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  1. The timegating thing is my biggest concern. Yes, you SHOULD be more powerful a year down the road than you were when you first started playing, but the real concern is locking many of the important mechanics behind weeks or months of skill training. If it takes players a month to fully experience the game, they aren't going to stick around to find out what it could have been like. This isn't a quest/dungeon progression game, there is not storyline other than the one we make, so if many of the crafting and base building recipes are locked behind weeks and months of x1 speed skill training, the tedium will win out. Gamers (and people in general) don't have the patience or time preference to "wait for the game to get good", they want a polished and engaging experience right out of the box. I think CF has a lot to offer people who like Open World PVP with elements of Real Time Strategy, but if they can't experience things like factories, thralls, and sieges within 30 days of playing the game they'll probably drop it. I'm not arguing for getting rid of timed skill progression, simply moving certain content gates away from it. Harvesting, as it is currently implemented, is a mistake. Combat, Harvesting and Crafting are currently considered to be equal spheres of gameplay. The reality is that most players are attracted to Crowfall for the political and pvp aspects, with a sizable minority who are attracted to the open ended crafting system. Almost no one is interested in Harvesting for it's own sake, and the system (as it is currently realized) is nothing but pure tedium. I've rolled up my sleeves and have spent countless hours harvesting, but it was never something I enjoyed doing. Most of the people I've tried to get interested in this game take one look at the harvesting system and feel like their time is being wasted. The reality is that they can get their PvP jollies playing some match based game like PUBG. Rather than force players to slog through something they hate doing, just automate the damn harvesting system and turn the "gatherer role" into an "explorer role". Tie exploration and territory control together, allowing prospectors, builders and merchant caravans to exploit the natural resources of the world without forcing them to hit a rocks over and over for hours on end. Problem: Population of dedicated Harvesters appears to be very small. Any harvesters who do show up will be mercilessly ganked and looted by PvP'ers. The interdependence of Combat Players (PvP'ers) and harvesters is difficult due to mismatched incentives. A Harvester spends hours harvesting only to have the experience ruined in 30 seconds. For the PvP'ers to guard the Harvester, they have to invest hours of standing around for a fight which probably won't happen now that they're on the scene. The likely response will be PvP'ers dual boxing harvesters on alternate accounts, or forcing guild members to stand around guarding them. Either way some number of players will feel forced into doing something they don't want to do in order to remain competitive. Solution: Instead of pushing players towards tedium, turn the Harvesting profession into a Prospecting/Exploring profession. Instead of hitting a node over and over repeatedly, allow trained Harvesters to "survey" the resource, determining the yield and rarity of resources they will receive (skill/node rank/tool) tie in. They can then build a [resource type] camp which will passively drain resources from the nodes, much the same way a nearby hunger crystal turns off the surrounding nodes. The Harvester then returns in some amount of time to collect the yield from a group friendly container. Players can slot thralls into the camps to increase yield, yield rarity or increase the harvesting speed. The camps should be destructible by enemy players, but not lootable. Any enemies looking to get the yield should wait for the harvester to return and try to gank them once they've broken camp. For non-static nodes (mobs), players would need to kill mobs within range of a "hunting camp" to yield leather and animal parts. The surveying process would be forgone in favor of combat in the case of skinning. To use the RTS metaphor: Many RTS games have harvesting units who build structures and collect resources, while others focus on simply holding control points as a way of generating resources. There's still an economy to manage, but the focus is on controlling the map and getting straight to the action. The latter system is probably a better way of porting over RTS elements into an MMO context. If every unit is a player in this MMO, I don't think many of those players want to be the peasant.
  2. House Avari is taking on new recruits for 5.7! Join our discord and say hello if you're interested! Alternatively, you can contact me directly on discord. (Soulein#1637)
  3. Regarding the white quality resource vendor...could you make it 100 gold per 20 resources instead of 5 gold per 1? I don't think anyone wants to right-click that many times.
  4. Weapon Finesse and Mental Fortitude are STILL increasing the Final PCM rather than decreasing it.
  5. PCM reducing abilities like Weapon Finesse and Mental Fortitude are INCREASING (positive integer) Final PCM instead of reducing it. Critical Hack from Master of Swords is only hitting 2/3 times.
  6. PCM reducing abilities like Weapon Finesse and Mental Fortitude are INCREASING (positive integer) Final PCM instead of reducing it.
  7. Let's Make Forts and Keeps Cool

    Yup, this exactly. EK's are another matter, but for the Campaign we should be looking towards the world's destruction.
  8. Let's Make Forts and Keeps Cool

    Obviously the system would differ somewhat based on being in a Faction world vs. a FFA world. In the faction world the Strongholds/Forts/Outposts would be pre-placed by the world generator. In the Dregs, you'll be able to free build, but only on parcels which can support strongholds and defenses. Finding all of the available build sites will be priority number one as you enter a new zone. If you can link a Keep to a Fort to an Outpost, you should get an enormous boost in yields from harvesting. Buffs from the upgraded keeps and forts could be applied through outposts to strategic parcels, and could be denied by interrupting this flow.
  9. Let's Make Forts and Keeps Cool

    This could be a tie in for outposts. The outposts spread the "influence" and buffing effects of the nearby fort or keep.
  10. Let's Make Forts and Keeps Cool

    I really like the idea of forts, outposts and keeps being able to buff the yield of nodes and motherlodes in the surrounding parcels for the owning faction/guild. Alternatively, it could just buff the harvesting stats of friendly players in those controlled parcels.
  11. Lets Talk About Runegates

    The randomness just refers to where you spawn on the otherside of the connected runegate. If 5 people all go through the same gate, they'll spawn in 5 different locations around the same gate. That's it, that's all. It was meant to prevent camping, but clearly didn't.
  12. Lets Talk About Runegates

    I think when he said that runegates would lead to multiple worlds he meant that you'd have a gate parcel or platform with multiple different "doorways" on them. Pressing F on the doorway way takes everyone who interacts with it to the same gate on the same world. The fact that there are multiple doorways on a gate means that each gate leads to multiple destinations.
  13. Say No to Shadowbane Style Mines

    So does everyone pretty much agree that something needs to happen with PoI's and harvesting? Not that it would override or exclude traditional harvesting, but that there needs to be a PoI system which complements the traditional harvesting system and ties in directly to harvesting skills.
  14. Say No to Shadowbane Style Mines

    Getting back on track, I can't stress enough that hitting rocks for hours isn't how I want to spend my game time, and that seems to be necessary for supplying crafters with what they need to keep everyone equipped. Solo harvesting can be tolerable if you put on some music or a podcast and just zone out. This option disappears, however, when you need to coordinate for group harvesting. Either way, we're talking about a boring, monotonous activity which comes at the opportunity cost of the things we'd rather be doing. I'd rather fight my way into an adventure zone, cleaving through groups of zombies, to arrive at the abandoned mining outpost. There, we could capture the outpost for our guild and transport the Ore it produces in a pack animal back to our base- fighting off player raiders along the way. The vast majority of players drawn to this game want open world pvp and player driven politics. They like the idea of a Throne War Simulator, not a medieval peasant simulator. @jtoddcoleman @thomasblair Edit: Kind of sounds like this from the FAQ: ARE THERE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN RESOURCE FACTORIES OF THE SAME TYPE? Yes. First, the proximity and location to other POIs makes a huge difference. Second, we’ve also put balance settings in place to increase (or decrease) the quality, quantity and type of material that each factory produces. One mine could produce high quality iron, while another produces low quality copper -- but at a much higher rate. Quarries located in a remote area will typically produce a higher volume of materials (and at a greater frequency). This was designed so that as the risk of transporting those materials goes up, so does the potential reward.