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  1. The amount of hard CC needs to be toned down in general. I'd rather have a lower TTK than constantly lose control of my character to some fire and forget massive AoE Root/KD/Stun.
  2. We have our ways of ensuring obedience. Cruelty and torture are rather refined art forms among my kind...we even have wine pairings for certain forms of agony.
  3. At least you are honest in your self-hatred...I may keep you as a pet!
  4. Disgusting creatures, really.
  5. Heed the Call:

  6. High Elf Cleric or Templar when?
  7. I could never get it to replicate. No idea what causes it.
  8. CC Problem

    The shield bash ability isn't that hard to manage. Blocking some incidental damage from AoEs is usually enough to trigger it. It's the least of my worries when I'm playing a Knight.
  9. CC Problem

    CC should be reduced in amount and availability across the board on non-Tank classes. If we're going to give tanks a role at all, it should be CC and Damage Absorption. Even so, their stuns and knock-downs should have their durations reduced. That, or diminishing returns on CC should be ramped up considerably. The Confessor AoE KD should go back to being a knock up and probably have it's area reduced. The AoE Suppression from the Ranger should become an AoE Blind or Snare... or an AoE explosive which does respectable damage to multiple targets and sets them on fire. The Druid AoE root should probably be a snare or Single Target Root.
  10. There were several HoA there as well: Soulein Cyjax Darivaster
  11. Crowfall Drone PoV of GvG Combat

    Looks kind of like Warcraft 3 from up there.
  12. Tyranny Map

    Great map Scorn!
  13. Updated the original post with a new discord link.
  14. The Dance

    Good fights, was a lot of fun. I know a lot of people didn't like the cat and mouse dancing around each other, but that sort of thing always makes the eventual engagement more tense, imo.
  15. A Crow has Fallen - Coolwaters

    My fondest memories of Coolwaters were arguing with him on the forums and fighting him in game. Though we often disagreed, Coolwaters was always respectful to people who argued in good faith- a sign of good character. My condolences to Winterblades and his other friends and family. I'm glad to have known him. I'm drinking fine scotch tonight in his memory.