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  1. I do see what you mean in the terms, and while I was not threatening, I admit to being accusing, and apologize, I should have considered how it could make him feel too. In the future, I suppose I will be a good crow and run to the powers that be... :/
  2. We did get divine cathedrals (some of us anyway) from the kickstarter. I believe they house religious relics that make you stronger in the Campaign Worlds
  3. Wow. Solid job on the collector's edition. I am quite pleased with all of the choices made.
  4. Im sorry. :/ reading it again sounds very different than what I read last night.
  5. I highly disagree. it is more of a risk to pledge $2500 than to pledge $5 or $500 and wait and see. Backing earlier is a factor, backing early with more is more risky. I would not want to rob the bloodstones of the value of their packages by getting late benefits anymore than I want that to happen to me. :/ I agree with you Zandur.
  6. I doubt ACE would alienate their high level backers with something like this. It is a bug. Also, in regards to the format, if you recall, that was the same format used previously for upgrade tiers. You do not get each, you get the highest. The others were previously listed as well in the KS backing lists, but we did not get them at the higher tiers. It included the rewards from lower tiers in the lists. I may not be phrasing this correctly, but to be concise, it is listing the sapphire and ruby reward, but you only get the ruby stuff. For example, you do not get the title of baron and count, you get the title of Count. You do not get a Medium and a Small Castle, you get a Medium Castle. The baron title, and the small castle are from the sapphire list. Another Example is that the Emerald Kickstarter rewards list showed every reward from backer to emerald including each tier. The list was lengthy, and would have included insane amounts of strongholds, vip, and parcels. We did not get those items, since they were not part of the "actual" emerald list, it just showed the lower tiers too. For this reason, and including the statement above, we can conclude that they are meant to be worth less than the KS backer rewards, but more than the 2015 backer rewards. This is a bug.
  7. I agree with Jihan in practice. A support character should only have access to active skills that provide benefits, that do not last 30 minutes, but 30 seconds (pretty high actually, maybe less) etc. They should be as active as any spellcaster with their support. Rather than tedious, this should be viewed as an entire role. I agree that 30 minutes of an active skill is a token activation. I would argue that it should be a meaningful activation to help at just the right moment, and if you blow it, you wait to get your buff back. Passive buffs do not add to an action game. They directly detract from the actions of the support role. There is equal strategy in active support and passive support and even more tactics involved with active casting. Passive buffs are a crutch, and should be avoided.
  8. Plus stealing in EK's is a carebear option. "What?" You might ask. It would become an outlet to get resources in a world without consequences. It creates a meta-game they want to specifically avoid, and defeats the purpose of the cw's.
  9. I agree with this whole-heartedly. Swear fealty to a lord of a large ek and bam you have your antechamber.
  10. Oh boy. That's one way to mooch an emerald I guess XD
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