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  1. I called this about the game's harvesting/crafting system (along with many others) years ago. Instead of feeling like an immortal hero of the gods, players simulate being a medieval peasant hitting rocks or chopping trees over and over again. You're literally a peasant/peon from one of the Warcraft games.
  2. Yeah, but if they're available on faction campaigns and Infected, then almost everyone has a chance to access them.
  3. Good point, but then the opposite becomes the case when the population starts to boom. If only there were some way to regulate the size of the world in relation to the population.
  4. I think the idea of "chad boss guards" at outposts, forts and keeps might help an outnumbered team actually use a defensive advantage to win outnumbered. The larger group should definitely win in an open field, but currently they can just swamp a smaller team defending a breach or capture point as well. The only issue with a very strong boss guard or several tough elite npcs is that they'll usually make even numbered fights around an objective untenable for the attacker. This means you either HAVE to zerg to take a defended point or you have to wait until the defenders leave and go somewhere else ( or you go somewhere else). The last thing we want is groups of people avoiding each other, but some tough and dangerous NPCs might be just the speed bump needed to prevent groups of players from missing each other at outposts. Ranking up guards to be even tougher and more dangerous would also be a worthwhile investment for players in a 24/7 server like Infected, or a longer Dregs campaign (5-10 days aint enough).
  5. Alpha Warrior + Crit Damage jewelry is still out of control, no?
  6. Factories should be a high level building/table in a ranked up keep/castle. We need reasons to build up and invest time in strongholds, so using factories (amongst other things) would definitely fit the bill.
  7. Before we get solo bosses and solo dungeons, could we get group bosses and group dungeons? This game lacks a lot of the fun and challenging group content you can find in other games. I think forcing people to work together in an MMO is a great thing, but it also needs to be easy to find people to work with and form a group (this is a UI/UX problem, usually). There also needs to be content/objectives/dungeons for those groups to tackle and reasons for them to be out in the world.
  8. This is really well said, I hope @jtoddcoleman takes note.
  9. I think we need to re-think what campaigns are at their core. Treating them like extended multiplayer strategy game matches isn't working out, mainly because of the pairing with an MMO style progression system and the time/investment required with it. Normally, in a strategy game, there isn't a whole lot of risk/reward involved beyond a few hours of time played. In this strange abomination which is half strategy game and half MMO, we the players (and the guilds we are in) are stuck with a whole host of misaligned incentives as a result. I propose that we think of Campaigns in the same way that Vikings or Crusader Knights saw their "campaigns" - as windows of opportunity for advancement and enrichment. Re-work the Divine Favor and reward system to operate as a set of individualized objectives for players, factions and guilds which are completely independent from any sort of "campaign victory" or scoreboard. In this scenario, you the player and your guild are trying to fulfill certain objectives which will put you at odds with competing players and guilds. You may form alliances with others to cooperatively complete these goals, but the nature of the goals themselves may also bring you into conflict with others. Detaching Divine Favor and Rewards from a counterproductive scoring system would solve a lot of issues attached to scoring, big guilds vs. small guilds, and morale/burnout complications. When entering a campaign a guild would receive specific divine favor cards as the beginning of every season depending on their chosen god. Certain gods would yield different "missions" which conform to a specific playstyle, adding some more character and impact to the Lore. Each season would yield an additional set of missions or goals like: Personal/Player Goals: Sacrifice x50 Enbarri Artifacts to (insert god). Capture x20 outposts. Kill x5 Heralds or Ancients. Harvest x20 Diamonds Guild Goals/Faction: Control a Small Keep, Large Keep or Castle when the season ends. Build x3 Statues of (insert god). Destroy an enemy Tree of Life. Build a city up to Rank 10. Upon completion of these per-season goals, rewards would be unlocked based on how many of the objectives a guild or player was able to complete. Completing all of the goals in a season would yield the full reward but it wouldn't be accessible until the end of the campaign. Keeping this on a per-season basis means that there's a constant flux in objectives and player motivation. It also incentivizes players to keep playing actively right up until the end of the campaign. The nature of these goals (which aren't too different from current Divine Favor cards) would also generate a lot of pvp conflict in the open world and give people the carrot they need to play objectives or farm war tribes. I think this solution will help retain players who come to the game, give them a reason to seek out the Campaign worlds and still provide a ton of room for us to mercilessly slaughter each other over pixels. Yes, no one will be "the winner", but I think that having "a winner" is at cross purposes with having a sustainable community and persistent game world. Having a defined winner works really well when you can reset the board quickly and the time and energy spent in winning (or worse- almost winning) isn't completely prohibitive. Instead, create a sustainable world with a sustainable population of players (who are playing an MMO, afterall) that can generate the kind of fun open world pvp combat that Crowfall does better than anyone.
  10. We were featured in the latest Warstory, come check us out!
  11. Just port the crafting system to the crafting stations and buildings. Simplify the recipes, but maintain most of the same combinations so the overall combinations don't change very much and bake the crafting stats into the quality/rank of the building or crafting station. This way, those who have access to crafting stations (in a campaign OR Eternal Kingdom) can feed their resources into the station, set it to "cook" and return to what they were doing. An hour or two later they would return to find a finished item. There's only a small percentage of the population that identifies with the "crafting" playstyle and I can't really remember the last time they were happy with the system. Reduce the pain, resource/item bloat and time required to craft items and link it directly to the city/stronghold building game. You could add rank 1 crafting stations to forts and outposts so everyone has SOME access to crafting, but the real deal should come from those strongholds people worked hard to build up. I think this change would probably save EK's if there difference between crafting in a max rank EK stronghold and a max rank campaign stronghold came down to an arbitrary campaign bonus. Resources would still need to be acquired in the campaign, but the tedious and time consuming crafting system would just be automated. You could even add another layer of gathering to the system by adding "broken weapons" to boss drops that could be used to create more powerful versions of crafted weapons.
  12. We have returned to realms of Crowfall and are taking on new recruits for the campaigns! Join our discord and request an interview! We have 5 years of experience testing Crowfall and a very solid community.
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