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  1. Right, which is why it's so weird that act like you don't get trounced all the time, even while you hug your guards.
  2. Now you're back to trying to save face. How long are you guys going to do this before you start improving your pvp skills and working on your group composition? If you need some tips, let me know.
  3. It's all the damage your group has, which is why your leader refuses to fight outside a fort. He has to find a way to break up the string of humiliating defeats you've been suffering campaign after campaign, so I don't blame him. When you're spinning a draw as a "win", you're scraping the bottom of the barrel for anything you can get.
  4. I think you don't like going to sieges, especially offensive ones, because you can't or won't fight anyone when you don't have a bunch of Rank 10 guards to hide behind.
  5. Why don't you bother showing up to sieges anymore?
  6. Glad to have you with us and welcome to Crowfall!
  7. I was in Blood of the Kin and I remember those days. Feng/Donar joined UDL after disbanding BotK. I ended up joining House Avari (another all elf pvp guild) after the BoS/Denied war.
  8. With the 5.110 patch approaching, we decided to create an all elf group meme team for the fun of it. House Avari came out of the loreplay scene in Shadowbane and was a leading proponent for the creation of a "Lore Server". The idea being that guilds would pick from a number of lore themed guild types which restricted their access to certain races and classes. Each guild type would have its strengths and weaknesses, forcing players and guilds to work around them. I think this would be a great campaign type to add to Crowfall after launch.
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