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  1. Kill them all...

    House Avari and uXa (Order -16) Soulein Balathan nineoneone Falco Retaliate Sobersoul Thallis Endless Gracen Dolmar ChuckZitto Shiner Dolgar Weaponsx Elii KrakkenSmacken UDL/LoD/TB (Chaos - 20) Ginko Scipio Panzer Uzziah MarsJust Grayhawk Innate Chroma Jagour Recdya Hunt Vengeance Yianni DarnHippy Milo Kingpin Lord Leonidas Lord Aleksander Hammur Blakerepot
  2. CORRECTION! Due to recent events surrounding the migration of other guilds, we will be going ORDER for the next campaign. This should lead to healthy fights between Order (HoA), Chaos (UDL/LoD/TB) and Balance (Winterblades).
  3. After a lot of deep consideration and an ongoing consideration, House Avari will be going balance for the next campaign. This should even out the population between the factions and lead to some solid fights between Chaos (UDL), Order (Winterblades) and Balance (HoA). We'll re-assess when 5.8 nears live, but for now we think this is the best option.
  4. Healers ARE putting out those numbers on some abilities (Rescue) if they have the right gear. Also, if you stand still and let the assassin apply stacks of heal block, that's different from kiting it out and calling for peels. With multiple heals in a large raid, I think 2500 is just right. I agree, however, that 2500 is a lot in the early game.
  5. I don't think the meta changes all that much when they fix the things we discussed. I don't think most people playing this patch even fully understand how the meta works, or how to properly create groups which conform to that meta.
  6. Double healing orbs and the multi-tick on healing auras could probably go, but that will just make heal block even more effective...which is fine. Even if you take away the large corruption dot, it's still a very needed ability. It's almost like a skill check- forcing offense to use it properly and defense to mitigate it through proper healing coordination and avoidance.
  7. Heal block is a healthy and necessary part of the meta. It prevents the sort of late game heal spamming we've seen in previous patches. Dealing with Heal Block defensively may require more teamwork than some are prepared for, but that's the ultimate goal of the combat system if I remember correctly.
  8. Indeed! Come speak with us in Discord!
  9. High Elves are like your WASP aristocrats. Wood Elves are your backwoods hicks.