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  1. soulein

    Knight Question

    Not really. Their resolve passive gives them a tiny bit of healing when they're low health, but even with the addition of healing disciplines, the Knight's sustain is very low. The Knight is a very tanky class, and can reduce incoming damage almost entirely, but any damage that get's through won't be self-healed. The Knight works best in conjunction with a healer.
  2. Send me a PM and we'll work out the details.
  3. Want to set up some even fights?
  4. This is false. The only thing which delayed us was the ballista spam, which is ridiculously over tuned. We had the Order forces in the Tree Room largely cleared out after that last push, just before the rest of Balance showed up. We only needed help when it came to chewing through the insane ballista healing on the tree.
  5. There can be no response to the lies and falsehoods fashioned by this war-slave but the swift and brutal retribution of a righteous master. All of you who read this may yet return to your war-herds and serve. You were bred for the sole purpose of serving Old Aelfmuire on the battlefield. Through the path of obedience, you are still capable of achieving your ultimate purpose- victory for Aelfmuire and her descendants. Those of you who choose obedience and victory shall be spared. Not so for the ringleader of this mad rebellion. He shall be made to suffer in new and inventive ways each morning as his Crow returns to claim him. Indeed, the gift of immortality shall become a curse. His fate shall be a warning to all who would defy us. Thus always to rebels and traitors. Gurth Gothrim Avari. Given this day, the 28th of Aldamilae, in the city of Tir Nurquen, by Soulein Solanthanor, Dar Thaelostor of House Avari.
  6. Hy'shen Avari leads Order to victory in yet another campaign! Note the impressive Kill/Death ratio.
  7. New players are going to get ganked in a world like this. It's going to happen. The answer is to squad up and seek safety in numbers. We could also see larger world sizes to make it more difficult for killers to find their prey. What I hope we never see is built in protection for noobs in areas that all players can access. I have no problem with a "newbie island" of sorts, but I can't abide a dampening of the PvP rules to protect players who want a more PvE focused game. If Economy and Trade are your preferred ways of playing the game, that's fine. You'll still need to hire or befriend guards, resource suppliers, and create relationships with other crafters to be at the top of your game in that sphere. This isn't WoW, you can't do everything by yourself or on your own terms.
  8. Hy'shen Avari has been dominating in recent campaigns.
  9. Another glorious victory for Hy'shen Avari and the forces of Order!
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