
  8. Welcome to the forums, Marcio! Don't be too worried about the English, I promise you we've all seen worse (by those that speak it as a first language..) Hope to see you more around the forums! Cheers, Amaze.
  9. This sounds like something that I would definitely be interested in, come game time. My main would probably be kept in a more "serious" guild focused on Dregs or Gods but having an RP alt would be a lot of fun I think
  10. ======================================================================================================================= RP ======================================================================================================================= Amaze wanders from building to building, looking for what furniture he can find. Unfortunately, his search turns up largely useless as the furniture in the town was made predominantly of wood and had been burned in the fire that 'cleansed' the city. Sometime I forget that these were mortals... mortals that hadn't quite figured out the mass fireproof
  11. I've pointed some friends towards this article as well. Just as a general shout-out Isarii has a tendency to write interesting articles that a pleasure to read, make sure to read his non-crowfall-related content as well.
  12. Welcome to the forums, Samael! Scrounging the forums can be a dangerous task sometimes, watch where you step
  13. Welcome to the forums MrLinder! As someone who might be interested in moving to Aus at some point in the future, I have to ask: what are your favorite and least favorite things about the country?
  14. Welcome to the forums, Natural! Glad to see people that think this game will fill their niche knowing that there will be players around with widely differing play-styles is nice. (+1 for crafting, I feel like it gets added last second on most MMOs anymore. I can't seem to drag myself away from it though.)
  15. Welcome to the forums, Yattu! I accept your apology and forgive all of the Russian players I get matched up with on DOTA2 US-West... kind of. I echo Fawne's post, good job on the introduction and welcome to the forums. Hope to see more of your posts around Cheers, Amaze.
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