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  1. A vessel is just a container. The spirit of the person who was, all of their memories, everything that made them them, is gone. The body is an empty vessel for me to pour my spirit-self into and to use until it cannot be used any longer. The gods have recreated the body of a hero for me, not to carry on the hero's memories or to finish the fights they once fought. If that hero had been important to the gods, they would have returned the spirit to the body. I was given the body simply because it was stronger, faster, just plain better than that of a regular person and is better for me to fight in on behalf of the gods. The vessel I inhabit is mine. I don't care who used to inhabit it because they're gone. All that matters is me. Who I am. My history. Whoever used to be... they should have fought better.
  2. But each experiment increases complexity and thus increases your chance to fail and crafting time.
  3. Maybe the crafting success rate is impacted by the crafting stations that we are supposed to use in game but don't have yet in the test. Boosting the success rate may be one of the thrall functions.
  4. Sounds like a decent suggestion. Especially at the beginning of a world when you have to make a lot of things for a lot of people and you don't particularly care about quality, being able to say "Make another iron bar, and another, and another" would save time. The RNG would be the same, but you wouldn't have to repeat the same button clicks over and over and over.
  5. In the January 2017 you said you would search the forums for your name for posts about you and that you particularly enjoy the insults. Clearly searching the forums for all if the derision you have aggregated would take up agreat deal of time so, I thought I would save you some time and create a place where we can place all of our abuse of you. Dear Doggett, As a ginger, so you find it awkward working on a project centered around characters that have souls?
  6. You can't. Since the skills are not settled, trying to figure out which ones are best is an exercise in futility.
  7. I think they are using placeholder values That are too small to notice in some cases.
  8. Resource pools and skill boosts are all subject to change.
  9. What you describe isn't a problem or even unscrupulous, it's called being a raider and is a perfectly valid and even enriching from of gameplay. Attacking caravans, ambushing the unwary, and running away with whatever you can carry will be attractive to a certain subset of players. For players interested in kingdom building fighting off raiders (or paying them to attack someone else) will be a concern and will enliven the world. It's not as if you can freely travel between campaign worlds and EKs, so whatever you take can be taken back (creating the 'raiders who raid raiders' subset of play). Also, after launch, you won't find loads of solo harvest/crafters standing in the wilderness effectively AFK whilst they are crafting, practically asking you to gank them. They will travel in groups, many even with combat players for protection. Raiding won't be easy, keeping repairs low and crafting the items you need when facing organized resistance will be very difficult, but it will be a legitimate way to play. Regards the original post, by the same logic used, combat is a "backburner skill" and that other thing you are supposed to be doing while you wait for combat to train... is combat. I'm not going to stand around waiting for my skills to increase. I'm going to dive in and start building a network of crafters and harvesters so that as soon as my skills increase, I'll be ready and will have the good materials and components to take full advantage. There is a lot more to creating than simple skill levels. You will need relationships, and that is something no Alt can give you.
  10. There is a difference between concerns about the game and whinning about the very nature of the game. Passive training isn't exactly a new addition to the game, and they aren't going to change it. If having a fun game to play isn't reason enough to play it, oh well. If you don't like it, you don't need to play it. This equates to "If you don't like broccoli, don't buy broccoli and complain that spinach is better."
  11. I'm noping this for two reasons. 1) Their. But seriously, stockpiling corpses and aging them like a Bordeaux? All you'll end up with is necromancers building up their inventories to sell at a premium in the winter. 2) Vessels are corpses that you animate with your spirit. From a lore perspective, they wouldn't get better over time. They would just decay until you are forced to get another body.
  12. If this isn't how its going to be in relation to the game, what's the point in forcing crafting if there is no relevance? The reason we have resource nodes coming out of our ears, stat potions to give us a boost, and the ability to craft without stations (things that won't exist at launch) is to make things easier so the devs can work out the bugs in crafting. Just as Hunger Dome was a test environment to test certain game aspects and was not truly representative of how the game is meant to work, so is Big World. If you want a more authentic experience, make some friends in chat or join a guild and work together for mutual protection and to increase the speed of gathering. Another thing is, crafting it supposed to take a long time. Crafters are supposed to spend a lot of time fiddling with their item to get it just right before they make a blueprint to make multiples of that item. This won't be the usual "three ore make a bar, two bars make a sword" type of system where you can craft your gear and get back into the fight. If it's just the gathering part that is bringing you down, good news! As gathering is its own profession, you may never have to gather again (assuming your guild has enough gatherers) and you can stay at your station, experimenting and tweaking to your heart's content. For me, that is where the fun is. Truly being a crafter, not a miner who moonlights as a blacksmith. Who is going to focus on woodcutting spec if mining is going to be way more valuable? People who like gathering and making money. Perhaps there will be more miners than woodsmen, then again perhaps the drop rates will be such that not as many miners are needed. Whatever the case, needing more ore for some recipes does not decrease the value of other resources. Every type of resource it valuable. The deposition of the population will find its own equilibrium.
  13. The reason it sucks is because the Alpha test setup is exactly how the crafting system is designed NOT to work. It's like asking for a grilled cheese and being handed a recipe beginning with "Plant your wheat after the first full moon in April before your cows begin calving." Covering all of the steps from raw materials to finished product is annoying for most people, but you aren't supposed to do that in Crowfall. If you want to PvP and you need gear, you go to a crafter and buy some or place an order. The crafter takes items from her supply to make your item. That supply is drawn from other crafters and gatherers who form a network. That is the basis of the player driven economy. As this is only a test, they aren't trying to simulate the economy, they're just making sure things work
  14. I'm right there with you. "Combat" used to be defined as "Select your hero. Equip your hero. Roll dice to determine the outcome.", but has since moved on. For some reason "crafting" is still defined as "Select your recipe. Select your ingredients. Roll dice to determine outcome." Why can't we move on?
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