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  1. Some of our last fights in 5.7! We have had a huge showing for 5.8 and are expecting more! Come join us on Order!
  2. I'm being constant kicked from the server after a few minutes of regular play. It's happening in both the EK's and the Campaigns.
  3. The Obliterate finisher of the Onslaught combo isn't always hitting targets which are within range. It seems like a larger issue with many abilities appearing to "whiff" or not apply their effects.
  4. Overwhelming Odds is only increasing Armor Bonus by 8% instead of it's listed 20%
  5. Shield Bash works normally on its initial use, but when used again within five seconds it doesn't have any effect despite the animation being executed normally. When moving near an allied play who is harvesting stone, you get random screen shake. Food consumption is tedious and causes the character to run out of resources to quickly.
  6. The Knight Talent "Unbreakable" increases the damage reduction from Block and Fortified Shield Slam by 20%, but the cap for damage reduction is still at 50% I suggest that this talent also raise the cap as well.
  7. Kill them all...

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