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  1. This is a great group of people, you should join.
  2. @PopeUrban killed this thread several pages ago. What are you all still talking about?
  3. soulein

    Keep agro?

    Some very basic taunt abilities added as part of another ability would be nice.
  4. It's less a question of mats and more a question of Chaos Embers when it comes to end game crafting.
  5. I don't really care if the storyline is presented to me in a bunch of quest text windows that I'm not going to read while I level as fast as possible. Finding a good way of presenting the Lore is key. Item descriptions, visual storytelling, and lore books as item drops are a great way of giving the people who care about lore and story a little nod.
  6. CF definitely needs a way to end a campaign early if it's clear that the majority of the competition has died off or given up. The beauty of the campaign system is iteration. Nothing gets people excited for a strategy/pvp game like a fresh start.
  7. If building up your city gives you combat/harvesting/crafting advantages within the campaign and increases your ability to generate victory points, I think people will definitely build up the strongholds. Need to get it on Test to see what the actual incentive structure will be tho.
  8. If you have something like SB style city building, every city will just try to maximize the number of walls/defenses they can cram into the build area. Once someone comes up with the "optimal" city design, they'll all be cookie cutter.
  9. It'll probably be like Darkfall where there are a number of different city locations with pre-placed buildings and defenses set in a "ruined" state. We'll have to caravan resources to repair and rebuild them, with guild leadership making choices about what buildings will be turned into what. Is building number 1 going to be a stable to increase the speed of caravans or a barracks to get some guards on the walls?
  10. Right, which is why it's so weird that act like you don't get trounced all the time, even while you hug your guards.
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