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  1. Man, you weren't kidding when you say you might have the worst PC on here. You should really look into getting that upgraded, it's pretty cheap to build a decent computer at the moment. I'm not sure how you manage to game on that thing (assuming that you do,) I go crazy with low settings/framerate.
  2. I have one of these calculators actually, it pretty much got me through my high-school Spanish courses without going insane. Somehow the teachers never asked my why I always had my calculator out.
  3. My current build is an amalgamation of old parts and new.. CPU: Intel i5 4690k Motherboard: Gigabyte H97-D3H-CF RAM: 8GB 1333.3MHz GPU: EVGA GTX970 Case: Coolermaster HAF-X Storage: 240GB SSD + WD Caviar Black (1TB) PSU: Corsair TX750 Display(s): 2x AOC i2267Fw Cooling: Hyper 212 (Currently not in my PC, have been too lazy to install since I upgraded my CPU ... ) Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Mouse: Logitech MX518
  4. I think I got a picture of you in class the other day
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