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  1. Only the greatest legends of the CF Forums get a place at the TABLE OF CHAMPIONS!
  2. I think one of the biggest takeaways from this comp is that it actually requires you to outnumber your enemy. If you just ignore the Templars, kill everything else and flip the fort, you win. We faltered on our first two assaults because we spent WAY too much time attacking the Templar line. Granted, this is easy to do when there are that many Templars in the way. I'm proud of my guys for finding and attacking the called targets in that whole mess. Order should be proud of their people too, I saw a lot of discipline when it came to charging/retreating during those fights.
  3. House Avari (22) attacked Solaris Fort defended by Order’s Templar Bunkercomp (20). They had been talking it up all night in their stream and were very successful vs. repeated Chaos attacks. We decided to test out Galvia of Chaos’ claim that the Order comp was unbeatable without a significant numbers advantage. Not pictured here are our two previous assaults which were repelled successfully. With only a few minutes left in the window, we made one last attack. Order: Kombine Deioth Vunak Mrerad Enzereal Stompnato Murphyslaw Idash Captainstabbie Micariel Nagatnas Cinmac Infomatic Evilangel Eko331 Raindog Zemulusrex Comgamer7 Rexxlin Dreadla House Avari (+ Unfolded): Soulein Balathan Prea Chack Saberlife Padishah Jtreedy Medicaid Cyjax Unfolded Sanna Leedee31 Rufio Monchiezz Sanna Kitem Heartsteel TaeSilverfox Falco. Tycannical Unfolded Rawdawg
  4. The forces of House Avari and The Winterblades defend Umbressa Keep from the combined forces of Order and Chaos in an hour long siege. The Balance will prevail!
  5. Great people, join them if you're on Order!
  6. This artwork is beautiful and glorious. Well done!
  7. That's the interesting thing about Crowfall. Not EVERY player has to grind 40+ hours a week to be viable. If everyone chips in resources here and there, the entire guild can be geared out with little effort. In a weekend of solid harvesting 5-10 hardworking people can gear out 20. The other things you mention don't take hours of grinding but are still difficult to accomplish. Imagine if you could convince guild or faction-mates to switch characters or builds with one conversation instead of weeks of back and forth bickering. The social and organizational elements of this game are what set it apart. The people who just want to jump in and "get fights" or do small-scale ganking aren't fully engaging with the game's design.
  8. The warriors of House Avari sally forth from their keep in Vanaheimr to fight the forces of HAX and Curse in the open field.
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