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    Mmo games, some TCGs, mystery shows like sherlock, and espically a mix of both mystery and comedy like psych.
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  1. It doesnt lower the skill ceilling.... All i hearing from this post is telegraphs bad, no skill, handholding, blah blah blah So the problem seems to be....average joe plays a little better with telegraphs ( which means killing the average player is harder which is good for pvp, becuase you dont want boring extremely one sided fights right? i mean your "hardcore") Because lower barrier of entry is lower, skill cap is lower, becuase youve seen one telegraphs youve seen them all, so no need to wonder what that telegraph does just dodge it everytime it pops up becuase ill be able to dodge ALL the attacks that come my way ! Some elite people dont feel special now because low skill entry they cna do what i can do. "this strategy was previously for the elite players who knew exactly how to do the kiting process." "Now its for every average joe out there to do the same." Oh im sorry mr elite man now your not one of a few that can do that. If only the other elite people who have played mmos for over 20ish or so years hadnt shown it off to us average player when they killed us we wouldnt know your super secret kiting technique which now everyone who plays mmos knows about. Now you will have to work harder to be better and be super elite again. I hope we dont ring your fun by having fun ourselves. Im sorry to the poster who i quoted but man did that post sounded so 1 percenter like. " It seems this resturant will allow anyone in now, i think its time to go to a more exlusive more expensive resturant, who wont allow anyone who doesnt have at least 10 million dollars!" Just turn them off... yes it may be a disadvantage, but.... what you guys are saying is... i want the game to be hard, i want to learn the animations. then go ahead and do it.... if turning off telegraphs is a disadvantage then the game is already harder for you one problem solved, Without telegraphs on you will have to learn the anmation just like you want. another problem solved. And lastly your assuming the skill lvl will be low becuase of telegraphs. we dont even freaking know what the combat will be we have a few seconds of one class sing 3 skills. Thats all, we are making asumptions, why not wait till alpha comes out and you try it for a while, and give the devs your feedback, if it truly sucks and enough people complain, then it will get changed. Maybe giving the devs some fallback ideas would be great, so if they f up it wont take them long to fix combat, you know having limited resources and all. THe devs have said in the reddit AMA animations are the most expensive thing..... so having these super detailed animations people can learn ( while possibly fighting 40+ people becuase its that sort of game not 2v3 or 1v1 except the tourney system currently) might not be financially viable for them, niche auidence , niche amount of money. (possible exceptions)
  2. Actually this could be a good idea, in an EK with open world pvp. Say people are getting out of hand how is the land lord going to crack down on mofos rampaging in his land scaring away customers/ not letting them buy their poorly made socks..... BRING OUT FLUFFYKINS THE HUGGER!!!!!!!!!!! A big bottom gorrila ( could be other types of mobs etc etc) who hugs each person to death. But he isnt controllable so if he wipes out the maurders from the lands.... he will come after everyone else and youll have to kill it. he wont drop anything. and you will have to capture another beast to replace a dead one.,
  3. that would be bad ass. but i think the templar would take that role.
  4. Well i don't think basic means weak, i think thats what the general feeling is about warriors types that they are basic same thing as the last game. Warriors are almost always easy to pick up and hard to master. Which i think is cool, they may not have cool new stuff but you can almost always guess it will be good. hoping we can make like shield walls.... that will be awesome
  5. Im personally picking the knight becuase, well i love melee and i love how bad ass my character looks in plate. So Knights are aesthetically very pleasing to me at the moment. And im hoping the knight is a class that can take a great amount of damage but can also deal it out. I'd like it to not be a class of attrition aka do poorly made socks dmg to the other guy while he bangs on you, and a year later you might end up killing your opponent, or he kills you.
  6. training is passive but you also get exp points by doing basic mmo stuff also. But they will limit how much exp u can get this way. Also its a pretty big change to have 16k+ backer rewards to be only for specific pledge lvls compared to the other rewards which were for everyone. Im guessing your probably just trying to incentives people to back at higher ledge lvls, but why not do that at the 16+ mill rewards instead of the number of backers you have reached.
  7. Well Basically im thinking i get all the rewards that everyone backer can get without have to buy a certain package. Which is cool, i just wanted to pledge more in the future when funds became available. This is a quote from the main post "We’re going to keep the package names the same and change the content of these bundles for NEW backers – again, we aren’t changing anything for those who signed up DURING Kickstarter!" I was like yay ! but then you asked a question that basically is my situation. and he answered no. So above quote is misleading hurtfully so ;(. Basically now even as a KS backer if you pledge later you will get the new backer rewards and not the old ones. Even though you signed up during kickstarter.... unless the dev has this mixed up? which i doubt. Unless he means we wont change anything in your backer lvl form ks. Will the prices still be the same for KS backers? saya package cost 40 now in the future would it still be 40 for KS backers after ks ends. Or will it be 45-50 dollars now for basically everyone. new and old
  8. oh that kinda sucks. I was hoping to be able to upgrade later on to different tier and still get ks stuff. SInce i very literally only had 5 bucks to spend. Was hoping for a time frame that KS backers had to upgrade their pledges and still receive ks rewards, like what star citizen did. Being a very broke student sucks
  9. What are you talking about you can just spin your soul really fast and it will cut the soul gem in half. The challenge is having to spin back to your body.
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