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  1. This is really well said, I hope @jtoddcoleman takes note.
  2. I think we need to re-think what campaigns are at their core. Treating them like extended multiplayer strategy game matches isn't working out, mainly because of the pairing with an MMO style progression system and the time/investment required with it. Normally, in a strategy game, there isn't a whole lot of risk/reward involved beyond a few hours of time played. In this strange abomination which is half strategy game and half MMO, we the players (and the guilds we are in) are stuck with a whole host of misaligned incentives as a result. I propose that we think of Campaigns in the same wa
  3. We were featured in the latest Warstory, come check us out!
  4. Just port the crafting system to the crafting stations and buildings. Simplify the recipes, but maintain most of the same combinations so the overall combinations don't change very much and bake the crafting stats into the quality/rank of the building or crafting station. This way, those who have access to crafting stations (in a campaign OR Eternal Kingdom) can feed their resources into the station, set it to "cook" and return to what they were doing. An hour or two later they would return to find a finished item. There's only a small percentage of the population that identifies with th
  5. We have returned to realms of Crowfall and are taking on new recruits for the campaigns! Join our discord and request an interview! We have 5 years of experience testing Crowfall and a very solid community.
  6. After a long discussion with the core membership, I've decided to end our official involvement in Crowfall. We've been involved with CF Testing since the original Hunger Dome tests, so this wasn't an easy decision. Based on the general lack of interest from the vast majority of our core members, and the recent disappointing changes we've seen in the Divine Favor system, I decided it was time to cut our losses. If the game changes in the next few months to more closely resemble the game we kickstarted, we'll re-assess our move.
  7. This is what playing melee dps is like right now:
  8. Yeah, the current "stackbuster" mechanics don't bust any stacks because no one is stupid enough to do it. Meanwhile, melee can't converge on a single target to focus it without being punished for it. So ranged dps CAN focus fire and melee can't...its an unintended (but easily predictable) consequence of super charging caster AoE's.
  9. I think the AoE/stackbuster changes were a net negative for the game's meta. We went from ranged dps and melee dps/tanks being equally valued last patch to ranged dps being highly valued and melee dps sidelined. Stacking was never an optimal strategy to begin with and now it's suicidal vs. Stormcallers and Confessors. This seems to be a solution to a problem which didn't exist.
  10. The changes to ranged dps AoE's need to be rolled back and we need more debuff abilities on disciplines and base classes. Heal block is a great debuff idea that should be brought back.
  11. As with anything it probably depends on implementation. If factories free up crafters to be experimental tinkerer's trying to find the "optimal" array of stats, I think most of them would appreciate a way to mass produce their creations. No crafter enjoys the carpal tunnel inducing clickfest that the current crafting system inevitably creates. Factories would be incredibly useful and an interesting tie in to city building. I don't think it'll happen before launch, however.
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