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  1. Yes there is.... Standing in the ashes of another guild's city after a four hour siege.
  2. I think a king of the hill system for the dregs (as described in my post above) would work well giving people a reason to stick around, even if they aren't playing for the W. To your point, we haven't really had the population for more than one campaign per region, so it's hard to tell if the iterative campaign system works when there isn't enough of a critical mass to really test it.
  3. You also couldn't "win" a shadowbane server. It would just stagnate and die until we were begging for a server wipe.
  4. I really hope that the Dregs isn't using the same point system we see in the Faction Campaigns. I'd like to see the Dregs base its victory condition on map control. The question then becomes: How do you prevent latecomers from spoiling the campaign by waiting for Winter to make their move and conquer the map? I'm sure this question is easy to answer, and the use of player built cities and the bane system for sieges/war declarations will mitigate this greatly. The Dregs will have a vastly different "feel" than what exists currently in the faction campaigns and should correspondingly have a different system for declaring victory. I like the idea of a leaderboard where you're guild is only able to get on it if you meet certain conditions (owning a large enough city/stronghold, owning multiple cities/strongholds). Once the qualifier is established, the guilds on the list must either eliminate each other or force each other to "bend the knee", abdicating the campaign victory to another guild on the list. This also differentiates players and guilds who are "playing to win" from players and guilds who are just there for their own reasons (crafting, PvE, ganking, etc...) When you include the ability of guilds to band together and make their own "factions" (and break them up when things don't work out) there is the potential for different reward schemes based on player/guild/alliance status.
  5. The game needs enough people playing that the game can sustain multiple campaigns. At the end of a campaign, guilds and players should be able to go their separate ways and end up in different campaigns if they choose. It'd keep the game fresh in a way that's totally impossible right now.
  6. I think Faction Campaigns were a mistake. Almost everyone in the MMO-verse has played a Realm vs. Realm or Faction vs. Faction PvP game. This game mode isn't novel or interesting to anyone, it's just a half-way point to the features we're all really attracted to: Guild vs. Guild, city building/sieging and player politics.
  7. You obtain them by killing the War Tribes scattered around the map. Look for the bosses and get a group to help you kill them.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45kS_MeUuUk
  9. They told us from the beginning that this was going to be a very social, group oriented game. They know they could appeal to a greater share of the population by reversing that, but they decided a long time ago to appeal to a niche market that is looking for something more than battleground/dungeon timers.
  10. From the perspective of a new player with no social connections and nothing to their name, getting to PvP viability is a dauntingly impossible task. On the other end of the spectrum, a brand new player going into an established guild can be fully PvP viable within a few hours. You can get a blue vessel to max level in a few hours if you know what you're doing and have a good leveling group at the right spots. During that time, a fully kitted out and well-supplied crafter can make all the gear you need to be an asset to your group in PvP. Again, this pre-supposed a lot of preparation and organization on the part of a group of people working together. Once that prep work is done, however, the investment pays off. Most other games of the genre don't reward this level of player interaction and coordination. Crowfall does.
  11. I guess you and I have a very different definition of "grind" then. The effort it takes to be pvp viable in crowfall isn't that great, it just requires a guild, organization or marketplace. If you're trying to do everything alone, it's going to be a daunting task. The incentive structure supports working with other people instead of solo grinding. It's exactly of the opposite of no-life grind games like Black Desert where socializing with other players is a distraction from your 4 hour grind session at Sausans.
  12. Is this somehow controversial? More PvE means there will also be more small scale PvP content available. I'm not sure why people expect they can jump in the game and jump straight into PvP and be viable.
  13. We need resource refineries -> caravans -> factories. Let's get industrial.
  14. I think we can all agree that some of these RNG drops are out of hand. I'd much rather see larger worlds, with more specific drop locations which drop an item 100% of the time.
  15. Crowfall really doesn't require or reward a high level of twitch aiming skills like Darkfall or Counter-Strike. Crowfall is essentially a Real Time Strategy game where each unit is a player. You need to coordinate base building, economy, and warfare between dozens, if not hundreds of players taking part in social organizations which are competing with one another. @Rikutatis You're absolutely right when you say this level of complexity and depth can be daunting to new players. Shadowbane and EVE had the same problems. The only solution I can think of is to stress the importance of getting involved in a guild or social organization that will guide and support new players. Having a robust and well provisioned player-run economy and marketplace(s) will also help with retention as players can cut out a little of the intermediate steps to getting gear.
  16. Intermediate gear is one step up from naked. I'm not sure why people think they should be able to just jump into the game, show up to a fight in newbie gear and perform just as well as someone who went through the game's very shallow progression curve. Contrast this with a game like Black Desert, where no matter what you do you'll never be able beat someone who has a drastically higher gear score. The more accurate picture of the game's power distribution is that gear matters, skills matter, group comp matters, player skill matters and environment matters. Crowfall has a lot of bases which need to be covered, which mean there are a lot of different roles for people to take on. The trick is getting all of them to work together in concert.
  17. Gear isn't the most deciding factor in pvp, but if you bring 30 people to a fight and 20 of them are in intermediate gear while only 10 have advanced gear, you basically only have 10 people.
  18. Ok, the difference between blues and legendaries isn't that great, especially when you consider the effort required to get into legendaries. The power curve shallows out as you increase in the quality levels, meaning that the more effort you put into increasing quality continuously yields fewer and fewer results. It's the same with the time invested in the skill trees. The reason why organization and cohesion are important is that the number of inputs from different harvesting and crafting professions to make all this gear requires a higher degree of planning and organization than most are familiar with. Once you have a streamlined system for gathering and crafting, the major bottleneck becomes the time required to craft each component for each piece of gear. Hopefully, quality of life improvements will make this process less tedious and time consuming.
  19. The difference between blues and purples is negligible. I don't think you have a very good understanding of what "balance" considers "Meta". HoA concerns itself with approving certain classes for general play, approving certain classes/roles conditionally and avoiding certain classes and roles because they add nothing to the group/raid's strategy. Winterblades have different ideas about how to do the same thing and I have no idea what Clams or Infernal's ideas are on the subject because we don't talk to them about group comp.
  20. If they make the power curve any more shallow than it already is, you risk eliminating the harvester/crafter role altogether, which is exactly what the people who suggest it want to do. This would also privilege guilds and communities that have large rosters, but don't have the time or drive to invest in gearing up their characters. A large 100+ man guild could jump into the game, gear out their roster very quickly, and roll over guilds with fewer people but more cohesion. When you eliminate or drastically reduce (shallow out) a power curve which is already shallow to begin with (the difference between blues and legendaries isn't that great) you also drastically reduce the potential of smaller, more organized guilds to compete. This isn't to say that certain mob drops and activities shouldn't have their reward tables adjusted or increased, it's just that the overall push for a "more shallow power curve" would only really promote low-skill, poorly organized zergs. If all players have similar power levels, regardless of effort or organization, then it pays to cram as many of them as possible together under the same tag.
  21. HoA and W are playing Crowfall like it's Shadowbane, simply put. Many people don't realize it, but the thing that separates Shadowbane and Crowfall (and EVE) from the rest of the genre is that the game is meant to have a bunch of RTS elements which drive the PvP. This is why JTodd uses a Risk metaphor to describe the game and why he chose to include the campaign system in the project. In an Real Time Strategy game, you have to manage your economy (harvesters and crafters), upgrade and level up your units (leveling and rune-hunting) build an army that can effectively counter what your opponent is bringing (intentionally built 10/20/30+ man groups) before you push their base and burn it to the ground (sieges). I've tried to get many people in this game to play this way, and it's often been met with intense hostility. Almost every guild/community I've encountered wants nothing to do with this playstyle and refuses to leave the pure RPG mindset. Winterblades is the only other guild that "gets it", and that's why we're allies. Unsurprisingly, considering they've played on a Shadowbane emulator very recently, and never lost touch with the vision of what sets Crowfall apart from other games. I've always pushed House Avari towards this playstyle, and I make sure that everyone who joins our ranks understands that we're doing something different. It's not for everyone, but the people who embrace it enjoy it a whole lot.
  22. The game needs a larger population that can maintain many different campaigns, each with a healthy population. Until that happens, its just the same 100-200 people fighting each other over and over again. It's better than the same <60 people fighting each other (5.7 and earlier) but not by much. When there are multiple campaigns, the losers don't have to keep fighting the same winners, they can dodge and play in a campaign where they're more evenly matched. We've seen this with people leaving to go to the Euro campaign where the dynamics are more favorable to them. The game needs a population boost and that'll only happen with a finished game. We thought better performance might bring more people, but that doesn't seem to be the case thusfar.
  23. Congrats to Yumx and Vanguard!
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